It's.. it's happening again..! The fonts... THE FONTS...!


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I have a teeny tiny FONT addiction. For those of you that don't know what a "font" is, that would be the style of the letters and writing you see here on the screen or on graphics.

Like this font is Book Antiqua

And this font is Arial Narrow

Since I make a lot of graphics, I like to have a huge variety of fonts. Unfortunately, once I get started on looking for fonts... I CAN'T STOP. I end up downloading way more than I will ever need or use.

My favorite font website is Da Font. >:D I thought I would share the addiction.

Browse the site! What are a few fonts that you just LOVE?

Sir Basil

Favourite Display Font: Birth of a Hero (WAY over used though) and Futura.
Block Font: Garamond. -swoons-

Also, I'm a bad font geek. I blame having a graphic designer for a brother. Frosty gets mad when I start rattling off font names that I see around me.

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