It's not me, it's you...or is it me?

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  1. Okay, I had experienced this very often in high school. I arrive to class early and take my seat, only to find that later, once everyone else has come into class, that I end up with a few chairs between me and ALL the other students around me. I once sat on the other side of the room and everyone else filled up the other half of the room. I was the only person on that side.

    Sadly enough, I think my "repel" works online as well. Every single roleplay I have jumped into or signed up for has fallen through, with the exception of one that I had to let go of earlier on because I could not dedicate to it and my newest time consuming activity. I am a very active person and I love when things are flowing in a roleplay. I do tend to get a little obsessive when things are good, but who doesn't?

    Every roleplay I touch dies, simple as that. There was a roleplay that had been going for a long time here and it had lots of people in it. After I joined, it was up for a couple months then the creator had to let it go because of other things. There is no way that was a coincidence! It's not like I can stop roleplaying because it's just too much fun! One day I would like to do a long term roleplay, whether it be with a small group or one-on-one.

    Can I get a little advice on what I can possibly do to keep roleplays alive for me? Unless, you know, it's just me...
  2. I highly doubt it's just you!

    :( Sorry that you have been having terrible luck.

    A few pieces of advice:

    1. Stay interested and motivated! It sounds like your interest may have been phased! Get back up into it! Take a walk around the park, take a vacation, listen to your favorite song, take a dip in the creek, go to the shooting range, draw whatever comes to mind, sleep, meet a friend, go to a coffee shop or maybe take up a martial art! Something to get the creative juices flowing!

    2. Post often! I try to do so! It definitely helps! If have a bunch of free time keep this site open while you watch a movie or do your hobby and refresh it every other 30 minutes to see if you have any new alerts and then stop if you can and reply, get in the habit of always replying and then shorten the time from 30 to 20 and then eventually to 10! :D It's a good habit to keep.

    3. Sleep! A lack of sleep can cause depression! ( God knows it has with me >.> ) And then depression can lead to unmotivationallness and a tendency not to get in the mood to roleplay! Get sleep! If you are finding it hard to sleep try to remember your dreams or read about lucid dreaming! ( Inception kind of stuff. Go look it up! I swear it will be worth your while. )

    4. Be yourself! If you are pretending to be something else than what you really are it can put people off or even put yourself off! Be honest!

    So thats my advice. Might be a little off topic but I think it's useful.

    However if you are looking for a good roleplaying companion for long term or short term, onexone or small group, I would be interested! I swear that I am a cool guy to RP with! :D Pretty much open to any ideas as well!

    Life gets better! Don't worry about high school or the past! Look towards the future! One thing I always find that is really friggin cool to look up and check on is Warp Drive Technology! Seriously look it up! Harold Sonny White is the guy I believe!
  3. Ahh~ Funny thing is, I do all of that! In fact, I'm having a pool party tomorrow with some friends, haha! Usually, I am either working on my book or being a beta reader for someone else. I have also recently picked up learning Japanese. Keeping interested part is one I definitely pay careful attention to. Once I'm drained of interest, it's no good. There can be a resurrection of interest, but it takes a while. My interest also dies faster when I'm really excited and get slow replies from the group or person.

    Second, I post multiple times a day almost to the point I worry if things aren't progressing too quickly for others. I used to have two tabs open at the same time on Iwaku! Those were the days... I still do that from time to time, actually. The opportunity to become so obsessed has decreased drastically though.

    On the note of depression, I have experience genuine depression once that I can remember. It was the worst three days of my life. My body was refusing to stay down; despite my want to sulk in my room I ended up walking around the house and playing games on my computer. Sleep is no problem for me, my body MAKES me sleep when I'm too tired to function. I can't think when sleepy anyhow.

    Playing characters that are close to my natural self are a given for me. I will play other characters that are sassy or a little more authoritative than I am, but that's not too often. If I wouldn't say it to someone's face, I don't say it here either. I am completely genuine when playing with others. You won't find anything fake when roleplaying with me. :D

    Yes, long term would be my goal. I have characters that I would like to see grow up and mature but I have stuck to group roleplays because I like the interactions between characters. Most of the time my character says something to someone and they never reply or vanish for, like, a week. Character growth is something I really like to see; they start out broken or damaged then slowly become whole, new people all together.

    I have done a onexone rp once before, but it was broken off D: You do seem like a really cool guy, haha~ I would not mind roleplaying with you sometime at all. Thank you for the advice too! I appreciate it.
  4. Well this post has a much lighter and more hopeful feel than the last one! :P Always good.

    So as far as the be yourself thing I am not saying roleplay yourself. It is actually quite healthy to roleplay characters vastly different from your perspective if you can do so. What I am trying to say is outside of RP and overall in general, be true to yourself and don't change yourself for others!

    But thats all my no good wisdom. :P As far as playing a new RP, PM me into what you are interested in and maybe we can get something going! ( Weeheew! )

  5. Roleplays die at a rate so massive I'm surprised the Hague isn't trying Iwaku for war crimes. I can literally count on one hand the number of games I've been in that have actually managed to come to solid, satisfactory conclusions; the rest all died horrible, slow and painful deaths.

    So believe me, it's not you to blame if your games tend to die. That's just kind of how forum RPs tend to play out.
  6. [MENTION=4668]Iron Men And Saints[/MENTION]: Ahh, okay, I get what you were saying. Yes, that's true. I find it difficult to be anyone but me everywhere else, haha. I'll take you up on that offer, by the way :) Maybe we can brainstorm a good rp! Bouncing ideas around is always fun.

    Ah, I understand that concept Grumpy, thanks. I was seriously considering myself jinx when it come to roleplays. There have been some really good ones I found and I guess the devastation of them all failing got me thinking a little drastically... I have seen people try to drag out roleplays after they had long given up creativity too; that was just terrible. I only usually get in, like, four or five posts and they just stop activity altogether. Thank you for those eye opening words. I'm glad this is more or less normal... I guess... xD
  7. I have been in hundreds and thousands of roleplays and ALL OF THEM HAVE DIED!

    That's just what happens. XD I might've finished a handful at best. So grumpy is totally right, it's just a thing that happens. Shrug it off and keep hunting for new fun things. Eventually you come across kismet roleplay partners and make magic for awhile. 8D

    In real life, maybe you just look cranky and unapproachable? o___o Or sad and unapproachable? I've noticed that some people end up putting on an invisible repel wall by sheer accident, cause they are craaaazy self-conscious and socially nervous, and assume everyone is looking at them, judging them, etc, etc. So you actually end up creating that atmosphere for yourself without meaning to cause you think too much about it.
  8. Ahh~ So it is a normal thing D: I'll keep hunting around, but I'm kind of afraid of finding a good one and it dropping... I hate getting really excited only to have things turn out terribly. Real lief failures don't help with roleplays dying either. I just don't take failure well >..>

    Oh, I'm the quiet type for sure, but i used to wear bright, colorful things and wear my hair in crazy, messy styles. I thought that would make me a little more approachable but of course not. I also don't talk much even now and am terribly shy to the point that others used to ask me if I could talk. That drew some negative attention... I do like to talk to people despite my awful shyness. That's why I like to roleplay and stuff; I can be someone else that isn't shy and isn't so terribly socially awkward. It's really my escape on so many levels.