It'll Be Our... My... Little Secret

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  1. ((I know this will probably be deleted because it's OOC, but I just wanna say, are you serious?! -_- I made a whole long post, then when I tried to post it, the site didn't send it because it was under construction. Then it didn't even save my draft when it said it did! :( ))
  2. Hello There

    I have noticed you had a lack of an OOC for your thread and I took the liberty of making one for you.

    If you could please use this for future OOC discussion, That would be fantastic!

    I've moved the out of character comments from the IC thread into here for you ^^

    Remember guys if you don't have an IC thread, don't be afraid of making one or messaging people via PMs! (I would be eternally grateful) =D

    I hope you enjoy your roleplay!

    Much Love

    Red Velvet

    @MusicalT @viahra233 @iMisterH @Huntress @CrimsonFang

    Disclaimer: I know I have probably said this to a few of you already, I ask that you don't be discouraged because I recognize your efforts and would like to thank you for them! You know who you are <3
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.