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    It is the 1660's, dead in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy. Pirates and Privateers are abound among the many ships sailing through the Caribbean. You are among them. You will be joining a hearty crew of pirates. Abound by nothing but the ideals of freedom and a respect in pirate laws, you will sail the seas with your captain, Errol Brown aboard the Myriad. A man straight from Her Royal Navy. He is an up-and-coming captain and is looking to make a name for himself.

    William Wade


    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A 5 foot 3 inch, slim figured man that wears many layers of expensive clothing. He is clean shaven with what would be considered by most men as petite facial features. He keeps his dark brown hair at neck length in a short ponytail. He carries a cutlass at his side and has many flintlock pistol strapped to various parts of his body.

    Equipment: A well made and maintained cutlass and nearly a dozen pistols.

    Bio/Background: William keeps most of his personal life to himself. What he will reveal is vague, but it is as such. He was born in a small village outside of London and he served with the British Navy for a short time before turning to piracy. His pirate career is still short, but he has great ambitions. He received the Myriad, a large and well armed brig, from his last captain, who died under suspicious circumstances during an attack on an armed merchant vessel. As a result, most of the old crew left the service of the ship resulting in the hiring of a new crew.

    Character Skeleton



    Gender: (All characters will be male. PM me if you have a desire to have a female character)

    Appearance: (picture is fine, but please elaborate with text)

    Equipment: (The number of guns a pirate carries are a sign of rank and wealth)


    This will be an extremely open ended roleplay, but don't worry. There will be plenty of a plot and intrigue and not just pillaging and raping. Also, don't worry that the description given here is so brief, the general plot is very simple, but the big plot points are best revealed in the actual story.

    As you can see, this thread is poorly organized. I have most of my experience being a Dungeon Master in D&D so I do not have much experience setting up beautiful and well organized threads. This being said, I will be open to a Co-GM that could help both guide the plot, but mostly help with the organization of the threads and make them lovely and beautiful.
  2. Name: Abel Bonheur

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing around five feet in height, Abel is fairly smaller than most of the crew. Thinner as well. His shoulder length hair is tied back in a ponytail, and with a clean shaven face. His features portray him at a younger age than what he is, due to how soft they seem. Not yet harden by the tides of the sea, but his tanned skin shows that he has been graced by the sun. He carries his two flintlock pistols on belts that intersect on his hips to form an X, and his cutlass remains at his side, ready to strike. Underneath his shirt is a small chain with a cross on it.

    Equipment: Two well cared for flintlock pistols and the standard cutlass, that seems to be new.

    Bio/background: All that Abel has ever said about his life before was that he lived with his father and younger sister in a merchant town near the sea in France before making the long trip to England. During which his sister had gotten ill and died before they landed. The details are a little blurry after that. What was definite was that a friend of his fathers, who had served in the British Navy, had taught him how to use the flintlocks he had now, as well as some basic swordplay. Mostly so that he would go into the Navy as well, but alas. Abel was more interested in going for treasure and adventure. Plus he had a strange distaste for the Navy for some reason. He heard of a new crew being needed, and took the weapons his teacher had given him and headed for the pirate job.
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