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  1. I'm looking for some adventurous players willing to play some admittedly STRANGE kinks(listed below) I'ma veteran roleplayer who really prefers to play the villainous anti-hero rather than a stark unchanging paragon sort of character. My only rule is that i will only play a male character for my main character, though i am known to play up to three simultaneously.

    The possibilities are endless. but far as plot goes, i usually revolve around sciencefiction/horror/supernatural-modern/fantasy settings. shoot me an idea, i rarely say no to a good plot cookie~

    -Lock the cellar door-A wizards young apprentice is learning the art of conjuring spirits. unfortunately, she happens to stumble into her masters cellar only to find a powerful spirit bound in a cage. releasing it, the spirit takes refuge inside of her body. finding this out, the wizard submits her to a.. differnt life.. of servitude. (master/pet, bondage)

    -The Amaranthine- Seeking female- A long vacation in hawaii turns into a fight for our lives as a strange flower blossoms in the jungle, luring the female character to it with its scent. the flower gives her a power over nature and fertility... at a strange and burdensome price. A man finds her in the forest before the flower consumes her very sul, and tries to teach her about the powers she has, falling for eachother during the process. (Modern fantasy,inflation, transformation.)

    -The golden age- seeking female- cast out into the warm waters around jamaica, this pirate and damsel idea revolves around an ancient amulet and a secret buried beneath the spanish main for a hundred years. (its a secret~ hehe)

    -OF stolen HOnor- Seekign female- THe female character is a greatly renown combatant of one sort or another, wether it be a sharp-shooting cowgirl, a ninja thief, or a viking swordswoman, she has never seen defeat. however, now she seeks immortality, and shes heard of a monk who knows how to get it. Unfortunately, this eventually results in a pact with a demon, and the result slowly ruins her ability to fight. Now she and the monk must find the demon again, and slay it, before it is too late!(transformation,

    -Carefree?- Seeking female- In a fantasy setting, the femae characters village which has never been attacked, is ravaged by hordes of undead. she is forced to hide in teh cemetery, and in doign so, finds an old tomb. a vampire is chained to a wall deep inside, crosses exuding from his chest. convincing her to let him free, he swears loyalty to her on one condition. she helps him retake his dark throne from the necromancer ravaging the countryside (vampirism,bondage, tentacles.)

    -Demons throne-Seeking female-VERY kink-based. A demon brokers a deal with a mortal woman, bear his children. for every ten she bears, he will give her five years of youth.

    -2 out of seven aint bad-seeking female- a modern/western themed idea wherein the female and male characters each inherit massive addictions to 2 deadly sins. (lust.greed.pride.envy.wrath.sloth.gluttony) this of course, gives them superhuman reflexes.. at a price. I'd prefer the female take at least gluttony as one sin. (multiple possibilities)

    -Vampire/lycan wars
    -modern fantasy

    Pm me with ideas. The full spectrum of kinks wont ever apply to every plot. im not THAT greedy.. hehehe.

    Gentler kinks include
    -mulitple pregnancy

    darker/more explicit kinks include
    -forced 'uniform' wardrobe
    -Gore (usually very graphic anatomically, however its usually not between characters)
    -unbirth ( toys, people, or other living things going.. 'up there'~)
    -vore-(Literally eating other people. usually whole. impossible, but can be fun.)
    -transformation (such as vampirism/other supernatural)
    -Bizzare/demonic/abnormal pregnancies
  2. Just curious, do you have a post length preference? I'm not very good at length, but I try to do at least a paragraph.
  3. Content is always more important to me. big or small, so long as i can react to it, i'm good. ^_^
  4. I like the lock the cellar door one....I also love pirates.......(I'll admit that I love Johnny Depp pirates too lol)
  5. Well if you'de like, we coudl discuss something else more.. piratey, eh lass?
  6. Modern fantasy... Mostly something like human and neko, gentle kinks are bondage and pregnancy, other is master x pet @Desaecula
  7. If your still looking for people to thread with I am very interested. I like quite a few of your darker kinks and would like to explore them.
  8. Love to do the carefree locked up vampire one with you of its still free?
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