It's a biscuit!

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  1. Anya lay her head against him.
  2. I probably wont post till mid-day. Got a headache, and think I will head back to bed.
  3. Astaroth ran his fingers through her hair while his other hand squeezed her hips.
  4. John

    He sighed. So much for secret identities.
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  5. Belle

    “Sorry buddy.” She smiled and patted his shoulder “By the way, where did Jason head off to? I would have expected he would have tagged along.”
  6. I'llwork on a post after I finish eating
  7. will start working on the post now
    what should I call it?
  8. Hmm, alright. I will set up the intro post. Mmm....
  9. Alice smile at them.
  10. Happy Mid-day?
  11. Welcome to the Iwaku! :D
    *gives cupcake*
    Hope you enjoy yourself here and hope to see you around the forums! :3
  12. *strokes beard thoughtfully*
  13. Yay! Cupcake! *gives all the repliers pomegranates* ^.^
  14. Whoops! Sorry for jumping the gun there.

    Though maybe I should do it more, if it means I get more Tic-Tacs by my name. YUM.
  15. And I'll lose my fancy purple name and go back to being unhelpful =(