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  1. Every year it's tradition for us to get a unique and awesome calendar! This started when me and Gibs moved in to our first apartment and he said "No more kitten calendars!", cause previously every year I would get a calendar of kittens or cats. XD

    Since then, I try to find a calendar for the year that is UNIQUE! Different! Weird, fun, or beautiful!

    So far we have had:

    Endangered Animals
    Pretty Landscapes
    Pride and Prejudice Zombies
    The Apocalypse <- that was this years. 8D

    Normally, I have a pretty good idea of what sort of calendar to get, but this year I dun have any ideas! Thus, HELP ME IWAKU! What sort of calendar would you love to have? Have you seen any really neat calendars out there? What do you think us in the Sider household should have for 2013?
  2. Pictures of seasonal treats. Yeah, that would be awesome.
  3. *is reminded to pick up spice calander from work before its sold out*

    What about Arthurian legends or Vikings?
  4. Maybe a calendar of the most beautiful castles / palaces around the world? Or perhaps the most wonderful scenery in the world? I would go for either of those, if you ask me.
  5. I would LOVE that cute guys and animals calendar... but... I don't think Gibs and Isabella would appreciate it as much! 8D
  6. Ooooh I do like the idea of a seasonal treats one. Yum.
  7. Seasonal treats sounds lovely...!
    I vote this, though.
  8. I vote you do a calender with different genres as each picture.
  9. A tribute to the cute kitten days: cute bunnies! If that fails, dragons. If that fails, put up the hot man calendar anyway... or put it up where you can enjoy it and the others won't be 'bothered' by it! ^_^
  11. I'd vote an Iwaku calendar if we had one XD

    TOTALLY should be this one Diana: BUTT GUY