It's Her... It Has to be Her.... (open always))

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  1. Okay so I LOVE the movie Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and the absolutely AMAZING David Bowie! And well, this will be going by slightly on what happened in the movie. I have been wanting to do this romance for like.... ever I guess! So the plot is a bit simple, but I know we can get it a long ways and make it absolutely AMAZING!

    So the plot is that my character, Shade Nightingale, has heard of the Goblin King and pretty much during a very hard day for her of just well... everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So Shade couldn't taken it anymore and called on the Goblin King for help. That's when Jareth, the Goblin King, appears and takes Shade's little sister. So in trade, because she was her parents least favorite, didn't care much for her, etc etc, she decided a trade:

    She will go with him in place of her baby sister.

    Jareth loves the idea and takes her to his castle. He teaches her about the laws, the way around the labyrinth, etc, and finally, after a month or two of being around each other, Jareth confesses his love for her. Shade is absolutely amazed but she knew that all along, she loved him too. They then get together and start going out.

    One night, however, when Jareth is gone doing whatever, Shade finds his... (I guess you can call it diary but I prefer journal) journal and curiosity took over. She read through it and found out about his past lover, Juliet, had died and he was depressed ever since and has not come to truth with himself and has search everywhere for her. There we're also drawings in there and because of the drawings, Shade found out that Juliet looked exactly like her.

    So that is all I have so far. I really hope you liked it and hopefully we can get this started up. So here is Shade:

    Name: Shade Nightingale
    Age: 22
    *upclose and actually has pitch black hair*
    Personality: A true dreamer, day dreams, fantasy lover, loves to have fun, quiet, a bit shy, quiet at first then is really talkative as you get to know her, a little mischievous but not a lot or too bad (compared to the Weasley twins), loves to help people when sad, a good listener

    Hope to discuss it with you soon! ^.^
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  2. I would.really love for this one to be active. I really just like the idea and I think it would be a really good roleplay.
  3. Hello! Fancy meeting you here! I found it, yay! Looks like you have a lot of things sorted, I would love to join (if you haven't caught on). I do have a question, your character is 22, would you like Jareth to be older or younger...the same age?
  4. Hmm... I guess for him to be older by maybe a year or two. You don't have to put a CS because it is an OC. If it was a genderbend then I would like to ask for one but the Lareth I want in this is Canon so you don't have to. Message (or "owl")) me to plan more of it, k? :)