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  1. Shina had gone through her Summer doing much of nothing.
    Watching TV, playing video games, reading, and eating.
    Even so, it hadn't been great. She missed Jiro, her brother.
    But even so, she didn't want to go back to school.

    Especially since she'd be starting a new school this year.
    She hadn't wanted to move, just because it meant starting a new school, but in the end, it was best.
    Home hadn't felt like an actual home for a long time, and her parents just didn't have time for her.

    So, here she was, with her grandma, in a small town.
    Smaller than Tokyo, anyway.

    And, surprisingly, on her first day, her grandmother made her breakfast.
    Shina woke up to a delicious smell of something cooking, and made her way downstairs, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

    "Oh, good, you're up! I made some breakfast."
    Her grandmother ushered her over to the table, taking her own seat on a cushion on the floor.

    Shina sat across the table from her, smiling down at the meal her grandmother had made for her.
    It was a traditional Japanese breakfast- Sticky rice, miso soup, and an omelet.
    "This looks so good!" She said happily, digging in.

    At home, her cook usually made American breakfasts for her, and they were good, but nothing could beat a breakfast like this.

    Once she'd finished, Shina went back upstairs to shower and shave, and then got dressed in the school uniform, putting on black leggings under the skirt.
    She grabbed her bag and said goodbye to her grandmother, and then left the house.

    The school was only a block away, so she decided to walk, enjoying the clean air.
    The school was quite large, so as she made her way through the front doors, she was busy glancing around, and hadn't noticed anyone in front of her.

    And then she bumped into them, and fell backwards on her butt, knocking the other person down as well.
    "Oh! I'm so sorry!" She called out, standing gently, rubbing her hip.
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  2. Kyo walked through the hallways of the school, still rather drowsy after his early awakening. He hadn't really slept well as he was staying at Shigure's house and with his cousin, Yuki there. It bothered him, thinking about the fights him and Yuki had and how he had never made much progress at all. Thus, he spent his night laying there, looking up at the ceiling as his thoughts crowded his mind; and now it was taking over his school day.

    The sudden bump startled him, he hadn't expected it of course and as he heard a female voice, he became more worried. Though when he looked at his hands to see he was still human, he sighed in relief. After taking a moment to calm his anxiousness, he turned to look at the girl.
    "Watch where you're going, why don't you?" Kyo huffed.
    Though it only took him a moment to realize that he recognized that girl, he had to take a moment to think back on it.
    "Do I know you?"

    It had been so close, if she had landed in a wrong spot, he would've transformed and the Sohma secret would be out and people would have their memories erased, but even then he'd still be seen as a freak rather than just a stubborn teenage boy. That would be a horrid nightmare come true.
  3. Shina glared at him, crossing her arms.
    "Maybe you should watch where you're going too! If you'd been paying attention, you could have gotten out of the way."
    Her voice had risen, and a few other students looked over at them curiously.

    Blushing, Shina sighed.
    Looking at the boy, she realized he looked familiar as well.

    "I'm.. Not sure. I'm new to town, but.. You look familiar."
  4. Kyo rolled his eyes, why should he be the one to look where he's going? She was the one who ran into him!
    However, when the subject of knowing each other continued he sort of stared at her for a moment.
    "Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tell me who you are?" Kyo huffed "Maybe names will help us remember each other."

    He wasn't a gentleman the way Yuki tried to be. Kyo was just...Himself. It wasn't that he didn't care about anyone else but himself it was the fact that it was so hard to keep someone who liked him as a friend without them hurting him in the end or vise versa. Everything from Shina's eyes to her voice was familiar in his head. If she was new to town then how
  5. Shina crossed her arms and sighed.
    "My name is Shina Iwagata."
    She wasn't sure how she knew this boy, but she could tell she'd seen him before.
    Which was weird, since she was new in town.

  6. Shina Iwagata...
    Sudden flashes from his training flashed in Kyo's mind. Hadn't he been relatively alone then other than a couple people? It all made sense, the reason that he knew her yet she was new to the town.
    "Oh, didn't we meet in the mountains?" Kyo asked, thinking that was probably it "Still, what were you doing up there?" he mumbled softly.
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