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  1. Okay so I haven't been able to RP lately because of things and issues and such, but now I can again (Yay). Anyway, I don't really have a plot idea per-say, so I'm open to any ideas you might have but I'd like it if it could have romance, but other then that I'm not picky. Any one interested?
  2. What are your preferred genres/verses?
  3. Interested in girlxgirl? I really really want to do a girlxgirl roleplay! I have a plot idea for it as well!
  4. Hey! I have plenty of ideas :p of all kinds. Message me if you're interested in RPing together :3
  5. [MENTION=4487]hope-aspect-limeblood[/MENTION]: Well, I'm not overly picky, but my favourite genres would have to be Modern, Fantasy, Magic, Sc-fi or any combo of those :)
    [MENTION=1754]Becca Malik[/MENTION]: Sure!
  6. My character is an Aspie (Aspergers Syndrome) called Elvira Summers and she is also gay. However, she attracts the attention of your character on a train ride, and your character tries to woo Elvira by chatting to her, and flirting endlessly. Finally when Elvira agrees to go on a date, the date turns out all wrong for some reason.

  7. That works for me. :) Did you want to start it or should I?
  8. Could you start it please? :)
  9. I was wondering if you were still looking for a roleplay partner? Or an another one?