It's just a crush.

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  1. It's Just a Crush... Right?

    Hello Everyone! I just started to role-play on this site yesterday, but I been role-playing for many years now. So a few nights ago, I had a dream of this awesome, fun story. I could just write it but I thought it would be more fun just to play with someone else. Anyways, let's get to the rules and then the plot line.

    1. No bullying me or other players. I don't like this.
    2. No godmodding
    3. No Mary/Gary sues. No one is perfect, so make dynamic characters with real personalities.
    4. This is a romance that is bxg
    5. Your MALE character must be between the ages of 20 and 25
    6. Have Fun
    7. Post a character description
    8. Please be active and post at least a paragraph, no one-liners
    9. :)

    Plot Line:

    Genevieve Adams is only a freshman in High school and already done with freshman boys. She dreams of a more mature, and handsome man. One Day, her mother is talking about work and one of her young co-workers (your character). Jokingly, Gennie asked if he is cute. Her mother replies and fills her head will the idea of this guy. Then, she meets him. He is perfect to her. Finally, she gets the courage to send him a message and friend request on Facebook. (this is where the story will start) The only thing is that she clams shut when she talks in real life, but is the bravest soul online. What will happen?


    Character Bio (open)
    Character Bio (open)
    NICKNAMES: Gennie, GR
    AGE: 15
    BIRTHDAY: December 31, 1999
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Straight
    LIKES: Animals, Blue, Spaghetti, People-watching, School, and Nice People
    DISLIKES: Pink, Mean People, Avocados, School, Alcohol, and Drugs
    APPEARANCE: Genevieve is a tall, blonde teen. She is about 5'10" and weights about 145 pounds (all muscle). She swims and so it keeps her body in shape. Her face hardly ever has make-up on it as She doesn't want to take the time to put it on. Gennie has blue eyes that are as deep as the sea. Her boobs are a 34B and her legs are long, but s equipped with no butt
    PERSONALITY: (I will develop it more in the game) Geneviewe was blessed with natural kindness and the ability to see the good in everyone. Sometimes, this makes her very naïve. GR is very compassionate and has a lot of empathy. She always keeps a smile on her face, no matter what was going on in her life. She is smart and very mature for her age.
    HISTORY: Genevieve was born and raised in Southern California until the age of 10. When her mother got a new job offer, she picked up the family and moved to Oregon. Not even a year later, her parents got a divorce. It was hard on Genevieve but she knew deep down it was for the best. Two years later her mother remarried to an alcoholic and pothead (they didn't know at the time). He is verbally and emotionally abuse to the both of them, but her mother can't leave because they would lose everything. Every two weeks, she has to go visit her dad, that says he is poor but always have enough money for drugs. Her only rock is her mom, who has made some bad choices, but will always be there for her.
    TURN-ONS: tall, big butt, muscular (but not too muscular), intelligent, and wants nothing to do with any drug. Also, she loves a great personality and blue eyes.
    TURN-OFFS: a users, drug users, immature, and sexist.
    OTHER: n/a

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