It was supposed to be a safe haven

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  1. Plot: There are various schools around the world to house people with odd abilities, people who are set apart from what is considered to be normal. Regardless of whether or not they can function in society, gifteds are taken to a safe haven to learn to control their powers, no matter their age. It seems to be a boarding school of sorts, and offers normal academic classes for the younger students (math, science, languages, anything you'd find in a normal school) as well as classes on History of Magic and different types of magic, with training rooms to work on their powers in. However, something's not right. Each year, a few people disappear from the school, and very few return. Eventually, our students will discover two plots that the school is involved in.
    1. A Fight to the Death. Each year, the students that are taken from the schools are brought to an underground battlefield type place, where they are locked in and told to either fight to the death or starve. (If you have seen/read the hunger games, it's much like that, but since it would be considered illegal, it is not public. The audience is made up of only those that are trusted, generally very twisted, violent people. *We would not actually be playing this part out, it is merely a problem they find with the school that leads our students to delve deeper, and to eventually figure out the next plan.
    2. The school is creating a drug that will effectively brainwash each one of them. Their training is preparing them for a war. These schools are run by "evil" gifteds, who want to overthrow the human government and kill humans or send them into hiding. They plan to brainwash the students/tenants of these schools, and use them as soldiers whether they are willing or not.

    Once our students find this out, they would end up running away (and stealing some of the training equipment in the process). They find an old, abandoned warehouse, put magical wards and guards up so that they aren't found, and use it as their own training base, to fight the evil gifteds if they come after them, which they will. No student would be required to join them -although if you're going to be in this I would suggest that you do, because I don't feel like having my character run to hell and back just to get your little loner or shy girl to join, and I doubt anybody else wants to either-, and they do everything by group vote.

    Gifteds: any type of power, whether it be simply controlling fire or electronics.
    Mediums/Necromancers: talk to ghosts/raise the dead
    Elves: Have ancient magic that uses nature to their advantage.
    Fairies/Pixies: Magic using energy levels *most common attack is to gather energy from the objects around them and gather it into a ball, which would be thrown*
    Werewolves: Need I say more? *imprinting, the idea from Twilight (which I serious hate) may be used, though I have a slightly different view of it. If you want a werewolf, PM me after posting here, and I will give you that description)
    vampires: If your vampire sparkles, please don't even bother. Vampires are soulless beings that practice self control only because they know that they do need to be a part of a larger group in order to survive, since there aren't many of them.

    If you have another race, PM me and ask. I'm sure there are some I missed. c:

    Characters I NEED:
    As the starter of the thread, I'll probably end up making my female a leader of their little group. I don't want to be the only one, however, so if you are interested in your character being a leader figure, PM me after posting here. Don't be upset if I don't accept you, I'm very picky.

    -If your description of your character includes "she was raped and never got over it and now doesn't trust anybody and doesn't like to talk to people, and she's fragile" it's the easiest way for me to not accept it. I'm sorry, but characters with those stories are overused, and more often than not, the roleplayer tries to make their character's sob story a main point in the roleplay. Obviously, each character has potential for a bad past, and there will be points in the roleplay where they may share this, and own up to stuff like that.
    But really, nobody likes the type of character that they have to chase to hell and back just to get a single word out of. >.> Shy is okay, as long as they do have the capability to talk to people. My character isn't going to drop down on her hands and knees to beg any of yours to come along.
    - I would really prefer if each character, regardless of their age and physical strength, has at least some ability to take care of themselves. This isn't a babysitting board.

    That's all, now just for the skeleton I'd like you to use c:

    Age: (no younger than eleven, please. Again, I'm not a babysitter =p)
    Control over powers: (how much control they have)
    How long they've been at the school: (Not everybody can be new...)
    Other information you find relevant:
    Physical appearance: (If you have a picture and it is small, please describe anyway. xD)

    NOTE: I won't be starting this until I get a few people. This is my first ever group thread on here.
  2. Anddd, here's my character.

    Name: Katherine "Kit" O'Brian
    Age: Seventeen
    Race: Pixie
    Control over powers: Has good control over the powers she knows, is learning new ones.
    Family: Doesn't speak to father or brother. Her grandfather lives not far from the school, and is a psychic.
    How long they've been at the school: Since she was seven.
    Personality: She's a little rough around the edges. She wants people to view her a certain way, as the carefree prankster -and honestly, she is that way most of the time-, but she's a very smart girl who has known that something was wrong with the school since a few weeks after going there. She likes to laugh, and likes to make other people laugh, but she does have a dark side. She's extremely temperamental, and quick to fight. She doesn't like being seen as weak. She's a prankster with an eye for trouble.
    Other information you find relevant: She tends to find trouble wherever she goes, but always manages to get herself out of it. She's very independent, and doesn't like for people to jump in on her battles.
    Physical appearance: kit.jpg
    5'1", slim, long dark red hair, dark blue eyes. She looks sweet and innocent, her facial features (small button nose, creamy pale skin with freckles) give her an almost naive look, but that's the furthest thing from the truth.