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  1. Okay. So this was planned to be 1x1, but it would be easier to have multiple characters. If we get into any sexual scenes, I'll see if I can have this thread moved to Liberteen. Lastly, some quick rules before I start.

    1) I'm wanting people who will be long term rpers ONLY! Not people who will stop posting after so many posts or when the rp gets past its climax, etc.

    2) I would really appreciate at least two or three responses a day.

    3) PLEASE contribute to the plot if you can. Don't be afraid to add a twist or something if the rp starts dying down.

    4) If you can, I'd love some descriptions about your character either in your post or separately!

    5) I'm mainly wanting classmates and someone to take over the teacher. Feel free to change their name!


    Mr. Paine knew about Georgia's eating disorder and slight depression. Or, he had a hunch about it. It had caused him to treat her differently than the others. Nicer, more protective... and something else he didn't understand. He felt a slight attraction towards her. Why? She was a student, his student, and probably over ten years younger than him! He didn't understand his feelings. But even when he tried t get those thoughts out of his head, they would come back even stronger.

    Yesterday, he had her come over to his place, for G was struggling in his class. Her parents didn't mind. They knew him pretty well and were comfortable with him. Georgia didn't really have an opinion. Though, that was then.

    Last night wasn't supposed to happen like that. She was just suppose to come over and get tutored. But that's not how things went. Both were left with mixed feelings. Did they regret what happened? Do they go on like it didn't? Though in class the next day, it seemed G was the only one who didn't know how to act as if nothing occurred.

    Georgia closed her eyes and put her hands over her ears as the class yelled over each other in conversation, getting louder by the minute. As Mr. Paine gathered his things at his desk, getting ready to start class, he noticed G and automatically felt protective over her as his memories from last night arose. He pushed them to the back of his head and walked to the front of the class, getting them quiet. Once the volume died down, he spoke. "Thank you..." He looked at Georgia who looked back at him with wide blue eyes then looked away, shifting her weight in her seat. "That's better. Now firstly, get out your homework from yesterday."
  2. I am a full-time role-player. I often times will respond quickly and usually have a few sentences worth.
    description (open)
    Name: Tony Manson
    Age: 17
    Personality: Likable, easy to get along with, likes to read deep story books, can be very comforting, doesn't tend to start a conversation, often feels insecure around girls due to the way he was treated as a child.

    Hearing the room get quite, he did the same, following along with everyone else, getting out last nights homework. As usual, it was done, along with tomorrow nights homework and part of today's classwork. He was an over-achiever sometimes and, honestly, it made him a little nervous. He had noticed what was going on recently but he kept it to himself. Seeing Georgia a little more sensitive than usual. Teach being more attentive than usual. Something happened and he wanted to know. His curiosity getting the better of him, he wrote a note and passed it under the desks to Georgia.

    Hey Georgia,
    You have been acting strange lately. Anything going on much? Just trying to be considerate.
    If anything happens, you can tell me you know.We have been buddies since what, kindergarten?
    I know when you aren't acting like yourself.
  3. (( If you don't mind, I could take over teacher position. ^-^ ))

    Mr. Paine stood in front of the class, writing subjects to talk about on the board.
    Alright, class, today we are going to talk about Edgar Allen Poe.
    He took a glance towards Georgia and saw her reading a note, but he brushed this off. Normally he would've cracked down on anyone who didn't pay attention, but his feelings towards her made it a different situation. He looked at the overall class and suggested,
    Someone tell us what they know about this famous literary writer.
  4. ((I don't mind at all! Thank you!!))

    Through the noise of shuffling books, papers, etc., students talking in the back of the room, and even the sound of silence from the kids paying attention, Georgia read the note with semi wide eyes as her fingers held a tighter grip on the paper. Did he know? Oh man, no one could find out. Mr. Paine would definitely be arrested. What would people think of her? Of him? What would happen to her? Gosh, nothing should've happened in the first place!

    It was only a matter of seconds of reading the note that G's emotions and thoughts began to get the best of her. Her breathing quickened as she suddenly felt nauseous.

    A classmate raised their hand to answer, but didn't wait on the teacher to call on them before speaking. "Um, isn't he like... dead?" Some teens laughed while others continued on with their work, etc. Georgia, also without permission, got out of her seat and rushed out of the classroom, the door closing by itself behind her.

    Georgia barely made it to the trashcan at the turn of the hallway, doubled over as she vomited. Her caramel colored hair hung over her shoulders and beside her face, though not in her way.
  5. Watching as his friend rushed out of the room, not hearing the absurd and sarcastic laughter around him, he felt confused... and he felt it was his fault she had left the classroom. So, he faced the front of the room, a blank expression on his face as he raised his hand to answer the question with an educated response.
    " Mr.Paine. Might I properly answer that question?"
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  6. Alexia 'Lex' Rodriguez Turning the corner she stopped in her tracks and smirked. Pulling her sunglasses off she placed them on the top of her head and approached Georgia. Her grin remained bright. The tall dark haired girl approached the other. "Hmm..." Her voice seemed loud in the empty halls. "Now what's got you all riled up and, uh—Puke-y?" Alexia chuckled.

    Georgia was probably the only girl that she spoke to in the whole school. The main reason behind that being that they've lived next to each other their entire lives and practically grew up together. Secrets often weren't held between the two, well at least not Alexia's side. Maybe a couple recently but they were things that she would need to ease into and talk to Georgia about. "Come on, lets go to the bathroom and clean your nervous ass up. But I would still love to know what got you going. Maybe I can pretend I have it to so I don't have to go to this stupid english class." She nudged her friend with a smirk.
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  7. Mr. Paine was about to respond with, "Of course," but he was surprised to see Georgia rise among the laughing children and hurry out of the classroom, without any indication of what was going on. He stared at the closing door, fighting the urge to go after her and find out what's happening. He turned toward the class, returning to his professional teacher stance, and nodded as he smiled at the bright student.
    "Yes, Tony? What do you know of Edgar Allen Poe?"
    His thoughts lingered on Georgia, however, and felt a slight heat on his face as he thought that maybe she didn't feel like she should be in his class because of what happened last night.
    Wrenching his attention from her, he decided to listen to the serious-seeming Tony Manson, interested to see what teenagers knew about the person tortured by death his whole life.
  8. One or two more minutes of puking passed before Georgia was done, her breathing heavier than before and her eyes wide and full of emotions. Though her eyes yelled fear, her face read ordinary.

    G ignored her friend's question as if she didn't hear her, but she did, and it was nagging at her inside.
  9. (( I'd like to participate in this! Here's my character: ))
    Character (open)

    Name: Stuart Devlin
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'11"
    Personality: Arrogant and rebellious, Stuart has a strong dislike for school and work in general. He considers himself as one of the 'cool kids' and chooses to adopt a 'badass' attitude when he is around people. Stuart is awfully confident and full of himself, but he will show respect to people who respect him. He enjoys joking around and has a really laid-back approach to most things. His temper is not to be reckoned with, however, as he becomes very aggressive when provoked.

    Stuart sat at the back of the class. Apparently that's where all the 'cool' kids would sit. Finding Mr Paine's lesson extremely dull, Stuart's attention was fixed on the doodle of a sports car that he was drawing in his notebook. It was obvious that he wasn't paying attention at all. Head down. Pencil in hand. It was only when Georgia ran out of the classroom did Stuart look up. He blinked several times, trying to figure out what had just happened. "Did she just run out of the room?" He thought to himself.
  10. Alexia 'Lex' Rodriguez "G? Are you alright? I was just kidding." Alexia spoke now sounding concerned. "Alright, well at least let's get you some water and maybe wash you off, you don't wanna go back in there smelling like puke..." Alexia approached her friend and placed a hand on her shoulder.
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  11. Tony looked once more at the door, wondering what Georgia had left for, was it his fault? Or was it something else? Deciding not to concern himself with Georgia's personal life, he returned to the topic at hand, Edgar Allan Poe.
    " Thank you Mr.Paine. From my more recent looks at books and web articles, Edgar Allan Poe was is a famous poet who was well known for writing several poems, such as: The Raven, The-Tell-Tale-Heart, and others." he said, matter-of-factly. He was proud to seem so smart but sometimes it made him feel out of place since he was usually the only willing student to answer the the questions and listen to the lectures given in this class and several others. He felt as if he was the only student who actually came to class to learn things.
  12. Georgia turned shrugged, pulling herself away from Alexia.
    "Please! Don't touch me!" It came out sounding like a germaphobe around a snotty kid, or a person who didn't like to be touched in a crowded elevator. After realizing she had pulled away, she began walking again, taking her hair into her hands to pull it in a messy bun.

    "Sorry... I'm just not in a good mood today." She said, thinking that was a decent answer.
  13. Alexia 'Lex' Rodriguez Alexia quickly pulled her hand away and looked at her friend with an eyebrow raised. "Umm...okay..." Lex let her sentence hang as she caught up with the other girl. "Do you wanna talk about it?" She asked scared that she might get yelled at again.

    Georgia didn't typically act like this. At least not with Alexia. She almost never saw this sort of behaviour come from her friend. Clenching her jaw Lex just followed her best friend, whether she would get a response or not. She didn't have a problem prodding, and she would if she had to.
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  14. There was a pause of silence as they continued to walk. "...No."

    Soon they reached the bathroom, and Georgia took the lead, going into the bathroom first. She clenched the sink as she looked at herself in the mirror.
  15. Alexia 'Lex' Rodriguez She followed the girl into the bathroom and nodded slowly. "Alright..." Lex shrugged. "Then I guess I don't need to be here." Alexia sighed. Shaking her head she looked over at Georgia once more. "I'll see you in class, or whatever." With a simple set of words she was walking out the bathroom and back towards the English class she had already been late for.
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  16. Shrugging, Stuart went back to doodling. "I guess I'll ask her about it when she returns." He thought to himself. Completely oblivious to the voices around him, Stuart's attention was directed at his doodle which was almost finished. If he found the lesson boring, he would simply tune himself out. It wasn't just Mr Paine's lesson; it was almost every lesson that Stuart found boring with the exception of physical education. Mathematics was the worst, though. He hated that with a strong passion.

    When it came to friends, Stuart was quite popular due to being on the school's sports team. He knew a lot of people and was often invited to parties and social gatherings. He had only spoken to Georgia a few times before and she seemed alright to him.
  17. Georgia watched her leave with sad eyes, after the door closed, sighing and leaning against the sink. Her depressing thoughts were kicking in, and there was no use in fighting it. Her medication was in her bookbag, which was in the classroom, so she sat of the floor with her back against the wall, putting her head down on her crossed arms.

    After a while, one thought led to an emotion, which led to another thought, and so on. Soon it went on to Georgia crying on the floor for five minutes straight. She hated her life. She hated herself. She hated how dumb she was. Mr. Paine was. Alexia was. Why did Georgia even exist if the only waves she made in life were negative ones?

    After those five minutes, Georgia cleaned herself up and went back to class, though she wasn't able to do anything about her red eyes and pink cheeks. She took in a deep breath and opened the door to the class, walking in quickly with her head down, sitting in her desk with no words to anyone.
  18. Alexia 'Lex' Rodriguez Stepping into the classroom Alexia gritted her teeth as she glanced at Mr. Paine. If he said anything she wouldn't be surprised and if he didn't say anything...she still wouldn't be surprised. Taking her usual seat she lounged in her chair with a deep sigh, Crossing her arms over her chest Lex put her feet up on the chair in front of her, which was usually Gerogia's seat.

    From what she saw Alexia wasn't expecting Georgia back in class. But to her surprise her friend did walk in and Lex pulled her feet away, boots stomping on the floor louder than expected. Clenching her jaw she looked passed the back of her friends head and ignored the few stares she got from the noise she caused. Looking at the teacher the raven haired girl waited for the class, no, the day to be over. It hadn't started very well and she was already bummed out.
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  19. Stuart's desk was conveniently behind Georgia's. He lightly tapped the female's shoulder with his pencil to get her attention. "Yo, Georgia... What happened with you a moment ago?" Asked Stuart who was extremely curious at this point. He was referring to when she abruptly rushed out of the classroom.

    Courtney let her head fall down on her desk making an audible thump. She always sat in the back right next to the window because she could often put her head down. From this angle the teacher could not see her, unless he was walking around. She peeked her head up to see he was there, and sat up when someone ran out of the door. Who in the world was that and where was the fire?

    The class continued as if nothing had happened, they were talking about Edgar Allan Poe, which always seemed to her a rather depressing subject. She sighed and then yawned as quietly as she could. She was exhausted. When it came to her grades even sleep proved to be a lesser priority. She had stayed up all night doing homework and she was regretting it now. She was waiting for lunch, so she could at least get some sleep in but this period was proving to be endless. The door opened again and Georgia walked back in. She looked sick, really out of it, like something had hit her full on and Courtney's eyes followed her back to her seat. She hated it when people asked her if she was okay it just made things worse, at the same time it was showing concern. She wondered if she should get involved, sometimes people just needed someone to talk to... but she did not really know Georgia, what if she thought she was intruding on her privacy.

    She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.
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