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  1. k so I'm gonna make this short and sweet! I want speed-of-light roleplayers who don't need to write essays to enjoy an rp. To me, a paragraph or two is enough for me to develop characters and content. I also tend to 'wing' it with plot, though I have a little bit for this. The character appearances are below -

    I need an alpha for my character. This will be an MxM and will include mpreg, so sorry if you don't enjoy that. This ISN'T a smut - honestly, I can't say that enough. The characters sorta bond for life rather than sleep around with everyone~

    Plot: Your character (The alpha) is terminally unwell in some capacity. My omega character is his mate/husband/boyfriend. Due to his illness, he's victimized because he can't be the typical aggressive alpha (maybe he wants to be, though. You decide). Do things get better? Worse? Can they be happy?

    Whatever! Just an idea, haha.

    pm me or post here if interested!!

    [BCOLOR=transparent]My character:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your character: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]

  2. - Still looking!
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