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  1. Zach sat in a small cafe with his feet propped up on a small coffee table as he lounged in a plush chair. The place was nearly empty as Zach waited, non too patiently, for his father to arrive. Apparently someone was selling on their turf and it required pulling Zach out of classes to speak of. The teen really just wanted out of the "family business" but short of dieing, that wasn't going to happen. It was well known he was lined up to take over if anything happened to his father, nothing he was looking forward to really.
    "The hell is taking this man so long?!" Zach groaned close to just calling his father and tell him he's leaving if he didn't get there in three minutes.
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    Hian had been sitting in this bar aswell. He had ran away once again, the bruise on his cheek very visible. He had looked at Zach a few times with obvious interest. But then another man walked in and things had changed. He felt the atmosphere drop down. He didn't really know how to feel about this whole situation, this place didn't seem much better then actually being at home. Altho, here nobody knew him and if he kept out of everybody's business there was no problem.
  4. Zach's mood was gradually shifting towards anger. His father was late, and he was starting to think the man wasn't coming, and he kept feeling eyes on him from a guy a few feet away.
    Zach frowned as he saw the man look at him for the, he didn't even know how many times now. Groaning Zach got up and sauntered over to him. "Do you need something?" Zach's voice was rough and he had a bored expression as he stood next to Hian, arms cross but interested in a conversation. It was better than sitting alone.
  5. Hian swallowed thickly. Oh shit. "No no no.." He mumbled, not wanting to start conversation with him. He didn't look very friendly at all. "I am sorry, you just seemed very angry and it made me curious" He whispered softly
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    Name: Hian Lanson
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Rather short and skinny for his age, green eyes with messy brown hair like in the picture
    Behavior: Can be shy but once he trust the person he gets more open. He always puts someone else his needs before his own and never talks about his problems because he doesn't want to be a bother
  7. "I just hate when people are late." Zach grumbled taking the seat next to Hian without asking. He kept his bored expression hiding his interest in the other boy. "I'm Zach." Zach glanced over at Hian expectantly awaiting for the others name.
  8. "Hian" he didn't know what to do when the other male sat down next to him. God, was he supposed to socialize? He fumbled with his hands nervously and looked at his shoes
  9. "Cool name." Zach muttered attempting to be nice. Honestly it was weird and he hadn't heard anything like it before. That didn't mean he didn't like the name, it was interesting but he liked it. "So...." This conversation was going terrible so Zach was actually at a loss for once.
  10. "Thank you" Hian mumbled. What was he supposed to do when Zach said so? He didn't have a clue. "Who are you waiting for" Hian blushed, and then remembered the bruise on his cheek. He hoped Zach wouldn't bring it up, if there was one thing he didn't want to talk about it would be his home situation
  11. "My dad. He's coming to meet business." Zach almost let it slip what his father was coming to meet him about. He didn't miss the blush coating Hian's cheeks. It drew his attention to the purple bruise on the side of his face. Zach felt unexplained anger at whoever left that there but kept his face neutral. "Whoever did that to you, I can...handle it for you." Zach didnt exactly want to give away that he was in the largest crime family this side of the continent but he felt the need to protect this kid.
    "Son!" Zach flinched as his fathers voice boomed into the small cafe. Those who knew him fled immediately. "Great." Zach groaned. He slipped Hian his number without being seen and stood. "If anything happens call me." He left with his face with one final glance at the boy at the counter before settling in the large black hummer outside of the small cafe.
  12. Hian looked confused as the guy suddenly left. He looked at the number. how could that guy fix it for him? What was he gonna do? Walk to his home and lecture his dad about physical abuse? Hian chuckled softly to himself, that wasn't going to work. His dad was big and buffy, totally the opposite then Hian. He was now thinking that the reason his dad hate him so much was because he wasn't really his son. That could be true, he didn't knew his mother very well. He then remembered the number in his hand, what would he do with it? would he call?
  13. Zach took a very long car ride with his father. Apparently there was a other family interceding on their turf. His father wasn't too happy about that and wanted Zach to handle this, a test to see if he was worthy of taking over the family. Zach wanted to do anything but that however, in his family, he had no choice.
    They finally returned home and his mind drifted to the kid he met at the cafe. He was small, thin, and didn't speak much. Normally Zach stayed far from people like him, they were boring and often too afraid of him to even speak but Hian, there was something that stole Zach's interest. Maybe it was the big purple bruise on his cheek, or the way he kept glancing at him, Zach didn't know. All he did know was that Zach was anxious to see him again.
  14. Hian stayed outside the whole night, not feeling like going to that smelly filthy apartment again. He looked at the number. He knew it would get cold tonight, he couldn't stay here... He bit his lip when he called Zach, being very nervous. What would happen? What should he say? Was he going to ask for a place to stay? He had never been this desperate, but he knew going home would be asking for more pain and staying outside would lead to frostbite
  15. Zach was lounging in his room, flat screen playing some random movie he'd found downstairs. His attention was pulled by a ringing phone, his phone. Zach raised a brow seeing an unknown number. He smirked to himself, there was only one person that could possibly be calling him this late and on his personal line.
    "Yeah?" Zach answered with an expectant tone. He didn't show it but Zach felt an excitement inside he hadn't felt since he was ten years old.
  16. "Uhm, hi" Hian said softly, his voice shaking. What was he supposed to say now? What was he gonna ask Zach? 'yeah hello my father is abusive so I can't go home, can i stay at yours?' that didn't even make any sense... He stayed quiet for a moment and then he started to cry. Right, there, holding his phone in one hand and the other covered his eyes
  17. "Woah! Hey hey calm down okay. Don't cry. It's alright. Shit man just....just calm down alright. Where are you? I'll come get you. Don't move." Zach bolted upright hearing sobs echo through his phone. Why was Hian crying? Zach didn't know but he silently swore whoever was the cause was going to pay for it. "Hey, Hian where are you. Just tell me where you are okay and I'll come get you." Zach slipped on a zip up and some sneakers. He grabbed keys to one of the family cars and hopped in still on the phone. He wasn't sure what would happen if he hung up and Zach wasn't risking finding out.
  18. Hian managed to get his location out of his throat and then dropped the phone next to him. He was sitting on the cold street against a wall. Fuck, why did he needed to start crying right that moment? What should Zach thinking of him right now? He tried to stop, but he couldn't. He had bottled up his feelings for to long, his fears.
  19. Zach was sure he broke every speed limit in the world. He skidded to a stop in front of Hian. Hopping out of the black truck Zach knelt in front of Hian looking confused and worried with a mix of anger. "Hey, hey, look at me. Hian, look at me." Zach lifted the boys face and wiped away his tears. "C'mon. Up." Zach lifted Hian up, and walked him to his car. He set the weeping boy in the passenger seat. He buckled him in and got into his own seat.
    "Tell me who did it." Zach left no room for arguing or denial. Hian was on the street crying and Zach was going to handle this whether Hian wanted to or not. If Hian didn't tell him, Zach had ways of finding out on his own.
  20. "Hian shaked his head "No, no this is my problem not yours" He whimpered again, he was not going to tell him, why would he care anyway? Why would anyone care? Other people have it much and much worse then him, his problems where nothing. He pushed his hair back, fuckinghell, why did he had to be such a mess?
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