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  1. I'm not actually new.

    I was here, long long ago... and hopefully I won't be banned when I say: before 13 years of age *Everyone gasps*

    There was a partner I found on this site, and still enjoy playing with often. However, now I'm even older than I need to be, and I miss this site and this style of roleplaying.

    I deleted the old account long ago when I became inactive, 'just in case' for a day like this. And whadaya know, it paid off.

    I just hope to enjoy myself and learn writing skills with others, perhaps have a friendly community to go to.

    You can shorten my name to Pest if you're a lazy weasel.

  2. @Pestilence Hey! I remember you! I think I saw you posted on a space/science-fiction themed jump-in roleplay when I first hopped on here xD
  3. Blasphemy! I don't even have the same name as before! :P
  4. xD You have the same picture though o-o that's how I recognize you.
  5. No, I had a different picture too, muahaha. This is a common picture. I'll change it eventually, when I'm not lazy...
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  6. Oh, it's slightly different :P I knew when I saw that link, there was something odd about the color scheme :P Seriously though... Might have just had a feeling o-o
  7. Shh, shh... it's okay, maybe. It's been like a year and a half or more. I haven't the sharpest memory, really.
  8. Yeah... Last year in February o.o can't believe it's been that long since I first joined.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.