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  1. "So what exactly were we going to do to that giant whore today?" Thomas asked as he followed after Galen under the massive deck of Lisa's house. He'd lived here with Galen and his family the whole time they'd lived there as well, because he didn't have any family left elsewhere and these folks were all he had left. He was a bit nervous considering how much they'd been messing with her recently, though deep down he felt certain that whatever Galen had planned it'd be solid and relatively safe for them.

    Across the street, Anna was just waking up and getting ready to start her day, blissfully unaware she'd accidentally killed one of Galen and Thomas' neighbors under her pawed feet as she got out of bed. She glanced out her window at one of her neighbors, that doctor Springfield across the street. She'd never liked the older woman and was generally disgusted by how many times she'd get male visitors who would stay over for several hours before leaving, usually for good. During these visits all the blinds would be shut and the windows locked, but Anna was sure that whenever one of these guys was over, he and Lisa were fucking. Dirty skank... she thought to herself as she took a sip over her morning coffee. Her sharp canine senses could pick up things no human could ever hope to, especially with her nose. She could actually smell trouble in the air, like someone was planning something mischievous. She'd always been able to faintly smell a couple of people in her backyard, and though she'd never seen them the scents never faded so she knew they were still there. Somewhere.
  2. Galen O'Shea

    Galen had risen in the early morning with a plan half-formed in his mind. He had sent his little sister, Sammie, to get Thomas and have the other tiny meet him under the east corner of the deck. After all, the plan he had in mind would require two men rather than one and Sammie was too little to help out. An hour later found Galen and Thomas walking under the length of the deck with the latter questioning after what they'd be doing.
    "Remember the mouse that the giant half-killed the other day?" He asked his friend as he led the way in a creep along the outer wall. "Well, it didn't make it through the night and it's already puttin' up a stink. We're going to make it inconvenient for her stupid big nose and while she's distracted, we're going to kill that damned suck-beast."
    The "suck-beast" was known to the giants as a vacuum, but to tinies as an evil creature that could easily kill them over vast meters. He, admittedly, had a vendetta against this particular suck-beast due to it's actions against his family. Galen led Thomas to the spot where the mouse had finally given up the ghost and was now beset by flies. The stink was awful enough for the two of them, so it had to be noticeable to a giant. It might take a day or two, but it'd be worth it if the smell managed to chase away one of the giant's mates.​
  3. Thomas grinned in anticipation, then scrunched up his nose at the smell of the deceased rodent. "Ohh god, that's gnarly!" he said, pinching his nostrils closed with his fingers. "So where are we gonna put this thing and how exactly are we gonna off that Suck-Beast? It's a pretty big one, and I think that the biggest of our explosive charges, even if we used two or three, would probably only injure it moderately at best." He looked towards Lisa's house and said "I wonder if we might be able to enlist Daniel and Julia's help once we're inside as well?"
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  4. Kayla was at a bus stop near Anna's house, her loud music booming in her ears and making it near impossible for her to hear anything else. The girl had blended out the rest of the world, only occasionally peeking at the small display next to the information to see when that damn bus would finally arrive. It was all good until..

    "2 HOURS LATE?!?! Are you serious, man?!", she shouted and kicked the damn thing, ranting. She needed the restroom so badly and she wouldn't be able to wait for longer than 30 minutes!
    It was why she hated these districts, they weren't well-connected to the center of town and when a bus or train couldn't come, one would feel it here first.

    Frustrated and exasperated about her situation, the young woman decides to ask the owner of a house nearby. She randomly picked one - it happened to be Lisa's door she was knocking.

    "Hello? Anybody home?"
  5. Dirk blushed a bit when he caught the thoughts going through his head. God, she's a cute one, he thought. Too bad she'd probably just stomp on me if she knew about me... or eat me like that white tigress did to Anthony. He moved through the grass to get a little better look at her as she went up to the door of Lisa's house.

    A moment later the doctor came to the door and opened it a bit, looking Kayla over a little. "Yes? What is it and who are you?"
  6. "I'm really sorry for disturbing you so early, ma'am, but you see, I, uhh.. my bus is kinda late and...", she seemed to be unsure what to say and was squirming a little on her spot. She had not caught sight of Dirk yet, but had a gut feeling someone might be watching. Well, there were a lot of houses here, so that was to be expected, right? "I.. I really need the restroom and the bus isn't coming for two hours. May I.. maybe use your toilet just this once?"

    One of her earrings fell to the ground, unnoticed by the two "giants". She would probably look for it later. Showing her it had dropped would be too risky now, though, wouldn't it?
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  7. "Well you seem like an okay gal," Lisa said. "Ohh sure, why not?" She closed the door for a moment, undoing the chain lock then opening it the rest of the way to let her inside.

    Dirk was wise enough to know not to just hop out into the open like that when Kayla's earring fell out. He'd had close friends reveal themselves to selflessly help a human or a furry like that, and were subsequently killed for their kindness. He took another short look at the girl, silently cursed Lisa, then turned to head back to his hidden home colony nearby.
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  8. "Thank you so much! I owe you!", with that, the girl in great urgency stormed into the house (kicking her shoes off before entering, of course) and disappeared in the bathroom, closing the door behind herself. It took her less than two minutes to do her 'business', wash her hands and get out again.
    She smiled at Lisa, unaware of what a bad person the woman was. All Kayla knew was that she had been kind enough to let a stranger use her bathroom.

    "Thanks again.. I would've died waiting. My name is Kayla, by the way.", the young woman introduced herself with a small smile. Lisa might notice her missing earring if she pays enough attention.
  9. Lisa was surprised by how little time it took for Kayla to do what she'd needed to do and said "No problem, my name's Lisa. I really hate the bus system around here, that's why I always drive... hey, are you missing an earring or something?..."

    Dirk eventually returned to the place he'd come to call his home only to find his worst fears awaited him. The white tigress he'd seen several times before had found the small colony and was finishing up messily devouring the inhabitants, laughing a bit as she did so. Dirk couldn't take his eyes off the scene, even as he watched the giant furry pick up his mother and bite down on her waist, pull her in half and swallow her legs first, then toss the tiny woman inside her mouth alive and screaming and chew her up. Dirk eventually broke out of his shock-induced trance and turned to run, sobbing as he ran from the slaughter. Eventually he tripped and fell, sprawling out about halfway down Lisa's front walk close to where Kayla's missing earring had come to rest.
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  10. Galen O'Shea
    Galen smirked when Thomas asked him just where they'd be stashing the deceased rodent, as he had a very precise location in mind. He knew where the giant spent much of her time and if they could stash the corpse right, it would plague the female for at least a month before she found it.
    "Well, tell me this, Tommy." He said as he motioned for his friend to help him heft up the mouse. "Where does the giant she-devil spend most of her time?"
    Galen knew that Thomas would know the exact room, so it wouldn't be hard to conjecture where things were to go. He took the end that would require him to walk backwards while his friend walked forwards.
    "As for the suck-beast, a few charges should work to help." He said as they edged along the wall once again. "I've been studying the thing and how it works. The tail seems to be pretty vulnerable. If it isn't attached to the wall, the beast goes into a dead sleep."
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  11. Thomas helped Galen lift the carcass, grinning a bit as he realized where Galen meant to put it. "Yeah, I've noticed that about the Suck-Beast too," he said. "It's got that one really long, thin tail that, like you said, has to be attached to the wall for the thing to even wake up. That sucking trunk might be the best spot to put the charges, even though it'd be dangerous. Maybe they'd get sucked up into the beast's innards and explode in there."
  12. "Yeah, they mess up rather frequently. I unfortunately don't have a driver's license yet. Hmm?", it was then that Kayla felt both of her ears, trying to check whether Lisa was right. And indeed.. her left earring had gone missing! Her eyes widened in surprise and scanned the ground, not being able to find it at first glance. "Oh, this is just great.", she sighed sarcastically. She was pretty sure she hadn't seen it on the toilet, but went back, checking again just in case... her face showed that she hadn't found it there.

    "I must've dropped it outside somewhere... anyway, thank you very much for helping. I think I'll go look for that little devil now.", she informed Lisa with a smile and approached the door. When she wanted to step out, she saw her earring and... a Tiny on the pavement. He looked devastated! She made a question noise and crouched down, inspecting the little man.

    "Hey.. are you okay?", she asked softly.
  13. Lisa smiled and said "No problem, good luck finding it. I'd help you, but I've got some paperwork I need to take care of for some of my patients." She shut the door after Kayla exited the house, not seeing Dirk and not hearing what Kayla had said to him.

    Dirk just laid there crying on the sidewalk sobbing, not really listening to what she'd said. At this point he expected Kayla to come over and grind him into the pavement with the heel of her shoe, and didn't really care that that would happen. He didn't even look up, knowing that his death would be easier for him mentally if he didn't know when it would be coming.
  14. After Kayla had said her byes, her full attention belonged to the crying Dirk who was apparently sobbing so hard he didn't even notice her. The girl's heart ached at the miserable sight in front of herself. What was she supposed to do now? Most tinies were scared of being.. well, petted or picked up in an attempt to comfort them. But the young man didn't react to words.. and she certainly wouldn't leave him on a pavement where others wouldn't pay attention.

    She hesitantly used her index finger to brush over his back, trying to make it feel like she was patting it gently to calm him down. "Hey, it's gonna be alright..",she soothed, eyeing Dirk worriedly. If he'd only look up into her worrying eyes once, he'd know she had no vile intentions.
  15. "No, its not going to be!!" he shouted, her touch getting him to finally look up at the teenager through sad, tear-filled eyes. His grief and anger were clouding his mind and judgement and he didn't realize the emotions behind Kayla's face and voice. "Stop dragging it out and just kill me already!! You'll be doing me a favor!!" he blurted, trying to stand up to face her and his death with dignity but immediately falling when he put weight on a twisted ankle.
  16. Kayla flinched from his words a little, but didn't take it personally, for Dirk seemed to be devastated about and strongly affected by whatever he had just witnessed.
    What was she supposed to do? The Tiny thought she was going to kill it.
    He supported the man with a finger to avoid him hitting the ground and decided to do what she had hesitated before. She picked him up, gently pushing him on the palm of her own hand. It was the right thing to do, right? If he was afraid of finding his death on the ppavement, it was obviously a bad place for him to stay.
    Then she got up again, looking at the Tiny in her hands with worry. "I had no intention of harming you,... What's your name?"
  17. Dirk squealed a bit when Kayla grabbed him and picked him up, and his crying ebbed off a bit. "Stop lying, I know you do!! None of you big people don't hate us for existing, so just!..." He lost it at that point and broke down sobbing again burying his face in his hands. Eventually he recovered enough to realize she hadn't killed him yet, and simply said "...D-Dirk... my name's Dirk..."
  18. Galen O'Shea
    Galen chuckled when Thomas mentioned putting the charges in front of the suck-beast's trunk. That was a good idea, if not a little daring coming from his friend.
    "It'll be risky, so maybe not unless we've got nowhere else to put it." He replied as he turned to maneuver himself, the mouse and, his friend under the foundation of the massive house.
    Galen took a look over his shoulder, finding that there weren't too many large insects or bugs wandering around. There was a cricket or two, but nothing immediately harmful to them. He proceeded, counting the foundation studs as they walked by. About twenty studs later, he came to a stop and set down his half of the carcass.
    "With luck, this'll put us close to her quarters." Galen said before climbing up and looking through a hole in the floorboards.
    He could hear gigantic footfalls, but there was more than one set.
    "Shit!" He cursed under his breath before hopping down and taking a look at Thomas. "She's got company."
  19. Thomas dropped his half as well, then listened carefully as Lisa and the other giant spoke a bit.
    "...yeah, we can get into that..." a male voice said. "...but are you up for making a bit of romance first?..."
    "...sure..." Lisa said as the footsteps headed out of the room. "...why not?..."
    "Alright, she's gone for now," Thomas said. "You wanna go grab Daniel and Julia for some help now?"
  20. Galen O'Shea
    Galen wanted to gag when he heard the male talking to the she-devil. Did he not know just how horrifying of a person she was? Probably. It was probably a turn on for male giants. He shook his head at the thought. Galen felt his shoulders relax when the footfalls retreated and looked at Thomas when he brought up Daniel and Julia. They didn't typically help him out with his pranks, but with her recent antics he was pretty sure they'd be wanting some vengeance.
    "Oh ye of little faith." He joked before turning in the direction of Daniel and Julia's residence. "We'll be back. Let us know if things change."
    Galen headed off in the direction of Daniel and Julia's at a sprint, arriving there a minute or two later. He really didn't understand the appeal of living so deep underground, but there was a lot about some other tinies that he probably wouldn't ever understand. Galen knocked on the door and after a bit of convincing, he managed to fetch Daniel and Julia up from their house. The return trip took a little longer due to the pair's extreme paranoia. He'd never seen a rollie-pollie charge, but the pair swore on the aggression of the creatures.
    "Alright Tommy, I've got us some help." Galen said after they arrived. "Let's get this done quickly."
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