It's me... again: Redux

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  1. Hello again Iwaku.

    Well, this probably makes the third time I've left a rp community only to come crawling back after about a year. What can I say? I miss the lively company and good times, but I mainly came back for the humansacrificescandy...... There is still candy, right?

    Anyway, for any of you who may be wondering who I used to be on here, I previously went by the names Ramses the Damned, Ram(e)ses, Curly, or just Ram.
  2. Welcome back to iwaku, sorry but there is no more candy here ^^ I stole it all and destroyed it so that no people would ever get the candy again :D
    The cookies are also gone! I ate them all and became very fat, and it was worth it x3

    Hope you enjoy your time at iwaku old newb :D Or returning old member that is newb?
  3. Old newb, eh? Hmmm...

    *changes custom title*
  4. I remember you!

    *offers a cauldron full of candy*
  5. I don't remember you >.<
    Welcome back anyway!
  6. That's all right, Ocha. I don't remember you, either. <.<

    *cries into the cauldron*
  7. -patpats- You really don't know me because I'm not Ocha. It is an honor to be mistaken for her though =P
  8. My bad. You do seem like Ocha, though.

    ((Oh, I see. She's presenting herself to be some kind of Christmas fairy right now. Whereas you're just a regular fairy-elf-nymph-thing?))
  9. Well well well. Look who's come back grovelling. And just in time to disappear from my new Sci-Fi game I'll be co-GMing soon.
  10. Grovelling? Who's grovelling?

    ....... Please don't hurt me.
  11. Heyo! Welcome back! Hope to see you around! *invites to human sacrifice social*