It's Mutual Dislike...Right? (Shadow Reaver & Chirokochan)

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  1. Aldran ran a hand through his short black hair and let out a frustrated sigh. He was remembering yesterdays with his father and to say he was displeased would be an understatement. His thoughts flickered back to what had transpired.

    "Hello father. You summoned me?" The youth was still in his armour as he had just gotten back from the small scouting party he had been in. 'Yes son. I have important news for you. A little while ago a messenger just left our court, this was not just any messenger. He was from the Kingdom of Sol. Their King and I have reached an agreement. The war will be ended-' He was cut off by his son's exclamation of joy at that. 'However! Only if you marry his daughter. I agreed and you are to go along with this.' Aldran felt a surge of anger go through him, "WHAT!? FATHER! This is an outrage! I do not agree to these terms!" His father glanced at him impassively. "You don't get a choice. The Princess will be arriving tomorrow. Now you are dismissed.

    He stormed down the halls until he reached the training arena. Two of his friends were there and were currently in combat. He sat down and his face was shadowed with anger. His betrothed, how he hated to say that, was arriving soon.
  2. Heavily guarded by knights on horseback, The Sol princess was finally arriving inside the kingdom. The group passed the training area and went close to the castle gates.

    "Excuse me," the knight addressed the guard. "We're here to see the king and prince of this castle? Princess Rosetta of Sol is here for the marriage."

    As if on cue, two other knights were escorting the bride-to-be to the gate. She put on her kindest smile when looking to the guards of the gate.
  3. The guards were a bit taken aback by her kind smile. If she was excited by this then she was about to be crushed when she met Prince Aldran.


    Aldran was about to engage in a match with his friend Matthew when a messenger ran up. He stepped away from Matthew and turned his gaze to the messenger. "What is it? Can't you tell I was about to being my match?" He wasn't really angry at the messenger, more frustrated at why he was here. He knew the reason, but he asked so her could prolong attending.

    'Prince Aldran, your father wants you to come to the throne room immediately. The Princess has arrived and you are to meet her.' With that the messenger took leave before he was yelled at.

    The prince sighed and turned to his friends, they both gave him sympathetic looks, and with a farewell or three he departed to go and meet the person he never wanted to. Aldran slowed his steps so that it took him longer to arrive, he really didn't want to attend. A scowl appeared on his face and he pushed open the door to the throne room harshly.
  4. Rosetta heard the door open and she turned to it, seeing the prince. She merely blinked and stared at the prince for a while. But again, she flashed a king smile to Aldran. "You wouldn't happen to be Prince Aldran, would you?" she said, rather quietly. "You walked in with such authority..." she said admiringly, but on the inside she wanted to stomp on her own foot for saying such a remark.
  5. Aldran's gaze immediately flickered to the princess and he had to admit she didn't look that bad, but that didn't make matters worse. He didn't answer her at first and walked over to his seat next to his father. He then looked at her again, "Yes. I am Prince Aldran. You must be the Princess of Sol." He still wore a frown and he seemed a bit angry. He shot his father a look as if to say really dad? seriously? and then looked at her again. "Hm, I suppose I should state now that I am still displeased by this situation." Sarcasm then laced his voice, "But really none of that is your fault." His father looked at him, slightly angered, 'Aldran...' His tone carried an unspoken warning.

    The king then looked to Princess Rosetta. "I apologize for my son's behavior. I promise you he is not always so ill-mannered."
  6. The princess made a very quick bouncing motion, as if Rosetta had scoffed or snickered silently. But then her kind smile came back. "It is all just fine. Have I come at a bad time?"

    Rosetta then looked to Aldran. He did look rather handsome, but he made it obvious that he did not want to be here, let alone marry her. She blinked at Aldran with an unreadable expression, and then looked back to the king and replaced that expression with her smile, nearly on cue.
  7. Aldran's eyes lie up and a devious smile came onto his face, "In fact you-" He was cut off by his father immediately before he could say anything.

    'No you have not Princess. In fact this is a good time to have come. We are to have a ball coming up soon in honor of the coming holiday. You and Prince Aldran may have the chance to attend together.' Alrdan immediately turned to his father and gave a displeased look.
  8. It was a little bit challenging to keep a straight face after seeing Aldran's plan get shot down. Rosetta looked down for a second and then looked back up again at the king with a bigger smile than before. "I'd be delighted to do so!"

    She may have been fooling the king, but Rosetta was trying to drop the faintest hint to Aldran that she knew he wasn't interested. And neither was she for that matter.
  9. Aldran turned to look at the princess now and gave an incredulous look. "I am surrounded by delusional people. I don't want to even go to the ball with her father." The king then turned to his son and frowned, 'Aldran! Behave yourself!' He turned back to the princess, 'I am so sorry, but I believe we should dimiss the meeting for now. One of the servants shall escort you to your room." He then gave her a smile.
  10. The princess was silent throughout Aldran's display of anger. Once addressed, she nodded. "Thank you, your majesty..."


    Once at the room, Rosetta was left alone to rest for a while. She looked at herself in the mirror, with a kind smile.

    "...Pfft...It looks so fake. How did the king not see through that?!"

    Rosetta sighed, huffed even, and sat back on her bed. She did not want to be in the arranged marriage either, but was it really necessary to make it blatantly obvious? At the very least he should have faked a smile like she did. They could have addressed it later! Oh but it was of no use now. Aldran made it known that he didn't want to be apart of this cooperatively, and Rosetta refused to bother with it. At least, when the public eye was not watching.
  11. Aldran rolled his eyes as the princess left and looked at his dad. "You are joking right? Please tell me you are. She said I walked in with such command!? That is so stupid!" The king looked at him and glared.

    The next thing the prince knew he was being kicked out into the halls and being told to go talk to her and apologize. Grumbling Aldran walked down the halls to go and see Princess Rosetta. As he walked down the halls he finally arrived at her door. He stood in front of the door and hesitantly raised his hand. Did he really want to do this? The answer was obvious, no. However, his father would probably kill him if he didn't. He sighed and then knocked. "Princess Rosetta? It is Prince Aldran."
  12. There he was. Rosetta decided to respond in a sweet voice. "Come in!"
  13. He heard her voice answer and he opened the door and entered. "Hello Princess Rosetta. I came to apologize for my earlier behavior." Although he was trying to make it sound unforced there was still a bit of strain in his voice.
  14. Rosetta looked to Aldran, the kind smile fading away into an indifferent expression. "That is quite all right...I understand why you were...and probably still are, angry back there." she said. Rosetta got up and walked over to Aldran. "In all actuality, I do not want to be in this arranged marriage either. Yes, it's good for the kingdoms, but I would have much rather have my sister be in this agreement and not me. She actually wants to get married and married fast."
  15. Aldran frowned as he heard her words, and he had to admit he felt his anger boil up at how nice she seemed to be acting. "Then why are you not saying anything? If you are displeased you should express that! Or else we are never getting out of this stupid arranged marriage. You realize that right?"
  16. "Because I am the oldest in my family, and this marriage will stop the battles." Rosetta said. "I have no choice but to consent. YOU have no choice but to consent. In all honesty we have to do this."
  17. "Oh so you seriously think this is the only way out of that?" He rolled his eyes, "Why does everyone assume marriage is the only way?"
  18. "Not me," Rosetta began. "The aristocrats, the royal army, the monarchy believes that is the only way. And that's what we have to agree by, less we appear selfish to the people."

    Rosetta sat on her bed and sighed.
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