It's not just me, right?

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  1. Okay, here's the thing. When you get a text from a girl/boy friend, doesn't the little <3 heart look like boobs? Especially if it's after a smiley face.

    =) <3

    That's like textflashing, isn't it? So have you guys seen it, too, or am I just a perv?
  2. You need to stop masturbating so much.
  3. Okay, can I hear from someone who isn't an ass?
  4. Noooooo, he's right....

    ... Nah, it's looked like that to me too...
  5. Sorry don't text....and now that you mentioned still doesn't look like bewbs to me. Sakura has used it a bunch of times so I never thought of it, you just can't think dirty when talking to her.
  6. Now you've hurt my feelings.

    Holy crap, you too?

    I mean, I always figured it was just a heart, since, you know, boobs don't go to the side.

    (·)(·) always seemed more like boobs to me.
  7. ugh~ now that it has been mentioned. kinda looks like somebody looking at his/her own breasts and smiling at what he/she saw. ~_~;
  8. I thought it looked like balls. Sorta.
  9. Good.
    Exactly but...his/her? I know there are some fat guys out there, but I think the breasts apply primarily to girls.
  10. I've always seen it as a heart, so I think it's just you =P

    (o)Y(o) boobs?
  11. Look, I know it's supposed to be a heart. I'm just saying that sometimes, if you put the little smiley face in front, it looks like a girl's flashing you.
  12. I agree with darky, you need to stop masturbating all the time
  13. Where the hell did you come from?! And I don't do it all the time! (it'd really hurt at some point)
  14. I came from the fortress-monastary on titan, where the fuck did you come from?
  15. Your mother, just ask her...You want me to tell you? Well I won't tell you the truth. You can't handle the truth!

    (No idea where the fuck that came from)
  16. Oddly enough, it looks too far apart to look like boobs to me. Then again, I'm not quite perverted (in the sexual sense) level as you guys. Plus I'm a leg/neck/face man. I'm told I'll "grow out of it". :/
  17. Too far apart? If anything, I thought they would be too close together.
  18. Hearts ALWAYS look like boobs to me

  19. it does look like a ballsack
  20. ~THE Smut RP of the List~

    A Veteran's Reward

    One of the few world-class Prostitute agency were surprised when they found someone had paid for their most expensive service. They did a background check, and found it was a woman who served in the military, and she was able to afford the service because during their career before retirement they manage to save one of the world leaders of another country, and said leader rewarded the woman for her actions. So instead of having to look for a job after the military they could really enjoy their retirement. Well, alright. The agency decided to look into exactly what the woman wanted. She wanted one of their 'model-prostitutes' which meant one of the girls from magazines and other advertisement that did not actually have sex, and was a virgin. And the real kicker, the woman wanted a life-long contract. The agency decided the client could afford this, and their girl would basically move in to be a personal whore, but would get paid for it, live in the nice mansion of the client, and countless other benefits. But which of their models did the woman want? Oh, Bella. That was a interesting choice. Bella was also from the military, and was listed down in the agency as for clients that want a wide range of fetishes, and highly active sex. Though thinking about it...a hero in a war deserves someone as ...gifted as Bella. Well, lets see if Bella is willing to accept the offer.

    She did.

    Bella herself soon arrives at the clients home. She was impressed with the property, but nervious about who the client was as she did not recognize the name. As she knocks the door opened by itself. She was surprise, and enter. She was confused when she saw no one. A least till the family pet came into the room. The girl was so cute. A golden retriever, but she was bigger than normal. that Zeta? But.....oh. OH shit. That probably meant Zeta was actually her client. It was off the records, but while in the military Bella worked as an animal vet. She did not actually enter the war. But she was not in charge of the regular military dogs. She was in charged of the experimental dogs. Zeta was a golden retriever she raised till the girl was old enough to be gave the injection. The injection was to make her a super-dog with being smarter than a human, to grow bigger than normal so she was physically stronger and faster, and of course increased stamina and durability so she could handle being in the front seat of the war.

    Bella was not suppose to play favorites, but since the dogs were all smart...even if none of the other humans realized that Bella had a favorite, but the dogs knew. Zeta was Bella's favorite. It was why Bella secretly gave Zeta a improved but unapproved injection to better her chances of surviving. It was what got her in this mess. Bella did not want to risk Zeta, and so she actually tested the injection on herself. Anyone looking at her could understand she had an amazing body. Not just in looks either. She sure in hell did not look like this in her teen years, or early adult years. The injection worked, but after Bella left the military....she soon realize she had a ...side effect. A lot of her physical improvements affected her sex drive..and ...well it was a war itself to resist being a real slut that just slept around. She ended up signing up with the agency, but she was too ashamed to actually let people 'pay' for her service.

    So she decided to limit it to someone that was willing to pay a lot for her, and was willing to keep her, and not just use her, and leave her. This meant she basically would be the person's mistress. Unofficial but actual lover. She knew it was likely that Zeta was also very horny, but since its been years since she last saw Zeta. It seemed Zeta grew more, and...well probably was too big to have sex with the other enhanced dogs, and probably found regular dogs too stupid to develop feelings for...and past all that....well since Zeta was smart as a human, if not more, it was very likely Zeta grew a crush on her...and so when she realized Bella was signed up with such an agency...she decided to help her 'friend' by not letting anyone else get her, but also help with both of their needs....Bella knew Zeta was a hermaphrodite...and...well she knew Zeta did not just pay that much for her, or sign a life contract just to let her seat around the house all day. She was to 'earn' her keep. Bella was nervious again though....a human-intelligent animal meant while they normally would not get interest in a human...they now could...but...the rest of the world would say its illegal for an animal to get with a human...

    She realized the government probably covered up the experiments, and gave Zeta a background with a fake name as a 'human' so no one would know the truth unless they actually meet her.

    Side Note: While I am obviously leaning towards Bella. I am willing to play Zeta instead~