It's a newb! It's a plane!

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Why hai thar!

I'm Min. You may call me Min, Minnie, Mindy, or whatever cool variants you can think of.

I love writing and music, but I hate sparkly vampires and even the suggestion of remaining stationed in the room of food preparation, i.e. staying in the kitchen. I'm a huge fan of Green Day, dystopian fiction, Anthony Burgess, Chuck Palahniuk, and fried Twinkies. I hope we're all going to be great friends!

...Whoa... o_o I like you already! : D

*hands over awesome cupcake*
Yes, hope to be great friends with you, indeed!

Oh, and welcome to the awesome world of Iwaku. <3
:D *Flies through the window, casting shattered glass about and executing a combat roll, coming to stand at attention right before Min*

*blinks at the extravagant entrance of Krom* Why hullo there. You know, you could have used the door.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questionis just ask and we can help.

*Walks off into the shadows*
*fetches Natani from the shadows* No. *chains him to the ground* Stay.
*shrouds loveless into the darkness*

*Ikes eyes turn red for a minute*

Do you dare to defile me human!

*Ike then faints on the ground, wakes up about an hour later to see that he is off the chains and can go back off into the shadows*

Hmm? Ok… might as well go? *still questioning what happened*
D : He... he called me human... T_T
Just remember that human in most scenarios isn't an insult at the end of the movie, show, game, etc.

Welcome to the Iwaku Min the name is Pirogeth, or Piro for short. I orchestrate the team who builds the monthly Newsletter. (A new edition just came out yesterday found in the Announcements section.) I enjoy RP'ing, gaming, and writing. Enjoy your time on here and once again welcome to our friendly community.

Writing in the Moonlight,


*Sets up madscripted barrier for Ryker's arrival*
*Rides a giraffe over Ike whilst wearing a Viking helmet*


*Stares intently at Min atop the giraffe*
Grumpy, don't top my entrance! *disappears, to another dimension. He takes a dog and a Gorrilla and makes their genes compatible. With the newly completed Grog, he mates it with a platypus, creating Platypillodoringro and judo-kicks himself back to this dimension astride the Platypillodoringro*


I'm TK, and if you need any help at all, send me a message!
*Looks over at Krom*

See now you're just trying too hard.


*Continues staring at Min intently*
Guys, it's a welcoming thread....
Welcome to the site.
If you haven't learned by now min, the vast majority of us are Insane.

Welcome to Iwaku

Mind the Spectre... it should be en route now, Welcome to the site, don't feed or water Sho after midnight, and don't worry about most of the insanity.
:/ I just wanted to say hello! *Throws air-caps for bicycle wheels at Grumpy just to spite him.*
Hrrrmmm... Your Nipah interests me...

Indeed... *Keeps the aliminum bat near just in case*

... You wouldn't have seen any golden butterflies or time traveling tsunderes around here have you?