It's national Bill Murray



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I don't get.

I LIKE TEGAN'S GASTON. -thumbs up.-
Ocha was referring to the movie Groundhog's Day. I was referring to when Bill Murray's NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU meme.

Nooooooooo oooooooooooone~
Smokes weed like Tegan~
Catches jokes like Tegan~
In a Cbox debate no one's neck is fun to choke like Tegan!

Uuuugh...*goes to make coffee*
That is this hisptertalk?
What a depressing thread.
Ohhh look at me i got tits and i smoke weed and i totes witty lololol i'm soooo intredasitingggg muh name's tegunz!
Dark, we all know you wish you were her, but you aren't and you never will be. Go cry in your beer like all the others.
OMG its Gaston!!! run everyone....*hides the Beast in her closet*
It's my shot glass, actually, I'm drinking whiskey.
I'm going to take a shit in your mopefest and say: Just let them love.

Also; ditch the wedding and watch the Avengers instead.