Its a dead end

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    Kenta Kaboyushi

    You and your family were having a road trip. On the way your older brother decided to tell scary stories.

    "Alright, Alright." He said " Here goes of the lost and disturbed soul..." He began..
    "Once back in the day there was a man named Kenya Kaboyushi. He was a traveler of course, he loved to travel all across Japan until one day.... He got sick. He was also famous so many people visited him at the hospital. They figured that he had cancer but he was too stubborn to admit that he did. So when he got out of the hospital he decided to take one last road trip... His last road trip was to Tokyo, back to his home town but just as he was In The highway, there was A little girl with a dog, and he ran them both over. When he got out of the car and checked on the little girl, she was dead. He didn't regret it, he felt good to be honest.... He liked this feeling so he drived back and started to Run over more and more people murdering them on the road... Later that day he was arrested and was sent to an asylum. There he died and his last words were 'see you on the road, it'll be a dead end...'

    Two years later there were multiple car crashes on the same highway that we're on... Right now..."

    "Aw hush Jonathan" your mom says as you sit there trembling "Your scaring the shit out of your sister"

    Your car make it to a stop light, but.... Why would there be a stoplight in the middle of nowhere?? Your dad pressed for the breaks but it didn't work... He started pressing on it harder and until he gave up and the car got faster and faster "Dad..?" You start but before you know it your car starts spinning, slipping on ice on the road until it ends up tumbling off the road on fire.

    You start to freak out once you find a way out of the car, because you found out that the only one that made it out before the car started to burn, tears dripping off of your cheeks

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    Risa oikawa, the sole survival from the car crash that followed the script of a story that was supposed to be nothing but a myth.

    After crawling away from the crashed car, the car that carried her family ..Her family which seize to exist now...Risa froze in palce.Hugging herslef tightly not believing her eyes.The world became mute to her , time seemed to have stopped moving.She was trembling as tears fill down her checks nonstop.The intensity of what just happend was too much for her to bare , she has completely froze in place, un able to think or act.Her brother was just telling her a scary story in his usual manner of scaring her,her mother was as always trying to make him stop scaring you so much.Her dad was driving with a smile on his face,everything was perfectly normal just minutes ago.She was unable to comperhand what happened.She stayed there in the same postion watching the car,hoping that somehow this will all stop or apear to be nothing but a lie.Her family was still alive ,she wanted that to be ture,she was desperately hoping that all this is nothing but a nightmare...and that soon she will wake up.
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  3. Kenta hid in the bushes while she saw the poor girl Crying. He hadnt had anyone survive before but this one is lucky, so he though he should spare her. He still had the bruises and the marks from the Asylum, he had red mark going down from his lip and blood flowing through his forehead. He was a spirit of course, but he could still hear see and feel. and all he felt was pain. another effect of being back from the dead is that you dont feel Any emotion, except if you saw someone when you were still alive you might feel love, but in his case he has no mercy. He LOVED to see people die and cry, but most of all He Liked the Sound of Suffering. . .

    He could also Play with any mortal's Mind, as long as they were his victim so with all his will power he made a rattling noise to come inside the young girl's Head. Like that sound when your TV goes all Fuzzy and that Annoying sound comes on. Yes, Exactly that swishing noise. then There Was an Echo "You Wont Wake up." The voice said "For this is not a nightmare young one, this is just a mere... Dead... End."
  4. Risa gasped holding her head with both hands"NO!"she screamed painfully shutting her eyes"NO no no!"the tears kept on falling.She managed to get herself up on her feet,she looked left and right climbing up back to the road.She wanted to find someone,anyone to help her with what happened.The event that just happened made her feel extremely alone in the world,even a stranger could make her feel much better now.