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  1. Hi, there!

    I just joined and figured I'd post an introduction thread. My name is Lex, but you can also call me Timebomb or whatever is easier to remember.

    I'm mostly here looking for one-on-one roleplays. They can be really hard to find! But I am determined XD

    Let's see, what is worth saying...? I'll fill out one of those handy resumes so people can see what I like to roleplay, but just in a general sense I consider myself a literate/advanced roleplayer who enjoys male slash roleplays of a very wide variety of genres. So definitely feel free to shoot me a message if you have any plot you want to try out!

    Other than roleplaying, I enjoy listening to music, playing my piano, and... listing things in three's (rimshot).

    Look forward to starting some great roleplays!


    PS The thread title is a line from a P!nk song named, you guessed it... "Timebomb." XD I'm so creative.
  2. Hi there~!
  3. Welcome to the site! I am always up for one on one. So if you ever get an idea feel free to shoot it past me. I can lead but I can also follow. :)