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  1. If you do not prefer writing my whole name, then you can address me as AI.

    I am a male

    My age is in-between an adult and a pre-adolescent

    I am new to this site and new to roleplaying

    Group or single-partner roleplays are fine by me

    I love to stay under the shades and air-conditioners, and I also love sunshine and beaches

    I can't say that there is a song tormenting me. But if it's what I am thinking of ATM (at the moment), it would have to be Basi 「スタンダード」

    Request for drawings, innovating ideas, or managing something that follows Iwakuroleplay rules are accepted when possible.

    Dull formatted introduction: Eccentric Tumbleweed
    Original format: Hey newbie! Don't know what to post to say hello? Use this! |
  2. Nice to meet you have u seen or read Parasyte
  3. Nice to meet you, Iroh. I have not seen or read Parasyte, but I do plan on watching or reading it after I finish my other incomplete manga/anime.
  4. ok kool you'll like it ... if you like action and psychological drama
  5. Oh, that doubles my interest then. :glassesslip:
  6. i love your profile pic XD your immediately a friend of mine!
  7. Thank you very much. I also love your profile image. I actually drew my profile pic (excluding the background & the Yaranaika face). I accept drawing requests, so recreating your character and adding the face is something I can do for you. :spin:
  8. That would be hilarious XD I would very much like that. And Thank you if you decide to... just imagine... i get fair bit friends on this site... then someday... KA BAM Yaranaika Shun! XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.