It's Official

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  1. Well, its official.

    I divorce Roleplayer Guild. And now i propose to Iwaku. Will you have me? =)
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  3. I want to be ring bear.

    Not ring bearer.

    Ring bear.

    I come in fluffy, cute bear onesie pajama with a huge ring around my waist and a pillow with the rings on it
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  4. You're only allowed if you hula hoop the big ring down the aisle!
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  5. Can I be the red carpet?
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  6. Can I be a vase? :')
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  7. I wanna play the chimes! 8D
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  8. You had me at everything you said.
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  9. Why yes, I will be your best man. Thank you for asking~
  10. I'm still staying on the Guild but also staying on Iwaku....

    So does that mean I'm cheating on my comatose wife.....oh noes....
  11. >this thread
  12. <3333333333333333333333
    Can I be your divorce lawyer? They will get NOTHING!!
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  13. Do you need a camera man to record this? Cause I'm the man for the job!
  15. Yeah today was the day I tried to go back to Roleplayer and then I found Iwaku. I'm sorry baby she she was there for me. I like the alert system and just the features and layout so much better.
  16. They are changing too much of RPG. Like the bbcode thing is going to be next to non-existent. And the tag system is too much like twitter with the hashtag bullshit. Plus, i met alot of assholes on RPG that are like non-existent here.
  17. I didn't hear that. Where did that come from? o.o
  18. One feature I just figured out is some kinda autosave/back feature. I hated losing my lovely work on RPG :(.
  19. I have inside information. lmao, just kidding. Its on their facebook page. It was a link on there that led to a chat between Mahz and everyone. The mods on there were being dicks to everyone that spoke their opinions on the matter.