It's cold outside

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  1. The weather has turned deadly during the winter, you have to go underground if you want to survive it. MC can't get into the towns bunker in time it has already closed for the winter. They stumble along until they hear thud, they look down and see a bunker. They pray hoping if someone is inside they will take her as the snow is already at their waist. They knock and there is indeed someone in there, YC opens up because you don't want to spend the next 4 months completely alone do you? Will have 40% plot 60% sex!

    Pic (open)

    Goes by: Snow
    Age: 16
    Personality: Easily submissive but is very manipulative, almost always gets her way because of her fake cutesyness. Snow is addicted to feeling pleasure but has had only one partner who died during last winter.

    Goes by:
    Age: 18-24

    Please post your c/s in comments and we can get started!
  2. An interesting idea. Are you planning to make this realistic, or are elements like magic/anime physics allowed?
  3. I would considered the anime elemental if the character is good :)