It's all in the Blood.

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  1. There are more than four blood types in the world, though to have a blood type other than A or B or so on is not always a good thing. For those who have ‘Strange blood’ it is very difficult, but it is easier for some ‘strange bloods’ to blend in with normal society, it can still be difficult to be a ‘strange blood.’ There are many companies who have put out a reward for anyone to collect all the blood types there are, though all the companies care about are that they receive all types of blood so that they can find which blood is the strongest. Even other ‘strange bloods’ are trying to get the reward and it’s not just the matter of taken the blood. Some ‘Strange Bloods’ refuse even to the point that they will be killed for their blood.

    “Look the Cherry Blossoms are blooming already” Aria called out to her brothers as they stepped out of the house. Her brothers just smiled and nodded at her, they always like it when she was in a good mood but Aria didn’t really care. She was already carefree with most things cause her brothers did a lot for her. It was like they always wanted to make sure she was happy. School was a breeze for her, she wasn’t picked on her bullied and if she was her brothers always took care of it. They helped her with her homework and most of the time spoiled her more than their parents. “We should go to the festival this year” she told them as they continued to walk down the sidewalk to her school. Even though her brothers had graduated last year they still walked her to school every day before they did their own thing. Chase would go to work and Hunter would go to the college campus near their house, even though her brothers were twins they still wound up doing two different things. “Chase is going to pick you up from school today on his break cause I’ve got a big test today” “Ok Hunter” she said as she skipped along the petal filled sidewalk.

    It was the last year of school for Riku and he was actually thankful for it almost being over, though he had still yet to decide if he wanted to go onto college or just get a job. He knew that his parents had enough money for him to go to school he just hated dealing with all the people on a daily bases. All the drama that came along with still being in high school was just getting to be a little too much for him not to mention his classes were a bust. His teachers seemed like they weren’t that smart or they just had nothing better to do then teach. However he sighed and rolled out of bed to head to the place he dreaded now. “Did you get all your homework done?” His mother asked him as he walked into the kitchen for some breakfast “yes mother” “And your cram school?” His father asked as he too walked into the kitchen “I’ve got a class at 4 today and then a mock exam following that I will be home around 8 tonight” his father nodded his head and Riku walked out of the kitchen with a piece of toast in his mouth and back to his room. He slipped on his blazer and then picked up his backpack on the way out of the house.
  2. Looking up from her desk, Ruby glanced around searching for her sister. "Saphire, where did you go?" She turned a little more confused as to why her sister would leave without telling her. "Saphire? Hey, did I do something wrong? Saphire?" Ruby pushed on the side of the desk attempting to move the chair enough to easily stand and search for her sister. For some reason the chair didn't move, her frustration and confusion began to grow while continuing to push harder still. "Aaahhhh!" A shriek ripped past her lips as the chair suddenly tilted backwards sending her tumbling towards the ground. A hand swiftly cradled her head while another gently slipped behind her back saving her from hitting the floor. She looked up and was greeted by the sight of her sister kneeling over her, bright blonde hair falling down around her soft white skin. "Ruby, you really need to be more careful." Saphire giggled at her sister as she helped to sit her up. "You let the chair get caught on the rug again." Again she giggled when Ruby scowled at her. Ruby crosses her arms while sticking her tongue out at her. "I dont need you acting like I am a little child still. We are the same age after all. That kinds happens with twins and all, Duh." Her voice heavy with sarcasm. Ruby slowly stood and carefully dusted her deep indigo colored dress. Looking down at Saphire she sighed, extending a hand to her sister she just stared at her for a moment. Sighing, Saphire takes hold of the extended hand pulling herself up. "Oh, I suppose it is that time isn't it? Well, I guess we should leave then. Do you want head over to the bus stop or would you rather ask... Them... for a ride?" Saphire emphasized the word with as much venom as she could muster, and even then it wasn't very much at all, she just wasn't that type of person. They both began to giggle upon hearing a knock on their door accompanied by a male's voice. "Are you two ready to leave, or do you want to take the bus again?" It took them a few seconds to regain their composure enough to answer. "No thank you..." Saphire began as she turned to her bed retrieving her things. "...the bus is fine." Ruby finished as she mirrored her sister. Turning back to face one another they were over come with a small giggling fit again when there was only a sigh in response to their answer. Giving one another a once over and with a small nod of approval, they headed downstairs waving slightly to their 'host' parents as they left the house for another of classes.
  3. Annaise smiled to herself as she walked down the street, the same street she would walk down everyday for the past three years. She had moved there on her own for high school since she had the money and the means. She still had to be visited by a social worker for the first two years after moving, since she was still under-aged but once she turned sixteen they stopped visiting her. She was fine with it, she preferred to be alone. She walked almost automatically to her high school, enjoying an apple as she walked. She liked her school, but did not like wearing a uniform. It annoyed her to have to wear her school uniform, every day, but she did like she always.

    The corner was just ahead of her and she stopped at it, finishing her apple and tossing it out into the trash bin. It was a habit f hers to eat on her way to school and at the corner throw the left overs out. She enjoyed eating her breakfast, whether it was an apple, banana or granola bar, she always liked it. She yawned though, still not liking the mornings enough to be as cheerful as she could be. She had done her hair nicely for the day, all curled, but she still wore her signature red bow in her hair. It was how people knew it was her. That and her bold red lipstick.

    She crossed the street, her skirt blowing about but she didn't mind, since she had shorts on underneath. She was also wearing her new boots, the black leather still nice and dark. Her old boots had become so warned down that she had to order another pair. She liked them so far and they didn't squeak like her old boots, thats the only thing she missed as she walked to school. The squeaking was her own little soundtrack for the day.

    Today she had an exam and had already set up her prank for the week. She smiled mentally at the thought of seeing her teacher all flustered. No one knew it was her, since she was deemed the 'innocent one'. It made it all the more interesting for her everyday school life. She sighed and walked up the school steps and into the building, going to her locker to get her books for the day.
  4. Rouge woke up to her aunt telling her to get up and get ready for school. She just pulled the covers over her head and layed in bed. Her aunt came back about 10 minutes later and ripped the covers off of her and said rise and shin its a beautiful day. So Rouge slowly gets out of bed gose into the bathroom and gets ready for school. While she heads downstairs her aunt says would you like so breakfast? Rouge just nodded her head because she isan't a moring person at all no. Rouge just walked out the door and wavyed bye to her aunt and out the door she went. The school is about a mile away from her aunts house. So Rouge started walking down the street with her head looking at the ground not really wanting to go to school.
  5. It wasn't long before they were standing at the campus gates, Aria's brother's gave her hugs and a couple girls walked up to them. Trying to get their attention but they didn't seemed too concerned with the other girls. Eve after graduating her brother's were still popular in the school district's "I don't know why you couldn't go to our old highschool Aria" Hunter told her and as always she rolled her eyes "I am growing up Hunter, I do need to at some point be able to depend on myself and not my brother's or their friends" she explained to him once more and he just smiled. Her brother's would have liked for her to go to their highschool and she knew why. They wanted to keep an eye on her no matter what so that if anything went wrong then they could fix it for her. "Besides, I like this school" "Alright well we are going to leave now and I will see you after school" Chase piped in as he pushed Hunter away from the gate "Bye Kyodai" Aria called to her brother's and then turned walking onto the campus to find where her first class was.

    Riku was a little different, he was reserved, didn't talk to many people and enjoyed it like that. Riku hated to be pushed to his limits physically and when people got on his nerves he had a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Which would usually get him in trouble and make it hard to keep friends. So Riku walked on campus glancing at a few people in the courtyard and then just walked into school building. It was something that he was used to, he would start his morning in the library studying some more and then make his way down to his first classroom even before the bell rang.
    In class Riku sat at his desk second row from the front and away from the window. He already had out his notebook and book, Riku was taking notes on the next lesson already. It was just something he did and it helped keep his parent's off his back about school.
  6. Saphire glanced around as she stepped out the front door and just sighed. "You know Ruby, we really should be nicer to them, after all it's not their fault we are here." She turned her head slightly to watch for her sisters response. She knew what her response would be though, after all they were twins and very close at that. Ruby slipped her hand into her sisters as she glared at Saphire. "Yes it is, they are the ones who volunteered to take us in. They are the ones who specifically requested that we be placed with them. So don't go and get soft on me, I know they are up to something." Sighing heavily as she continued to glare at her sister, Ruby gently tugs on her hand. "Come on, I so don't want to miss the bus. I doubt that I can walk all the way there." Saphire giggles slightly as she allows her sister to pull her down the sidewalk towards the road. She glances around for a moment before she spots what she is hoping for. "Well, I don't think you have to worry, there's the bus." They start to walk faster as the bus draws nearer, it eventually comes to a stop as they reach the bus stop. The doors open to reveal a friendly face. "Good morning girls. Ready to go?" Ruby glances at her sister and smiles as she turns her attention back to him. "Yes, Carl. As ready as we are every morning." Saphire giggles as she begins to climb the steps. "Of course we are. We wouldn't be here otherwise silly." The girls make their way onto the bus and slip into their usual seats, just like they do ever school day. The bus is not very full as of yet, it is still early and now a days city bus' aren't used as much. The two of them loved to sit and watch those that did ride. Every time they rode neither would talk much while people watching. It also allowed for the short trip to pass even faster, or at least it did in their minds. In no time at all they looked up as the driver called out to them. "And as usual girls, your not paying attention to where your going. Time to get off." Saphire jumped slightly as she usually did. "Wha- Oh thanks you Carl." Taking her sisters hand, she pulled gently on it to gain her attention. "Lets go Ruby. We're here." They thanked the driver just like every other morning while the stepped off of the bus. Saphire glances back as she and her sister begin to head up to the school. "See you this afternoon Carl."
  7. Annaise watched the students file into the classroom. She did not have a single friend among the bunch, but she did not care in the slightest since she preferred her mind then anyone else's. She smiled though to herself as she sat by the window and the teacher came in. He did his usual threatening which made her smile less but she was counting down until he sat on his chair. He always sat on it after his morning rant and then would push back just a bit. That's all she needed and that's what she got. He sat down and pushed back and as he did, the string broke and the panel above his head on the ceiling opened and the bucket she had hidden up there, poured out the pink hair dye. She had mixed it herself so it would bleach anything and then dye it pink. She watched as the class gasped and the teacher yelled in anger and tried to get the thick substance off. She pretended to be startled and she pretended like it was a surprise to her, but on the inside she was laughing so hard that her sides would have ached.