It was suppose to be a quick kill

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    Name: Silvia Anstis aka Blood Hound
    Age: 24
    Eyes: Silver
    Hair: Ebony

    Silvia is still not sure how she came to the family business as she had fought against it most of her childhood. But she had to guess it would have been after a group of people had found out it had been her brother who'd kiiled their boss for a rivaling group. In revenge they shot down her parents and dragged her brother off never for her to see him again. Her grandparents seemed to have a new drive to teach her to defend herself and aventually she gave into the teachings of her assasins heritage. At 17 she went off on her own and gained her reputation for a ruthless and silent killer. No one knows what she looks like; her mask is a base of black with red hound markings.
  2. [​IMG]Matthew Warner was ready for anything and anyone. He made friends with people easially and was easy to persuade people into doing what he wanted because of his charm and intellect. Looking down at the papers on his desk he sighed as he filled out rest of the paper he started before his recent meeting on his trip. Being that he was high paid and well know buisness man maney people wanted to be in his shoes. Some would even try to sabatouge him just for the tast of fame but Matthew just found it funny.

    Looking at the clock he scratched his head and then righed rubbing his eyes and the clock ready 11:00. It was going to be one of the late nights and work he wouldn't finish until it was about 1:00 in the morning. He leanded againt the rolling chair and streached his muscles before leaning forward intaking a deep breath and then began on his papers again. Matthew's mind wasn't in it, he was reacently acked to to a two week mwtting and was being sent out the next morning with an escort. He didn't know who it was but he was hopinh they'd be intresting so he wouldn't be bored.

    After finishing up he headed out the bui;ding and then to his car as he drove home and change into some more comfortable clothes. Feeling relaxed he watched some tevloision for a few minutes before heading into bed and then looking at the pictures around his room and slowly but surley drifting off into a deep sleep.

    BEEP BEEP BEEP!. " Ugh fucking alarm". Matt slamed his fist down on the alarm shutting it off before slowly rubbing his eyes and crawing out of bed, Once in the bathroom he brushed his teeth and then took a nice long shower. After drying off he put on some presntable clothes though he didn't feel like it. His bags were packed and his driver carried it into the car before Matt climbed in and the driver drove tword the destination where he was suppose to meet his escort. Pulling out his phone he cleared his schedule relaxed.
  3. Silvia sat across the building from her target; she'd been watching him for weeks and now she hould go in. She had two weeks as his escort to get the job done. Settig the binoculars down she stretched rubbing her hands over her face. He was probably going to be here all night again, there was no need for her to loose sleep over his compusion to finish his work into the night. She silently and swiftly packed her gear back in her bag, wiped down the room and left without a trace of her existance.

    Silvia knew that after this job she could take a well earned break for her hazardous occupation. She slipped the helmet over her head and with a roar of her bike she drove off to a secure place she could store her bike for the two weeks. She would be someone else for that time and as the many times before she would not fail.

    "-eeeeet emooooooooootion, Sweeeeeeeeet emooootion, I pulled into town in a-" Silvia smacked her hand down on the alarm clock and grumbled incoherently as she sat up in bed glaring at the defiant machine. With a huff she stood stretching and shuffled to the bathroom for a wake up shower. After dropping her bike off the night before she'd checked into a hotel room as if she'd come into town that night, under the name of her current alis, Silvia Jones. Walking out of the bathroom she rubbed her hair dry furiously and slipped into her grey pants suit with a silk emerald shirt. She left the hotel with a smart click of her heels and hailed a cab to the restaraunt.

    Entering the restaruant she looked around and checked her watch to make sure she was early like planned and got their table, ordering a sweet tea she leaned back and smoothed the top of her head; she'd pulled her hair back into a loose bun and added a touch of eyeliner to make her silver eyes stand out.
  4. Just when the driver stopped the car Matthew looked up from his phone and then gave the driver a tip before collencting his bags and letting the man in the front take his bags up to his room. As he looked around he saw no sign whatsoever of his escort instead he saw noone and he shook his head pulling out his phone once more and sending a message to his boss. If he was going to have to be in a place for two weeks he could have atleast had a escort that was there and now his mood was shot.

    Slowly he headed inside and looked around the hotel. The place was nice it wasn't too expensive but it wasn't cheap, it was right in the middle the way he liked it. Matthew hated to be in a rich hotel or anyplace where it was money infilled. He was a layed back person when he relaxed and being in a normal envoroment were people aren't kissing your ass every five seconds is relaxing. Sowly he walked to the desk and gave his name and number and then recived a pair of room keys.

    Matthew pressed the button on the elevator and then waited until he got to the forth floor before heading into his room where his bags were already there. The room was nice with a nice bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Taking a deep breath he unpacked his bags and then plumoed on the bed exausted.
  5. Silvia tapped the table impatiently and finally called her employer, "Did you give Mr. Warner the corret time and restaraunt for our meeting?" the secretery stammered into the phone telling her without words that the idiot woman had forgotten; she snapped her phone shut and stormed out of the restaraunt to the the hotel that Mr. Warner was currently staying; convenently in the same hotel that she was staying in as well.

    Silvia made it down five blocks in record time in heels she smoothed her hair back before entering the lobby and making her way to the elevator to the fourth floor. The tiny bell dinged and she calmly made her way down the hall cursing the blonde woman that didnt know a schedule book if it bit her in the ass. She stopped at his door and knocked twice and then stepped back to wait.
  6. Just as Matthew was going to close his eyes and relax into some sleep he heard a knock on the door and immeditally knew who it was. His escort. Gunting he slowly sat up and then walked out his bedroom and stopped at the door debating on wheter to open it but he didn't want to be rude so he did. Thinking of all the words to say her for not being there when he got there vanished as he was stuck staring into the eyes of the woman. IN his mind he expected a guy or some older woman but instead it was her.

    Blinking for a few moments his mind finally came back to him. " Um you must be my escort that didn't come, well might as well come inside". After closing the door behind then he walked into the livingroom before looking at her. " So tell my about yourself, name, age, and stuff you like". He wanted to make a converstaion so things wern't awkward or just on a buisness level,
  7. Silvia hid a smile, knowing she'd shocked him with her apperance, "My name is Silvia, I am very sorry for the inconvenence, the secretery in our office convenently forgot to tell you that we were to meet in the restraunt down the steet. I am 23 years old as for the things I like, it varies through the year. Like right now is the perfect time to be on the beach or sailing." She gave him a half smile. "

    "And what about you Mr. Warner, what are things you like?" She knew almost everything about this man's background but it was fun to see what things people said to you in person. It was the real defining characteristics that needed the hands on, elbows deep, kind of work. Her gandparents often told her this was the way she punished herself for killing the target. Getting to know them and letting them trust her and then turn around and put a bullet through their head when they lest expect it.