It's A Twin Thing

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  1. First rp post! YAY!


    Avery glanced at her unconscious brother, sprawled out on the floor. She had knocked him out again. She hoped she hadn't broken anything. She turned back to the locked door. She had woken up in this hotel/whatever, with her controlling, annoying brother.
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  2. Astria sat on the couch wrapped in her T.A.R.D.I.S blanket wearing her pajamas, a simple "Rosemary is cooler than your ships" shirt on and supernatural sweat pants she watched Avery "Why? Why did you knock him put AGAIN!?"

    Toby stretched out looking at a locked door where ever he was he was the only one awake he smiled gently noting that and totally took off his shirt enjoying the feeling of "Sweet Relief"
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  3. Avery glared at the girl. "He's less annoying like this." She said. "Do you have a bobby pin?" Avery never wore bobby pins. She knew how to unlock doors with them though. She hated putting her hair up.

    Ashe started to stir. His head was pounding, a feeling he had felt far too many time. He stayed on the floor, unmoving. His sister rarely forgave him quickly, so he didn't want to face her wraith.
  4. Astria shook her head making a strange face "Avery, how long have you known me? would I have a bobby pin?" she asked rhetorically. Pulling the blanket around her body she thought for a moment "Might be something for you in the kitchen though."

    Toby's stare was directed down a dark corridor a single door down at the end, he and his friends hadn't tried to open it, yet again he and his friends hadn't been their long. Maybe two or three days? his shirt was balled up in his fist and as he looked around he saw the soft breathing of people around him pointing a foot out he accidentally poked someones stomach hoping they weren't a light sleeper he pulled his leg closer to his body acting like it wasn't him.
  5. Daryl was standing in a living room, looking around for something to exit through. He saw no doors in his room. He saw no way to exit the room whatsoever either. This was odd to him, as no logical room would have a room without doors or any kind of holes in it either. He looked over to the couch in the room and saw his last twin brother Jacob, just lying on it. "Jacob, get your lazy ass off the couch and try to help me here" Daryl demanded of his brother.

    Jacob heard his brother, but didn't want to do what he said, "Ya know brother, if ya want out of this place so badly, ya could just smash the wall's down." Jacob was all for getting out of the room, and was curious how this room worked as well, he just didn't feel like doing anything though on top of that. Though he did want to watch the TV while he waited, "You do have enhanced strength, you can bust down the walls."
  6. Avery looked back towards Astria. "How long have I known you?" She couldn't seem to remember, but she didn't trust Astria. She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts. Of course she didn't trust her. She never trusted anyone.

    Ashe got tired of staying on the hard floor. He sat up, holding his head. "Ow..." He mumbled. "Thanks a lot Ave."
  7. Sunil was suddenly woken by a strange feeling, one[​IMG] of not having his twin sister in his arms, for she never slept without his arms wrapped around her. His thoughts as he looked around the room were of nothing but Nitsa, then he saw her, passed out out a couch as though she had been drugged.
  8. Daryl rolled his eyes at his brother in annoyance, "If only you were more helpful, you ass." in the middle of his sentence he decided to bust a hole in the middle of one wall by smashing the TV into it. The hole was not that large, but the TV was torn apart, as it was a flatscreen TV.

    "Hey I was watching that" Jacob had yelled in anger, fully sitting himself up now.

    "Well now we might have a way out of here, so shut your mouth" Daryl retorted as he began to tear down more of the wall with ease.​
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  9. Avery scowled at her now conscious brother. "Great." She muttered. "Welcome back to life." She turned back to the door. "Don't call me 'Ave'." She rummaged through her pockets for something useful. "I know you're not an office supply store, Ashe, but do you have any paperclips, safety pins... anything useful?"

    Ashe shrugged. He searched through his pockets. "Nothin'." He grinned. "You should get one of those cool lock picking sets. It would be helpful."
  10. Nitsa stirred as she was poked in the stomach by someones foot. She would sit up her eyes filling with tears as she looked around the room not seeing her twin. "Where's my brother?"

    Sunil would look up at towards the couch as she noticed his sister stirring, getting up and running over to scoop her up just as she asked where he was.
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  12. Rosalia looked around the room she and her brother were in. It looked like a normal living room, with a couch and TV and everything, but the walls were ridiculously thick, and the door was locked. It seemed just as stupidly thick as the walls! She kicked them again in anger. Her brother had passed out on the floor, snoring lightly. She had given up on kicking him awake after not even trying to pull his pants off worked.
    "Stupid nincompoop door that won't open, stupid fact my summoned creatures aren't strong enough to break doors without my brother to enhance them, stupid brother for not waking up, stupid door, stupid floor, stupid blah-blah-blah- WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Of course, this did nothing to stir Luciano. Rosalia screamed again in anger and summoned a flame spirit.
    "BURN DOWN THIS GODDAMNED DOOR!" If this was a test of patience, Rosalia would have ripped the examination paper to pieces by now. Her rant continued when the door set on fire and she had to try and haul her brother out. Appearances were not worth it.
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    Astria nodded in response to the question she was asked. Hearing yelling and then smelling smoke a door suddenly erupted in flames screeching Astria backed up afraid to go to the door.

    Toby just watched those around him he didn't want a part in this chaotic mess.
  15. Nitsa flinched as the door erupted in flames, clinging closer to her brother, shivering. "Brother, I'm scared, what's going on?!?"

    Sunil just held Nitsa closer as he backed away from the door, going back to the other side of the room. "Nitsa, now really, what have I told you about asking those kinds of questions? How would I know what's going on?" He slowly surveyed the room, watching the chaos but not getting involved what-so-ever.

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