It's all gone...

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  1. It had all happened before we knew it; the explosions happened in all the major places, leaving shambles of technology and people. The radiation manifesting within the dead bodies and rebooting them into walking talking Grim Reapers, ready to tear the flesh off your body and bathe in your blood. Each main building had gotten a bomb planted beneath it, tearing down it's electrical system and so much more. Bringing humanity to it's knees in less than a minute. Each Grim Reaper taking the lives and passing the radiation on to the next; causing a world wide pandemic of sorts. The few that lived far enough away were capable of surviving, but not with ease. Fights, murder, abandonment, terror, anything one could possibly think of when everything the world would tear apart, happened. Families were broken, friendships were torn apart by greed and a need for survival that eluded so many others.

    As the bombs went off, everyone realized that they had basically been pushed back into the stone age and everything was gone..

    Small groups survived, each fighting for different reasons. Each played a role in this new world. Fighting off the radiation, little by little. Many deaths, many lives balancing out nature's constant need for equality.

    That's all I got right now. :/
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  2. I've always liked the idea of zombies. u-u

    Thank you.~
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