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It's in Their Blood OOC (R for violence and some non-sexual, yet awkward scenes)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hydronine, May 3, 2010.

  1. (I say sure. I'm down with that)


    She frowned "My powers are pretty weakened too but as you can see." She showed the scraps on her hand as she had attempted to form bone "I got a little freaked out when we first got here and this happened. Then in the hallway I could actually do it. I'm not sure what they are doing." She made her way to the hallway "Perhaps they gave us something before we woke up. Or it's the damn darts."


    He shook his head and couldn't keep his normal smile "Ill try what I can. Kid just seems like he needs to be knocked down before he can actually listen to what anyone says. He almost killed an employee and I'd rather not have him kill someone else. I'll lighten up on the cameras but they won't go away. And I can't fully give him back his powers until, well it wears off."

    "You didn't." Belle asked, nearly shocked. "I thought we agreed not to use that accursed medication."

    "Oh, not the pill that makes the powers go away until the cure. That one we banned and promptly destroyed. This one is much lighter. Apart of the sedative we used in the sleep darts. It'll wear off soon. But if he does as you say use his abilities to hurt someone, I will be sure to handle him." Belle frowned

    "Not the collar Joey?" He sighed

    "If need be. We haven't had to use it yet but if things come to be bad we will." He put on a smile "Enough doom and gloom. On the bright side they did say yes to assistance. I'm not always good with the newbies"

    "No kidding. You called me Jenna for two weeks before you could remember my name." Belle muttered

    "In my defense you look much more like a Jen." He laughed gently. "These two are nothing to worry about. I'm positive Gwendolyn will serve as a sort of impulse control."

    "I'm ninety percent of hers." Belle muttered "If she's his impulse control we are screwed."
  2. Trying to figure out who I want to use for this one.
  3. It's all good.

    If anyone needs more info before getting into this, I'll put it down here.
  4. im thinking a pacifist for this one, but with a shitton of family members in the bloodline who were involved in wars.
  5. Go for it!
  6. I'm itching to get an IC up. C'mon peoples
  7. Ok, also by the way, this is the closest to what I imagined the woman to look like.

    View attachment 968
  8. Sakamoto
    (Oh my gosh her reaction is hilarious..poor her so confused)
    I ignored her asking about the cute thing. I really didn't mean to say that out loud. She seems to be in a little shock but then continues...at least it didn't become awkward.
    She poked me on the nose and I playfully pushed her hand away then rolled my eyes. She lays on my shoulder then down on my lap and I become still surprised...was this ok?
    "Oh really trouble? Oh wow what did I do?" I asked jokingly.

    "Yeah I remembered that day..was afraid I scared you so much. I am gad I met you that day." I say laughing a little. I then blushed bright red as he says he finds me mesmerizing.
    "U-um..thank you." I say shyly at him compliment. I then kissed his cheek...I hope he didn't mind," thats sweet of you to say."
    (I have an idea for them....! Although probably wont do it though lol)

    I remain quiet as I followed behind him even though I could tell he was trying to calm him down. He says he is fine for now. We are then finally out of the hall and I quickly let go of his hand blushing.
    "Anyways yeah lets hurry and get out of here." I then say. I watched as he fixed the board.
    "I don't know but we do have the blue prints." I then say with a shrug

    "Hello...its Itzlie..I need your help." I say with a sigh. I then told her everything that hapened
    "So now I am in Scotts room and it's a mess. The door and files were melted." I then say hoping they would come to help as I really needed it
  9. I need lab technicians, I could use nurses, or maybe someone in the peace-seeking group that's a little too curious about the woman in the box.

    If you need more hints, I'd be happy to talk to you bout it on MSN.
  10. Ok. I'm gonna be out most of the day, but I'll see what I can come up with. :D
  11. Jason

    "Robin hood and Elsa." He said with a chuckle


    He chuckled, "Sounds hilarious. I don't know. Someone with a modified sniper. Probably a few people."


    He held her close and closed his eyes.
  12. hmm. perhaps my dude will be a member of this hyppocrite group!
  13. Melody started fussing as soon as he put her down.
  14. "Shh... I'm still here."

  16. Jason

    "Oh yeah? That's good." He kissed her neck and did everything more.
  17. Ok, it's sad that I'm beyond double-posting, but, without anyone even posting up a char sheet, I assume (Making an ass out of myself, prolly) that I need to put up the new edges.

    1. This RP is going to last for a while, and it will start and end in parts.

    2. This RP will not just end when the mate is found. This is in the warring future, and it's not going to be that easy to track these three families down.

    3. A couple of characters will have to die. Don't worry, nothing will happen before I talk to the owners of those characters and such. That, children, would be godmodding, and does TK like God-modding?


    CORRECT! So is anything happens, contact me, contact other players. Get permission.

    4. NO POINTLESS SELF-SUBPLOTS OR POINTLESS NPCS. This is meant to be Chaos-proof.

  18. CHARDEVEX in progress.
  19. *Taps foot impatiently*