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  1. Hello All!!

    My name is Odalis, Oda for short, and I'm kinda new here....obviously.

    I've been roleplaying for about 7ish years now and have been writing for almost 9 years. My writing is still a bit sub-par in my opinion, so it could continue to use a little work.

    Things that I'm actually into roleplaying at the moment are: Marvel, Legend of Zelda, Hyrule Warriors (Really craving this!), Anything Youtuber related (Odd craving, shhh), Music/Band roleplay? (Don't where to take that, just a base idea), GamerxGamer roleplay (Been playing a lot of games lately so crave!).

    And I'm also up to anything (almost) you prefer! Though I tend to play the female part since the past few roleplays I've been playing the male part. Though if the plot interests me enough I will be the male part. Doubling is cool too!!

    But yes~
    That's pretty much it about me. PM me if you're interested or want to talk or anything ^^

    Okay, wow, anyways... (Fangirled too much, sorry, that was weird). Welcome, Oda!

    First off, as I say to all the newcomers: Use this to make sure that you always use "friendly" colors that will go good with any type of background. I have a medium background, so people that use colors that only look good on a dark background will deathly strain and confuse my eyes. So, just saying, if you ever decide to change text colors, please use that guide to make sure everyone can read it with their background.

    And also, I will sent you a PM about roleplaying, by the way. (So give me a couple minutes after I post this to write you a message and send it.)
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  3. Good morning (or whatever time it is were your at)! Make sure to read the rules and you should be fine. Have a nice stay!
  4. Looks like you're a 1x1 RPer, we got plenty of those here so you should be able to fit in well. :)
  5. Hi there!

    Welcome and all that jazz!

    You have a lot of interests! Make sure to post them in the Request forum to see who else likes the same things so you can get some kickass stories going! :D

Thread Status:
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