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  1. So last week:

    Now Yesterday:

    Liberty Prime vs Gundam?

    I literally want to buy tickets.
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  2. This battle is going to look like two 90-year old men on walkers going at each other.
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  3. This is gonna be great. Welcome to the future.
  4. You my friend have never seen the ferocity of two senior citizens fighting over the last prune juice at the store.
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  6. This guy understands!
  7. It's all fun and games until you realize tanks and helicopters are simply better.
  8. Don't care. Giant robots.
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  9. Efficiency be damned, yeah?
  10. Who needs efficiency when we're talking about giant freaking robots? The whole point of giant freaking robots is giant freaking robots being giant freaking robots.




    We live in an era where this can even be a thing. Casually. For no more reason than "it looked cool in the animus and games." I don't care if they fight like 90 year old crippled blind Batman impersonators! At best I get something awesome! At worst I get to see a humorous cultural exchange between two societies which have been fascinated with giant freaking robots.

    They're like giant mechanical people made out of weapons and armour. It's super impractical and nonetheless extraordinarily awesome. You know, like magic, except we can actually make giant robots. :ferret:
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  11. Here I am, looking for civilian run arena fights of tank vs tank, or helicopter vs helicopter.

    I see none.

    So....what argument are you standing on?
  12. Well, if you really wanna get technical? Nuclear bombs > Everything.

    To which Japan have lost to America twice on that account.

    But let's stop being party pooping dicks and learn to have fun with GIANT FUCKIN ROBOTS PUNCHING EACH OTHER IN THE DICKS!
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  13. But....robots don't have dicks.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Those are cockpits. Completely different.
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  16. I'm not posting the pictures I've found D:. I dun wanna get banned!
  17. That's not a Gundam, that's a mutha fuckin' ZAKU.
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  18. Seems appropriate for the topic at hand.

    Besides, it's Japan. There's fucking giant monsters coming out the wazoo.
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  19. You're right is not Gundam.

    It's stupider :P
  20. To be fair.In swedeish. Pitt = Dick. So they are cock-cock
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