It's in Their Blood OOC (R for violence and some non-sexual, yet awkward scenes)


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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.

Chicago, IL 2:34PM July 16, 3012

"Are you sure that the artifact was not harmed in any way during shipping?"

"Positive. I even stayed with it to make sure it didn't even get a single scratch."

"I'm glad the Russians gave it up so easily, and what's more, they even gave up their interpreter."

"Yeah, but what did they mean by that snarky little comment.....?"

"Something abut how by trying to get peace, we'll be killed, right? Is that what you're talking about?"

"Yeah.... something about that was eerie.... they knew something..."

"Well, they don't pay us to talk. They pay us to ship this thing.... But... what does that warning label mean?... I mean, is this thing a giant sea monkey? "Please immediately pour into warm water when presence is required" What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I dunno, but it's starting to creep me out."


A large, old, worn wooden box was delivered two hours later, walking next to it as it was brought in, was a young man in a russian military uniform. Every couple of seconds, he would put his hand on the box as he escorted it into a large lab. In the center of the lab was a large pool that could be seen from the floor under them. The Russian seemed worried as they finally set the box down and gave him some distance. He slowly checked the box over, slowly, almost, lovingly as he finally stopped and pulled the lid back.

Words could not describe what they were seeing. Within the box was a human. A woman laying within the blue cushioning of the box. Unbreathing. Cold. But undeniably beautiful.

Bare of any clothing, the Russian looked around him, staring down every person who gazed at her.

"It is.... not as you expected?" He asked with a slight accent. No one spoke as he carefully scooped the woman into his arms, revealing her incredibly long hair, which was without any pigment. To be honest, she seemed to hold no pigment at all. He slowly lowered her into the pool, letting her sink in. He then drew a small knife and dragged it over his palm, then let his blood drip into the water.

The people in the lab watched as the blood rippled through the water, turning it a slight red as it spread out.

"Wake up, mother...." The Russian stated in clear english. The statement, for now, held no meaning to anyone but him and the woman in the pool. Within moments, people on the floor below watched as the woman seemed to react to the swirling mix of water and blood, her body seemed to twitch and her back arched. Those who were in a position to see them, said that her eyes opened and GLOWED white at this moment.

She slowly, lazily seemed to drift back up to the surface of the water, her movements flowed smoothly, like silk. As she reached the surface, the Russian helped her out of the water and cradled her in his arms. She coughed slightly and then started speaking softly in a language no one else heard of before, but the Russian simply nodded and replied in the same tongue. The Russian set her down in the same box before turning to the rest of the people in the lab.

"You did not follow instructions." He said softly while holding the woman's frail-looking hand.

"What do you mean? We got the water, we let you do your little blood ritual, what did we-

"You took some of her blood while she was in stasis. You knew that if she found out, she would destroy you...." The Russian stated calmly as the woman spoke again in that strange language.

"You have three days to find her a mate. I'm the last of her line. My children won't understand her. You need a new bloodline." The man stated again. The lab techs looked up at him, incredulously. The woman spoke again, and finally, one of the techs asked what she was speaking in.

"It's the base language.... Enough idle talk. Find the mate, or she will bring her wrath to your people. If you do find a mate, you have a chance of winning this war."

The woman seemed to go back to sleep within the confines of the wooden box while the man looked up around him.

"There are three surviving families to look for. In Japan, the Yakinata's, in your state of Oregon, the Cegne's, and in Australia, The Brownsmith's... take your pick, but if you bring the wrong one back...." The man smiled, while closing the box.

"Pray to your god that you bring the right one to her."


In the year of 3012, the world is at war, and nearly tearing each other apart to the point that it's completely unsure who will last through this war. A small group in the remaining land of the USA had made a transaction with another group in Russia for a last chance at peace. But, sometime during the move, blood was taken from the artifact, angering her to such a point that she came to a threat. If they were unable to find her a mate to continue her bloodline, not only would they loose the war, but they would be slaughtered. Even if they brought her the right mate, however, it is unclear of what will happen. All that is known, is that if they want to survive, they have to find a male of one of the three surviving compatible families. Not much is known about this woman, but it's clear that she is not bluffing in her threat to destroy in the case of not receiving compensation for the violation of one of the rules of her care.
Char sheet:

Experience in war, anywhere in the bloodline: (If you had a family member in ANY WAR, list that person's name, and what war they were in.)
Weapons (If you have any):
Trying to figure out who I want to use for this one.
It's all good.

If anyone needs more info before getting into this, I'll put it down here.
im thinking a pacifist for this one, but with a shitton of family members in the bloodline who were involved in wars.
Go for it!
I'm itching to get an IC up. C'mon peoples
Ok, also by the way, this is the closest to what I imagined the woman to look like.

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What would you suggest? I'm interested, but I'm unsure on what I want to be. Hints?
I need lab technicians, I could use nurses, or maybe someone in the peace-seeking group that's a little too curious about the woman in the box.

If you need more hints, I'd be happy to talk to you bout it on MSN.
Ok. I'm gonna be out most of the day, but I'll see what I can come up with. :D
.... Yeah, I need members of the peace-seeking group. And by peace-seeking, I mean they would go to any lengths to stop war. Even if it means fighting. Therefore. Ryker, I have a job for you.
hmm. perhaps my dude will be a member of this hyppocrite group!
So the technicians are looking for the mate or do they send someone else to fetch this person?
There's three remaining families that have males that they need to look into. Basically, they need to go to each of the three families.

There will be a bunch of new edges added soon!
Ok, it's sad that I'm beyond double-posting, but, without anyone even posting up a char sheet, I assume (Making an ass out of myself, prolly) that I need to put up the new edges.

1. This RP is going to last for a while, and it will start and end in parts.

2. This RP will not just end when the mate is found. This is in the warring future, and it's not going to be that easy to track these three families down.

3. A couple of characters will have to die. Don't worry, nothing will happen before I talk to the owners of those characters and such. That, children, would be godmodding, and does TK like God-modding?


CORRECT! So is anything happens, contact me, contact other players. Get permission.

4. NO POINTLESS SELF-SUBPLOTS OR POINTLESS NPCS. This is meant to be Chaos-proof.

*Taps foot impatiently*