It's Like Seeing a Ghost( Private w/Simple )

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  1. «It's Like Seeing a Ghost»
    Faith took a step onto her High School campus, watching the bustle of all her peers. It seemed everyone had their own groups: the jocks, the nerds, etc.
    Yet, Faith was all alone, to shy to at least reach out.
    With a sigh, the brunette kept walking, somehow gaining more confidence as she made her way inside.

    Once she arrived at her locker, she noticed two of the cheerleaders just gossping in front of her locker, not allowing her by. Faith bit her tongue for almost five minutes, before she said something.
    "Hey, first class is about to start. Can I get to my locker, please?"

    The captain turned around, chewing gum as she twirled her hair around a finger. "Oh look, little miss can't speak decided to finally say something. Let me think about that question... No."

    "You can just move to the left a couple spaces!" Faith protested, frowning.

    "Stop whining..." One of the other girls rolled her eyes.

    Faith scowled, and when the bell rung, was when the preps took off.
    The blue eyed girl arrived seven minutes late to class. "Mr. Hagen, I'm so sorry-"

    "Just sit down. Class starts at a certain time, Faith, and if you waste that time you can make it up in detention, Mrs. Daniels," her teacher said bitterly, before returning to his lecture to his English class.

    Faith closed her eyes for a moment, before walking over to her seat and sitting down, ready to scream.
    And It's only 8:15... Faith thought angrily.
  2. It was a very pretty day. He had yet to get used to how perfect the weather in his hometown was. The sky held a balanced amount of puffy white clouds, ones that passed over the sun sluggishly and allowed brief moments of shade from the warmth. He wasn't complaining at all; it was a big change from the constantly overcast skies that he used to live under. Getting a day like this was a treat over there.

    He took a deep breath of the crisp air. Though he was a junior, he was very fresh to the high school of this town. He had been there for about a week (lucky for him, he moved back during summer break, and got back just in time for school to begin), so he didn't feel entirely lost. He was slowly adjusting to how his schedule ran him around the school, and as he memorized it more and more, he started to feel progressively more at home. He even saw some very old friends and how they had transformed from their tiny, young selves into growing teens. It was a little surreal to see, but it was cool too.

    He strode into the school, hands shoved into the pockets of his dark tan jeans. He was wearing a loose white t-shirt with a black-and-white pattern on the front that resembled one of those optical illusions, and his scuffed sneakers were on his feet like always. He had his hat on, hair pushed back under it - as usual. The boy was actually fairly attractive for his age, a huge change from the dorky kid that was in the same town several years ago.

    He held a steady pace as he made his way to his locker, passing people who smiled and waved and called greetings to him. He responded with light enthusiasm, not quite as abundantly friendly as he was before the ... accident. He immediately discarded that train of thought as he approached his locker, fumbling with the lock briefly before clicking it open and grabbing his stuff for first period.

    He then went off to class. Nothing spectacularly interesting happened on the way; he was treated very normally, and even with some respect by kids. He never had many problems with them.

    He took his seat in one of the best classes he had taken - Math. The teacher was a short Russian woman, with pixie-cut hair and the most sarcastic sense of humor ever. It was actually really awesome how she ran the class, unleashing dry jokes on kids and making fun of strict school teachers. She was also an actually super intelligent woman, and she ensured that they learned something even while having fun doing it. It was great.
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    English went by quickly, for the most part. Actually, all her academic classes went by rather quickly; fifth, sixth, and seventh period were her three electives. Fifth was art, which usually helped her relax after so much work before that, sixth was gym; she couldn't complain about it but she didn't really like it. Seventh was her French class. To be honest, it was more of a "teacher sobs about her ex-boyfriend' class. Good thing Faith had already learned basic French and a bit past that, because for the entire week, they'd practically learned nothing other than how much of a "douche my ex was to me'!

    Faith didn't complain, but she heard a lot of her peers calling Ms. Diane pathetic or whiny. The brunette shrugged it off, and knew better.

    It was a relief once school ended, but Faith was just reminded that she had detention. Oh, the joy. So, she packed up her things and shut her locker, able to breath easy once the hallways were empty. Faith was claustrophobic, so being crowded by a bunch of people everyday for more than three time was hard to deal with, but she managed.

    "Mr. Hagen!"

    Faith stood at the door of her English teacher's room, but there was no response.

    "Mr. Hagen! I'm here for the detention you gave me!"

    A few more minutes of waiting and she was prepared to just go home, but, she heard the voice of the man.

    "Ah, Faith Daniels. Still surprised, usually you don't do anything fir of being punished."

    "Yeah, well. I was only late because people were standing in front of my locker and being stupid," Faith said, irritation slipping into her tone.

    "Well, you've never given me a reason not to trust your word. While you're here, though, you can help me clean up the classroom a bit. I won't be making you do the work you missed, but you'll have to come Monday," The teacher informed her.

    Faith set her book bag down, "I can just do it over the weekend, I mean, it is Friday."

    "Fair enough."​
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