It's Gonna Get A Little... LOONIE

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  1. Ciao! Hey guys :) I'm Luna.

    Yeah... My username is right. I'm a little... *giggle* Loonie. But thats ok. If you guys welcome me I'm sure we can be great friends!

    I'm a senior in high school and an artist... Maybe I'll show you some of my work. Every character I create I like to sketch out. Hope that's alright!
  2. Hey! Another Luna! Welcome to the club!! ^.^ We serve tea when I remember to turn on the coffee pot to brew some! XD
  3. Hallo Luna, welcome to the siiiiiite and the Luna club! :D
  4. Tea in a Coffee pot....? How obscured! Haha and thanks! I suppose today shall be a merry happy un-birthday!
  5. WELCOME TO THE CLUUUB, WELCOME TO THE CLUUUB WELCOME SQUID- Oh. Not that kind of welcome. Anyways, welcome!
  6. Welcome Loonie to this Tiny and Toony forum! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.