It's Halloween ... tell us some scary stories :]

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Hey, guys. :3

This is my first time starting a thread ... but I'm bored and can't find a good horror movie to watch ... and since it's Halloween I decided to come here and ask you all to entertain me with some stories about scary things that have happened to you in real life, or to a friend, or to no one in particular :D

I suppose I can start ... this isn't really a ghost story or anything, but I can tell you it still disturbs me greatly to this day.

When my younger brother was about 8 or 9 he was frequently attacked by unknown forces, and a lot of weird things happened to him over the course of about 3 years; my family and I believe it to be the work of demons. (I will tell you straight up I am a practicing Catholic, though I don't like the notion that religious people like to shove beliefs down everyone else's throats xDDD Cause we don't. Or at least most of us.)

I remember specifically a period of about 2 days when he had a fever of 105, out of nowhere, and he was hallucinating the entire time. He stayed in bed, and at the corner of his bed post were rosaries, but he would cry because instead of 5 decades, there were 50 bees swarmed at his bedside. He also would see a grim reaper raising its scythe slowly when he opened his eyes and bringing it down to kill him just as he closed them.

The thing that disturbed me the most was when, at dinner, he had to eat with his eyes closed, because he described that when he opened them whatever he was looking at would appear to zoom in gradually, and start to burn, and he heard tribal drums pounding and people screaming, and the longer he kept his eyes open the louder it would get.
The hell... Is your brother okay now? O_o That just sucks.... >_< I've heard of stories like that though... Not common, but it does happen to some people. Especially younger children.
It does remind me of something that happened to me when I was younger...

I was sleeping in the middle of the bed one night, as I always did, and during the middle of my sleep, I woke up. Normal darkness in the room, and I was just staring at the ceiling. After a bit, I decided to just sit up in bed. While sitting there, I looked over to the right, and there on the floor, standing there, by the bed, was this thing. It was the shape of a person, but its face was just...staring straight at me with red eyes. Blood was drooling down its face and he was just.... so... memorizing almost. I didn't do anything but lay back down and force myself to go back to sleep. >< I think in the morning I saw faint footsteps on the floor, but I don't remember.

Another story i remember is about my sister and her friend. but maybe a little background information will clarify a bit things first...I lived on a Military Base for about four years of my childhood. This particular one was an old hospital zone like thing. So, towards the back of the base is this old, run down, hospital (Which is actually now a hotel. O.o). Anyway, this hospital was never in use, and barely anyone went inside. Before, though, it was for Leprosy patients. Many, many people died in there and many, who survived, actually still lived on the base while I was there. Basically, a lot of us believed that the base was haunted, and so saying, the hospital was in fact haunted....
Anyway, going to the story... My sister and her friend was walking in a field next to the hospital, and after awhile while they were talking, they looked up at the hospital, and at one of the screen they were looking at it, a form appeared in it. As if something was pressing against it. A face and a hand format, in fact. And after it went away was when they notice, "Hey...there was no fricken wind either..." So yeah, a quick story, but also a bit of a weird one too. XD

There's quite a few stories I could conjure up from that damn Military Base.. >>
I've had a lot.. a LOT of super weird things happen to me, and I try my hardest to find simple logical and non "wtf is this shit?!" explanations for them. Cause stuff like this freaks me out really bad. But there's been lots of moments that I can't explain and they remain creepy to this day. >:[

When I was really really young, I saw this big ole person/face in my room and I went to go tell my mommy. Next morning mom found out that a family friend (one that was very attached to me) died about that time. ><

As a kid/teen, I had a lot of sleep paralysis moments where I couldn't move but I was 'awake' and saw a person or people in my room. x_x

The house we lived at in Georgia had ISSUES too. >< The fan in my mother's bedroom would start spinning by itself every time a bad event was about to happen to the family. My mother could even tell it to stop or ask it yes/no questions. In that same house we'd see shadows walk up and down the hall. Weird lights dart around. My brother found tons and tons of small bones buried in a corner in the crawl space under the house. And the time I touched a window and it shattered in to my hand.

And then there's the 'psychic/premonition dreams' that apparently runs in the family. >:[ This one bothers me the most, cause I can't tell when it's one of "those" dreams until after it happens for real. I am a very imaginative person, with very vivid dreams. When you know you have a history of those dreams coming true, you start getting terrified every time you have a really detailed nightmare. @____@

At least the most -non- scary dream is about my uncle's visits. .__.; He died when I was 14 and a few months later he visited in a dream. I was very self aware that it was a dream and that he was dead. And he was telling me that he was okay, and that I didn't have to worry about him. He wanted to tell my brother happy birthday, cause his birthday was a few days prior. Since then he's come to talk to me ever so often this same way. Self aware dreams. Asking me how my life has been, what the family is doing, etc...
This story isn't really scary in the paranormal sense, more in the realm of 'Unsolved mysteries'

Ok, so back in the day when I first moved out of my parents house I went to live and work on a farm. I use to do a bunch of stuff, everything from helping with slaughtering lamb to shoveling horse shit. We had this thing called a ranch truck, basically an old junker that me and the other farm hands would use to get from one side of the farm to the other. One night we were coming back from shopping, it was probably a little after 10pm, the farm was way the hell out in the country so we had to drive down these long roads that didn't have street lights or anything. When we got to the road the farm was on we saw this dude walking, in pitch black, wearing a thick duster. He had a bad limp, possibly using a crutch, and was walking down the side of the road. There were no side walks or anything and we had never seen anyone out there at that hour of night. It was weird as hell, to say the least, to see someone out so late.

So we get back to the farm and the first thing we notice is that the Ranch truck's hood is up. At first we just thought someone was working on it, but upon closer inspection we saw that the battery wires had been ripped out and cut back so we wouldn't be able to start it up. Then WE saw that at least half a dozen of the horse stalls had been opened and some of them were running around all spooked out. Someone had obviously sabotaged us, but we never did figure out who it was. We speculated on the fact that it was the limping man we saw, but how could a dude with a limp open all those horse stalls and make it from there and back out to the street so quickly? We were only gone like an hour. And on top of that why the hell would some mysterious dude do that in the first place?

That's my WTF creepy story. Hope you enjoyed, happy Halloween!