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  1. Alec snarled as he worked on the launcher, grabbing wires and his tools and doing everything he could to make the larger weapon work for him. Meanwhile, the technomatic merely ignored the wall and turned to try and follow the running woman, aiming a gun in the large hand's wrist towards her, though as the grenades began to explode it's aim began to wobble from Cashel's needles impaling its joints, the bullets slamming against the ground and showering her with the breaking floor shards. Though it wouldn't hit her, it would at one point cause a hole right in front of her, which caused her to trip.

    That was the last shot, though, as Alec aimed his pistol and roared his anger, blasting out a missile and being thrown back from the backblast of the launcher. It slammed right into its chest, knocking it back into the wall of steel-like icicles and impaling it in multiple spots. It was bleeding liquid Arcana and looked at Alec, opening it's mouth as energy glowed inside it...

    The teacher had finally gotten in. He dashed through the air and slashed, cutting off the machine's head and then looking around, pulling up his tablet and screaming things...


    A day later in the hospital, Alec stood in the middle of the room which had been allocated to his team, looking around at everyone with concern in his eyes, but none more than for Alcran. He had been out, not waking up at all. One of his arms had been shattered, so he wouldn't be able to use it for a week even with the special healing possible with Arcana. He had also blown himself clear empty of his endurance, which could even end in a coma. So Alec hoped his brother would wake up, as he looked to Cashel and Zeta, sighing softly. They had still not been told what had happened to cause this...
  2. Cashel sat with Alec and Zeta, having not spoken a word since they had arrived. His arms were crossed over his chest, knee bouncing at a rapid pace as he impatiently waited for news on his sister. He should have done better. He should have put his all until he was unconscious... Cashel had never felt so useless. How could he ever surpass his father if he couldn't even save his sister in her time of need? If it hadn't been for Zera, Alec, and the others doing what they did, Celica's first day could have been the last chapter of her life.

    Damn it all. If his father had been there, he would have been able to riddle that technomatic full of holes. He would have been able to destroy that damn machine before it even squeezed Alcran. Cashel needed to get stronger, and he needed to do it quickly. He had a lot to live up to, but how could he ever dream of reaching his father if he couldn't even save his sister?
  3. Good Afternoon?
  4. "I don't want to be replaced."
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  5. "But tou only seem to care about me with sex."
  6. "I don't really know.."
  7. "Do you think that'll work?"
  8. Astaroth offered her his hand.
  9. "She's not getting any better though."
  10. "Even after he was gone?" Astaroth placed his hands on her hips.
  11. Harmony raise her brow, "Eyes huh. It's not that important though."
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  12. "What's next?"
  13. "I can't leave."