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  1. Friday, September, 1925


    After a long two days, Arthur was finally on his way back home, the Big Apple. The days he had spent away were mainly on a business trip, as he says. Arthur wasn't really a salesman, he just was the one who transported things to and from Fairchild's Jewelry Company. He didn't have the brains nor the personality to sell. This particular time, Arthur had been taking specific diamonds down to a trader, three states away. It all went well, Arthur had the money and he took good care of the diamonds.

    At the train station, Arthur was waiting with his briefcase for his train. The platform looked fairly empty, so hopefully Arthur could jump himself an empty carriage and maybe take a nap or something. It looked like it was about to rain, so Arthur pulled on the gray blazer, placing the briefcase tightly between his polished shoes. It hung a little over his slim frame, but it would protect his white shirt from getting wet. Once it was on, the train steamed it's way into the platform in a cloud of smoke. Arthur quickly collected the brief case and waited for the train to stop.

    Once he was on safely, Arthur looked left, then right to watch where others were going. Most went further up, so Arthur found himself walking in the opposite direction, looking for somewhere empty. In the last carriage, Arthur spotted nobody and assumed it was empty. He finally sat down next to the window and placed the briefcase next to him, wedging it between hiss thigh and the window frame. He opened it quickly to pull out the newspaper and placed it down on the table in front of him. Before he could get reading, Arthur rested his head against the cold glass, closing his eyes. If he wasn't disturbed, Arthur was ready for sleep.


    Another day, another half dollar. Evelyn was sitting quietly behind her desk in the library. Her hair was neatly tied back, keeping her long locks away from her face as she read. It was only small, the Public Library was where people went if they wanted a book, not the small time place she worked at. Currently, Evelyn sat quietly, reading Great Expectations. A book she had read before, but Evelyn was pretty sure she had read everything in the library, anything to take her mind away from stamps and paperwork.

    She eyed every person who walked in with alight suspicion and interest. Her eyes silently judged everyone who entered. It made her wonder who they were and why they chose to come here. Maybe it was closer, but there was a chance that they wouldn't find what they were looking for.

    Nevertheless, it meant business. Evelyn diverted her eyes back to the pages, focusing on the words. She pulled the sleeves of her green knit over her hands as she read. She turned the pages with bitten fingertips, looking up as the little bell on the door ringed, signalling somebody had entered again.


  2. The train started into motion with a loud whistle. This caused Clair Gaunt to stir from his sleep. He’d been with this train for some time. Boredom had largely contributed his decision to sleep. Well, that and how comfortable the seats were. Especially when he laid down on them. Another loud sound caused him to cover his head with one of his arms. “Shut up.” He grumbled. To his dismay, this did not help. Of all the times the train stopped, it seemed unfair that the noises were only now loud enough to wake him. He complained quietly to himself when he realised he was much too awake to actually fall back to sleep.

    Slowly he moved from his lying position into one which was closer to sitting. Even if it was the least proper way to sit in existence. One leg was on the seat and the other was off to the side. His right arm was holding the back of the chair and provided his main support while his other was dropped forgotten at his side. Clair blinked several times. “God it’s bright.” He muttered. Once his eyes had adjusted he scanned the compartment he was in. It was almost entirely deserted. There was only a single other passenger several rows ahead. Well. The youth thought. Hopefully he’s interesting.

    With a push Clair propped himself up from his seat and into a standing position. He walked down the aisle and flung himself clumsily into the seat behind the passenger. The man looked like the proper sort. One of those classy kind who works in a business and wears a suit. He probably had a briefcase, too. The man’s face was against the glass and he was probably trying to sleep. “Hey, you.” Clair stated. If he couldn’t get back to sleep than he would die of boredom. Talking with anyone was better than that. “What’s your name?”

    There was something in the air that day, something delightful and poignant. Vivian Branstone couldn’t place what it was, but it spoke to her. It told the young woman that such a day should not be wasted alone and should instead be experienced in its fullest. She could not help but agree. So she put on one of her nicer dresses and went out into town. The streets felt especially alive. Dozens of citizens travelled in various manners. Vivian herself walked leisurely. She viewed many items in window displays and took special notice of several fashionable individuals who walked along the pavement. Even some of the buildings weren’t bad to look at. She chose a route which she did not usually take so there were quite a few new things to see.

    One of these sights was a small library. Vivian thought it quite quaint. Although she didn’t wish to linger too long as the day was quickly disappearing, she did like the idea of getting a new book to read. Ringing bells signified her entrance and she was immediately delighted to see many stacks of books. She walked slowly along the shelves as she skimmed titles with her eyes. She stopped, realizing herself, when she was not far from the counter. The woman at the desk had a worn-down look to her and beautiful eyes. Vivian smiled when she realized she had been staring a little long. She hoped the woman hadn’t noticed.

    “Hello.” She said politely as she took a few steps forward. “I was wondering if you might recommend me a book?”
  3. Glass wasn't exactly the most comfortable pillow, but Arthur would probably sleep on needles to get some rest. He didn't even spot the youth as he got onto the train. Arthur was far too busy trying to get himself to sleep. He was rudely awakened by a male voice. It practically made his heart jump through his skin, "Good Lord!" Arthur gripped his chest, looking around before looking behind him to spot the young man, "You gave me quite a fright sir." Arthur broke his shocked face and giggled a little, looking down to his lap and breathing out, giving his heart a chance to slow down back to its normal pace.

    "Hm? Oh, I am Arthur Branstone." Arthur decided to shuffle around in his seat to half face the man, "And who am I speaking to?" Arthur began to quickly warm up to the idea of conversation. He had been alone in a hotel room with nobody to speak to but his clients, a new voice was welcomed, even if it did disturb his possible nap. Arthur slid his hand around the seat to offer it for a shake, "It is a pleasure to meet you." Arthur had time to study who he was looking at. From what he could see, whoever he was talking to, it was pretty attractive young man. Somewhat of a rare species in Arthur's world.


    Evelyn's eyes darted up from her book to notice quite a pretty woman walk in. She watched in curiosity as the woman walked around the library. And she did not want to stare, so Evelyn moved her eyes back down to the book in her hand. She continued to read happily, comfortably laid back in her chair as she occasionally looked up to catch the other woman's eye. Evelyn wondered if the woman was in need of something, because not many people focused their gaze on herself.

    When the woman came over to speak, Evelyn's suspicions were confirmed. She quickly placed her bookmark into the book neatly, taking her time to place it down carefully. "Good afternoon." Evelyn stood up, smiling softly as she looked over to the woman. "And what sort of book does a young lady like yourself enjoy reading?" Evelyn spoke, deciding to move out from her desk to maybe show her around. "I can assure you I have read everything in this library, so please, question me." Evelyn placed her hands in front of herself, looking over to the woman with a smirk. ​
  4. Clair found it amusing how precisely this man fit his assumption. His wording was so polite and inoffensive. What kind of self-respecting business man addressed a slovenly youth as “sir?” And this man giggled. It made him seem incredibly childish. This one was raised on manners and courtesies. The man was also probably the type who got stepped all over. “Arthur, eh?” Clair took the man's hand and gave it a brief shake. “Clair,” he flashed a devious grin. “You ought to wait to call my company a pleasure until after it's been had.” At least he could have fun harassing this guy. He rested his arm on the back of Arthur's seat while examining his hand lazily. Callouses and cuts all over. It wasn't exactly a pretty sight.

    “Are you leaving or coming? I'm about to depart this God forsaken train at the next stop. I'm sick of sitting.” Sitting or lying. He wanted to run and climb. Solid ground and city streets were extra alluring at the moment. Even a bit of liquor. Clair looked away from his hand as he let it drop and focused on Arthur. At least the man wasn't half bad to look at, primness aside. “You look like a business man. So proper and grey. What's the name of it? Your corporation or what you call it.” Not the flashiest conversation starter. But Clair needed a topic the man at least knew something about. And something he was even the remotest bit interested in.

    The woman promptly switched from reading to a business demeanour. She marked her book and placed it with care. Vivian enjoyed the attention with which the cashier handled the book. A part of her always liked people better who treated books kindly. When a smile surfaced on the other woman's face, Vivian could not resist returning a small grin. The woman appeared far brighter and at least twice as beautiful. She hoped her face hadn't reddened. For a moment she felt like her thought might be written on her face. Of course, that was rather silly. Nonetheless her eyes gazed around at nearby books for a few seconds in order not to make eye contact.

    “Hm...” She tilted her head downward a little and brought her finger to rest on her lip. “I like stories of adventure and fantasy. Ones with great quests and places only imaginable. And epics with great heroes. And histories of great kings and times long passed.” A shy smile flashed on her face. “My heart tends to fancy fairy tales and children's stories. I think they oft have the most of those themes in them.” Her hand dropped from her face and clasped with the other one in front of her. “If you have something like that... I would be delighted.” Vivian paused a second as she pondered. “Although, for someone who has read so many books, I think any you consider among your favourites must be good.”
  5. Arthur could only giggle lightly at the company comment. Honestly, anybodys company on a long train ride would be a pleasure, since he had been banged up in a lonely hotel room for the last couple of days. He twisted a little more so he was sitting with his back against the cold window, looking up to his new company. "I'm going home - to the Big Apple!" Arthur smiled, happy to say he was. He looked at his hands, seeing the sparkle of his wedding ring. He loved Vivian with all his heart. Just, not in that way. Yet, their marriage was perfect, since she felt the same.

    "Well, I wouldn't say I'm gray..." Arthur pouted a little, looking down to his very gray outfit. He raised his leg, putting a foot onto the seat and resting his elbow on his knee. "Fairchild's Jewelry company. I'm just a trader." Arthur looked up to Clair and smiled softly. The man looked nothing like he did. Possibly a little younger and certainly not as business as Arthur was. "And what do you do, Clair?" He asked with a smile.


    What a delicate young woman... Evelyn thought to herself as she smiled to the lady. She kept her hands laced neatly behind her back as the woman began to speak. Her face lit up with a less tired smile, happy to hear a passion for literature spew out of the pretty lips. Evelyn shared the same passion, books were her life at the moment.

    "Well, I most certainly help you!" Evelyn smiled. She had a humble but bright smile, which almost lit up her tired eyes. "Prehaps you'd like to follow me." Evelyn used her hand to gesture forward into the small shelves. She walked over slowly, looking over at the books, little pieces of paper as make-do markers. "Now, I can suggest many a fantasy, my darling.." Evelyn said quietly as she looked through the books. "I hope you like stories of Camelot." Evelyn turned to face her as she looked through the books before turning back, pulling out two books together. The pages were a little murky and the colours faded, but she still believed they were full of magic. "Both of these are about King Arthur and Merlin. The knights go on long quests... I enjoyed this one-" She held up one book, "As the lovely Guinevere becomes Queen."
  6. The darkened sky finally released its burden as rain pattered onto the moving train and surrounding earth. Clair leaned back to catch a quick glimpse of the heavy clouds. He watched the water mar the window for several seconds before his attention focused on his new acquaintance, again. “Yeah? Looks like me and you live in the same city then. We could even be neighbours,” the last portion did not lack sarcastic tone. Clair then caught sight of Arthur's hand. So the man was married? No surprise there. These types seemed to marry young most of the time. Arthur didn't appear physically much older. “Going home to your wife, eh? Sore from want? Or perhaps your trip had a lovely lady friend to ease your lonely nights?” With a quiet thud Clair allowed himself to fall down into a lying position on the seat. “Really? Your attire says you're grey as the glumly clouds.”

    “Fairchild's, huh? Never heard it. Sounds like a good investment. Do you make a lot of money?” Anyone who worked in such an expensive outlet had to at least make substantial income. Maybe even make it into the top-class of smugness. “As for me? I mostly do whatever gets me by. Mostly hard labour and helping with the selling of liquors.”

    “Wonderful! I am glad to have found someone as helpful as you.” At the woman's gesture Vivian followed. As she walked her eyes still flickered every so often toward the shelves around her. “I can't believe I've never seen this place before. How long has it been here?” Vivian remarked as she took a standing position next to the other woman and watched her sort through the books.

    “Oh, very! I haven't heard such stories for so long though. When I was little I'd plead my father to often read them to me, among others. Our copy of Le Morte D'Arthur was read into a worn state. I think I could do with a return to more familiar territories now. Especially if it's a different version of Camelot than Malory's.” Vivian flashed a smile at the mention of Guinevere's story. “Ah, I've always felt hers was such a tragic fate. Realising she found her love too late. To be in marriage with a good man and yet desire another.” Vivian could not help but feel her marriage was almost the inverse. It was her fix for a problem. It left her free to be with whoever her heart found. And her days in Arthur's company were truly joyous. She laughed softly as she realised both her husband and Guinevere's husband shared the same name. She could not help but hope hers would be a better fate.

    “My apologies if I've been a bit absent-minded. I do hope it hasn't made my actions rude. I haven't even properly introduced myself. I am Vivian Fairchild, a pleasure to meet you.” Vivian gave a small courtesy and a smile along with her greeting. “And I'll take all three, if that's fine? When would you need them returned?”
  7. Arthur giggled a little at the sarcasm. He had a little problem with his laugh, it was a little too feminine to help with his appearance, which was also not exactly the masculine ideal. When his wife was mentioned, Arthur looked down at his gold ring, but frowned at the mention of a lady friend. If anything, it was quite the opposite. "Goodness no!" Arthur exclaimed a little, "I'm rather faithful to my beautiful wife." He couldn't help a little smile. Arthur wouldn't be surprised if Vivian greeted him with a lady friend. it would make him happy if Vivian found love outside their marriage. He knew she felt the way for him too.

    "Well, I'm the labourer of the company. It's not big so I am the one who does the exchanging and dealing." Arthur looked over to Clair with a sigh, "I mean, we make a good about, enough for a nice house." He smiled. "Anyway, what about you? A wife?"


    As the woman spoke, Evelyn nodded, impressed by her knowledge and interested. She listened closely before silently handing over the books, happy to give her all three. The woman seemed to be enthusiastic enough. "Evelyn, it's a pleasure to meet you my dear." Evelyn nodded at Vivian, sort of taken back by the politeness and delicateness. People were often rude to Evelyn, especially in her library.

    "I'll sign the book for, three weeks? That gives you a week for each!" She began to walk back to the counter, waiting for Vivian to follow. "And of course if you need more time, please pop back in and I'll renew them." Evelyn walked around her counter, sliding her book from the paper work and sifted through for the right sheet. "Ah, I'm so useless with the paperwork..." Evelyn mumbled, flickering her eyes up occasionally to smile at Vivian.
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  8. “Eh? Faithful to your spouse?” Clair raised an eyebrow. “That’s a bit of a rarity. Are you two newlyweds? She one of those nice lookers? You know they all get old eventually. Old and ugly.”

    “Oh, how nice. Little gardens and white fences? The variety pleasing to the eye? Friendly neighbours? Something quaint?” His words were drippingly sardonic. As he spoke Clair moved his hand to rest over his eyes, palm upward to block the light. Sleep seemed feasible now. Maybe. If he tried. After a moment the man grumbled as he stretched and dropped his hand. Only for it to slap hard into the base of the seat with a satisfying smack. “Ouch.” Clair was silent and still a moment before adding, “Have you been at it long? Likely to get promoted?” This time his voice lacked the mocking tone. He could hear harsh noises as the train’s speed started to slow. Indicating a future stop.

    When asked if he had a wife Clair made a disapproving guttural sound. “Pfft. As if I’d want some wench nagging me all the time. What? Complaining about the state of the house and always talkin’ ‘bout where I’ve been? And for the practical use I can find others who don’t need such a commitment. If that’s what I wanted.” Clair took a moment to rise back into a sitting position. “I imagine with a face like yours you could, too. If you wanted.” The youth flashed a devious smile as he placed a hand on the back of Arthur’s seat. Clair was still a second before he pulled himself into a standing position. Almost immediately he started down the carriage. He’d gone a couple paces before he turned sharply to face Arthur again.

    “C’mon. Let’s do something fun.” A devious grin lingered on his face. “Get off of this dull train. Get a bit lost. What’d you say? Have and adventure with me.” Clair gestured toward the door. “Want to try something exciting?

    “You have a lovely name.” Vivian beamed as she followed the librarian with a spritely step. “Thank you. I think a week should be plenty of time. If it doesn’t prove sufficient I’ll be sure to come pay another visit.” Finishing the books early would be a good excuse to come back sooner. Vivian watched momentarily as Evelyn sifted through the papers. Her hands clasped behind her back as her eyes fell to focus on the woodwork. It seemed too good to hope. Yet.. the way Evelyn smiled.

    “I hope I don’t come off as too forward or strange… However, I shall admit I have few friends and we seem agreeable company. I’d love to invite you out in the future. Of course I completely understand otherwise. But if you’re not busy later today I’d offer you to join me at Grand Central Station. I am meeting my husband there. He’s returning from a trip.” Vivian chuckled quietly before she offered a quick smile.

  9. [​IMG]

    Calling a woman wench made Arthur raise a questionable eyebrow. But he got a compliment, so Arthur blushed with a smile. Then, he stood up and talked of adventure. Arthur had never been the adventurous type, Vivian was a little more like that. But, Arthur really couldn't resist the look of deviance on Clair's face.

    There wouldn't be too much harm to go, right? Arthur shrugged and stood up, picking up his briefcase, "I'm curious as to how to define excitement." Arthur chucked as he fixed his tie, ready to follow Clair. But as he stood, he recognized the station he was approaching. He frowned as he checked his watch, Vivian wasn't meeting him until 7:30PM.

    But whatever. He followed his new friend eagerly, hopefully they could get back in time to Vivian. She'd understand.


    The offer of company made Evelyn raise her head with a smile, how sweet. Of course she'd want to see the lovely young woman again. Before she could reply, Vivian mentioned a husband. Ah, she should of seen the ring, of course a woman like Vivian would be married. The smile on her face became a little forced, but she didn't want to suddenly become cold.

    "I'd be honored, it's not usual I get to visit the station." Evelyn pulled out the correct set of papers and began writing down the titles of the books and the date. "Could you just sign here?" She offered the pen to Vivian and smiled, "Thank you. Now, I must lock up the library at 6PM, when would you like me to meet you?" She asked, tucking a piece of loose hair back into her bun.​
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