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It's A Twin Thing

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Energetic Alice, Oct 16, 2015.

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    • In this world, magic is rare, and only given to a majestic part of society- the twins. Each is given powers that complement each other, powers that lead to the truth.
      With each other, a pair of children born on the same date will find the truth of this world, and witness what will happen to those who destroy their other half.

    • 1. No god-modding.
      2. Follow Iwaku's rules.
      3. No killing off main characters unless asked, and, even so, you can only kill twins together, not leaving one alive while the other dies.
      4. Post the word "Hawa~" at the bottom of your character application to show that you have read this.
      5. You cannot have only one character. You can only have twins. They are a part of each other here, and one without their other half will not be tolerated in the character sheets.

    • ~ Daryl and Jacob Banks, @Lord of Dragons
      ~ Jaxon and Lila Sanders, @Wonderful Thing
      ~ Rosalia and Luciano Seto, @Energetic Alice
      ~ Jennifer and Breanne Hart, @Brea
      ~ Nitsa and Sunil, @Kila'Fali
      ~ Astria and Tony Newton, @The Mernsicle

      Character Sheet:


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  1. I am slightly confused, would you provide examples of 'powers' a pair of twins could have?
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  2. I'm also interested, but could you provide more information?
  3. Anything that's not too OP is fine. As in, no time control, reality warping, blood bending, mind control, etc.
  4. No, see I needed examples because it is the "Each is given powers that complement each other, powers that lead to the truth" part that confused me. What kinds of abilities compliment each other? I'm assuming not opposites like fire and water manipulation, but I can't think of any powers that go together. I need examples of what you meant by this.
  5. Eh, any powers that work well together, like water and ice, or fire and controlling wood, or summoning and enhancing. Something like that.
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  6. So do we make both twins or one twin then find someone else to be the other?
  7. I'll try it out.
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Daryl Banks
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power: Enhanced Strength
    • Intelligent - can figure out some complicated problems with his intelligent mind, has also stopped his twins enhanced speed by calculating the right time to trip him
    • Caring - Will always listen and talk about any problems you may have
    • Respectful - Is usually respecful of another person's wishes unless if they are doing something wrong
    • Anger issues - are sometimes present, mainly with his twin Jacob
    • A sense of justice - Will always try to do the best he can to help out anyone in danger or any person who has been wronged
    Appearance: twin on the left side of the picture

    Name: Jacob Banks
    Gender: Male
    Power: Enhanced Speed
    • Intelligent - Smart like his twin, but more dangerous with it, he usually tries to use his sense of intelligence to test his power
    • Mischievous - Jacob likes to use his power for some small dastardly deeds every now and then, such as pranks but he can get a little bit out of control.
    • Selfish - Is only in it for himself, if anything he listens to Daryl only because Daryl was born a few seconds ahead of time
    • Carefree - Doesn't care about many things, unless they have to do with him.
    • Criminal - Jacob has puled of a few crimes here and there, not big ones, but mainly petty theft and such, Daryl usually gets onto him about it anyways in the end and makes him fix the crime
    Appearance: twin on the right side of the picture
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  9. [​IMG]

    Jaxon Sanders


    Force Field Generation

    User is able to create a shield, wall or a field to protect themselves and/or others.

    Lila Sanders

    Force Field Combat

    The user is able to generate and shape force fields in a way that aids in physical combat.

  10. Both accepted! Those are good characters!
    Also, for further reference, I don't really mind whether your pictures are anime or not. I can't see your pictures on this damned electronic yet.

    -Rosalia Seto
    :Luciano Seto
    Can summon any creature she can imagine. However, the bigger the creature is, the more energy it takes. Thus, Rosalia has Luciano enhance their power to make them more deadly.
    :Enhancing Abilities
    Can enhance any power. However, he cannot enhance himself. Thus, Luciano enhances Rosalia's summoned creatures to protect both of them.

    -Shy, sweet, cheerful, caring. However, has a dark and heartless side.
    :Emotionless, professional, to-the-point, fiery. However, has a soft, sweet, caring side.

  11. #15bf67
    "Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I actually know what I'm talking about."

    "Most people call me Jenna or Jenny. My mom only named me Jennifer so I'd have a formal name anyways."
    . Jennifer Maria Hart .

    "No matter what Brea tries to tell you, I'm older. By seventeen minutes. I won the race."
    . 16 .

    "Are you implying that I look like a boy? That's not very nice..."
    . Female .

    "I can control water or whatever. Pretty generic if you ask me."
    . Jennifer can manipulate the water molecules in the air, or an actual body of liquid. She can make shapes with the liquid, and move it through the air. She can only move it, however: She cannot solidify the water, she can not change the pressure, she cannot turn one type of liquid into another. And, she cannot control blood. Breanne (her twin) can put use her ability to make the water very harmful to opponent .

    "I like to think I'm really nice."
    . Jennifer is very much a people pleaser. She always puts other peoples needs before her own, which often gets her into a lot of trouble. However, she continues to do it because she just wants to make people happy. Also because she fears rejection, especially that of her peers. She is often described as selfless, kind and helpful. Jenna has always had a hard time hurting peoples feelings, and will tell a lie to avoid doing so. Jenna is extremely talkative, and once you get her going it's nearly impossible to make her shut up. She's very determined, and is always setting goals for herself. She is easily manipulated, and often becomes dependent on her friends. She doesn't outwardly show it, but Jenna is very insecure with who she is, and is often trying to reshape herself into someone she thinks everyone will like. At times she can be a bit naive, but that's just because she wants to believe that there is good in everyone .

    "Believe it or not, Brea and I are actually identical twins. The dyed hair usually throws people off."
    . Eyes- Green
    Hair- Long, bust length. Naturally blonde, dyed greenish .
    Height- 5'6
    Weight- 124lbs
    Build- Adverage
    Birthmark- On her shoulder: It's brown, and shaped like an upside down cat. .

    "I can't think of anything I haven't told you already."
    . Heterosexual .
    . Allergic to bees and peanuts .
    . Likes to sing, and is pretty good .

    "I try to be friends with everyone."
    Astria - Friends
    . Daryl Banks - Friends (Jenna more than Brea)
    Jacob Banks - Unfond; Nice to him because he's Daryl's twin
    Luciano Seto - Friends (Jenna<Brea)
    Nitsa - Friends
    Rosalina Seto - Friends (Jenna>Brea).
    Sunil - Loathes
    Toby - Neutral

    "I'm kind of a TV Junkie"

    "I will not fall prey to society's desire to turn girls into emotional, insecure neurotics."
    "Oh, you can just call me Brea. Breanne is just ugly."
    . Breanne Grace Hart .

    "Fun fact: My sister was born on October 6th at 11:58 pm, and I was born at 12:10 on October 7th. But, mentally speaking, I am older than her."
    . 16 .

    "I'm a girl, last time I checked."
    . Female .

    "My power can be a little... shocking. Ha! Get it?"
    . Electricity: Breanne has the ability to manipulate electrical fields, and produce electricity from her finger tips. While the bolts that emits from her finger tips will sting (and possibly burn, depending on how much energy she puts into it), they are in no way fatal. Unless mixed with her sister's ability, then the water intensifies the shock. The more energy she puts into a bolt the quicker she gets too tired to use her ability .

    "Not really big on the whole 'tell-me-about-yourself' thing."
    . Brea is a very quiet and reserved girl. She is very intelligent, and fairly organized most of the time. She likes to think things through before she acts, and gets stressed out when she isn't able to do so. She tends to be very sarcastic, especially with her friends, and extremely blunt. She likes to get straight to the point, and will not tell a white lie to spare someones feelings. For this reason some people may call her a bitch, but that's not exactly the case. She just values honesty. Brea is actually a very kind and thoughtful person, who is always willing to lend a helping hand. She's selfless in the sense that she will always stick up for others. However, she will never stick up for herself. She's one of those 'suffer in silence' types, and often feels bad asking for anything from someone else. She's a very independent individual, who has trouble revealing things about herself. .

    "If one more person tries to tell me that dying my hair kills it I am going to scream. Don't you think I looked into the downfalls of dying hair before I actually committed to making my hair pink?"
    . Eyes- Green
    Hair- Long, bust length. Naturally blonde, dyed pink
    Height- 5'5
    Weight- 121lbs
    Build- Adverage .

    "I think I've told you enough."
    . Heterosexual (Straight) .
    . Her hair is often static-y because of her ability, so she usually just puts it up in a pony tail .
    . Is a little socially awkward .

    "I dunno, let's see here..."
    Astria - Neutral
    . Daryl Banks - Friends (But Jenna is more of a friend to him)
    Jacob Banks - Neutral
    Luciano Seto - Friends (Brea>Jenna)

    Nitsa - Neutral
    Rosalina Seto - Friends (Brea<Jenna).
    Sunil - Neutral
    Toby - Buddies

    "I have a cute phobia of people prying into my personal life."
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  12. Welp, there are my characters. I was debating between the abilities to control water/electricity with the abilities to mimic sound (voices, mainly) and the appearances of others (So, one twin could copy the voice of someone, while the other could change their appearance to look like said person). But, in the end Electricity and Water won... let me know if there's anything I need to change about my characters.

    And, if anyone else would like to use the sound mimic and appearance shifting idea go right ahead! ♥
  13. Name: Nitsa
    Age: 18(has mentality of a 15yr old though)
    Gender: Female
    Power: has the power to sense another magical persons power, including what their power is, how weak they are currently and how strong thier power is. Can sense powers within a 2.5 mile distance around her.
    Personality: Having been orphaned at when she was 7 she is very child-like from mild PTSD, having been orphaned when her parents were brutally killed in front of her and her twin. Can be extremly hyper but is normally shy and tends to hide behind her brother. Loves candy and can be won over by someone offering her her favorite, butterscotch hard candies. Is quite emotional, can cries easily, literally jumps with joy. Her emotions are strong and tend to cause her to not listen to anyone, except her brother who is the only one to calm her down when worked up.
    Appearance: Is below

    Name: Sunil
    Age: 18 (has mentality of a 24yr old though)
    Gender: Male
    Power: Can weaken another magical person's energy and or make it harder for them to use their ability. He can weaken a person's energy and or make it harder for them to use their ability within a radius of 1 and a half miles around him.
    Personality: He is pretty much the opposite of his sister, he matured extremly fast because of his parents death and can get slightly irritated at his sister's childish-ness. Still being the opposite of his sister, he is emotionless, his only emotions being rage, sadness or joy. On the rare occasions he shows emotion, its usually only because his sister is hurt or extremly happy. His rare smile is gorgeous and caused only by his sister.
    Appearance: Is below

    The lack of a last name is on purpose, after watching their parents murder they changed their names and Sunil refused to find a new last name for them.

    Female Twin.jpg Male Twin.jpg
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  14. @Brea @Kila'Fali
    They're fine! Accepted! I'll try to set up the IC thread soon.
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  15. So, wait @Kila'Fali I have a question. It says that if your characters are within a 2.5 mile radius of any of ours, they could not only detect the ability of the character but also completely drain them of energy AND/or their ability. Does this mean that if my characters are anywhere near yours they could be unable to use their abilities, or do I not understand?
  16. No, He chooses whether or not to drain the abilities. You can still use your abilities unless he drains them, if he had no control over his power and it just ran wild like that he would end up killing every magical user around him, including his twin. >.< sorry i wasn't very clear there.
  17. Did that help clarify or did I just end up confusing you more?? >.< I'm kinda tired right now, lolz
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