It's called a bounce house, right?

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  1. Because I'm fairly sure that's what this is called.
  2. XD I think the name varies, but, it's typically referred to as a "bouncy castle" o.o
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  3. IMG_368242403903811.jpeg THAT is a bounce house! lol.
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  4. I call it a bouncy house because I'm still a kid.
  5. That's a cool moon jump.
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  6. Depends on the style. The one in the OP is clearly a bouncy castle. Check out those turrets and the design to make it look like it has battlements.

    Other ones with different looks can be a bouncy house though.
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  7. Yes, Jorick is right. Heck, it can even vary to some sort of bouncy slide if you're at the right place. The one in the OP, however, is most definitely referred to as a 'bouncy castle'.

    The kinds of ones where you kick other kids out because "they are simply peasants. What on earth are they doing in my grand castle?"
  8. You're fired for stealing someone else's joke.
  9. I always thought it was called a "Sir, this is a children's toy. It's for children. Sir? Sir! You have to leave or we're calling the cops. You're ruining my son's party! Sir!"

    Kind of a long name, but I don't question genius.
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  10. "Borrowing", you mean.
  11. The official name of it here in my area is a "MoonWalk".
    But I call it a Bounce House.
  12. I've always called it a bouncy castle, regardless of it resembling a castle or not.
  13. I don't care what it's called. It's hours of peace and quiet withe my kids occupied doing something other than fighting.
  14. How are you so sure they aren't having zero-G battles inside of the jump fort?
  15. I don't, but they're not bothering me with them if they are. XD
  16. i loved these

    i thought they were called moon-somethings
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