It's Feast Weekend in America!

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    @Nater Taters I actually liked Arty and how dorky he can be despite his apparent backstory. You definitely pulled 'laid back and easygoing' pretty well. At first glance, I kind of expected him to be a little rougher and all, but there we have a gentle giant.

    @Mason Moretti I really love Mason's performance. He gives vibes of a shonen protagonist and stuff and that's a good thing when executed well. He has potential for more development in his next appearance.

    @Takumi I wish we interacted more but I love whatever little there was of Mason and Cheza.

    @Minerva I wish Robin was more active, but old Boss did what old Boss could.

    @Verite @Atomyk I loved this bungee ride. Sure, at the end of it all, it wasn't exactly resolved, but the end is a nice resolve. Makoto and Kyoko stuck to their feet and the RP rode pretty smoothly despite it being a little slower than others. The debate sessions were a nice touch, and while I do prefer the usual Murder debates, these political debatos are a nice touch too.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Ringmaster @The Tactician The 'Busting Add' B-plot was my second favourite arc of this RP, after the Illusionary one. Where will Add go after this, where will Shizuo go, I will never truly know. I hope to see what this resolves to.

    Well, I kind of looked forward to interactions with various characters who vanished or dieded, like Doomguy, Genji and Reindhart. I can picture Doomguy being the problematic one who unknowingly gets himself into trouble if he continued on, while Genji and Reindhart... well, they're Genji and Reindhart.
  2. *thumbs up* Right there with ya, Dia.
  3. I'm thankful my family has never celebrated any of the major holidays- too much stress for me thank you. Though it is funny to see other people running around like the proverbial headless chickens. Do chickens actually run when you cut their heads off? I've felt them twitch but I don't usually let them jump off the table. Maybe I should try it?

    Super thankful for the sales! Like $7 for a turkey that'll feed four for almost a week- that is awesome.
  4. I'm thankful I have two arms and two legs, my vision, hearing and health.
  5. I wasn't able to find a picture with that "lard glug" from the latest simpsons-episode, oh well =(

    Happy thanksgiving, faggits.
  6. Is shatingan banned for this
  7. Bad Diana, she forgets I'm also one of Ampu's peoples...Well, not really our tribes were all @#$@#$@$ to each other for several months out of the year and then were friends during the winter.....

    I'm thankful for bein' alive and surrounded by people I trust more or less.
  8. Otto White
    Interaction: Jian
    Mentioned: Cal

    Otto's eyes shot open as he rolled off his bed, he took a second to get his bearings. The memories of the night before coming to his head as he looked to the weapons he had grabbed yesterday and...he could swear that he hadn't grabbed a shield along with the two axes, he filled it away for later as he stood up from his position on the ground when he felt a small breeze and looked down. Otto then remembered he had not dressed himself after showering the night before having instead chosen to sleep in the nude to to how tired he was, he made his way to the bathroom along with some clothes to cover his lower half. After dressing himself he looked in the mirror to comb back his hair and straiten his beard, as he was straitening his massive beard he found a grey hair to which he scowled "I swear if this whole immortality thing still involves my hair graying then I am going to demand a refund from Cal before I beat him to death with his own arm." Otto thought with a aggravated sigh, Otto wasn't a vain man but he was rather proud of the blond mane of a beard he had grown over the years so the thought of it going gray annoyed him a bit. He grabbed a grey shirt and threw it on before he left his room.
    The smell of food hit his nose, food he hadn't cooked.
    "Well this is a pleasant surprise." He thought as he made his way to the main dinning area of their little area, to Otto's genuine surprise their was someone new at the table that he had not seen before. "Another Addition? And he is another teen." Otto thought, being reminded again that he was the oldest in the group. He grabbed a plate and piled some food onto it before sitting down in front of the teen, he was of Asian descent that much Otto could tell. "Name's Otto, what is yours?" Otto asked trying to make the new member feel welcome. ​
  9. I'm thankful for Jack Shade, he's everyone's 2nd favorite drama queen; just after Asmo. :D
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  10. Well, I'm thankful I've got water now only four days a week and electricity whenever the government feels like it.

    Viva la revolucion.
  11. Sharingan, and no.
  12. I shall just repost what I put on AFTA. =3

    I am thankful for Stephanie, because she is awesome! <333

    I am thankful for my job I'm starting on Tuesday, December 1st, even though I wish I was starting it on Monday.

    I am thankful for my pets, because without them I would be lonely. ;-;

    I am thankful for whoever created the chocolate orange... MMM!

    AND! I am thankful for Diana, because without her there would have never been Moonwings and I would have never met Kura (WHO I AM EXTREMELY THANKFUL FOR TO THE MAX TIMES TEN! BTW.)... I NINE THOUSAND YOU KURA! <333

    Also I am thankful for the Assassin's Creed II that I preordered and totally forgot about which came in just before vacation! =D
  14. I am thankful for hands...with these hands I may rend both Myrn and Rory. Thank you fate...for my hands.

    And thank you for Dragon age origins and Assassin's creed 2...both of which I am now a proud owner of.