It was summer, and so I came to sing my song.

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  1. Hey Iwakus!

    I'm Cicada, named after the bug that sings in the summer. I haven't done play-by-post role-playing for awhile, but I don't think posting will be an issue. I'm twenty-five, a guy, and I prefer group role-plays to one on one. My goal is to improve my creative writing skills through the experiences I have with all of you awesome looking people on this site. I'm very open to constructive criticism and appreciate any challenges that force me to think about my character's role as well as the way I write.

    In my spare time I love to cook. I'm thinking about trying out this challenge where you follow a new recipe each week. Each week is a theme like appetizers, use a particular ingredient, spicy foods. Sometimes you have to try out new techniques like smoking foods or making something from scratch. It sounds like fun, and if it works out I might share my experiences with it on here.

    Anyway! It's great to be here and I hope I'll be role-playing with you all soon. I've filled out most of my role-player's profile if anyone wants to take a look. I don't have a sample right now, but I figure I'll fill it with something once I join my first plot. I'm ready for invitations if someone needs members for an open group rp.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! [: Great job on your resume, by the way.
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  3. Thanks Catalyst (or Anna, whichever you prefer)! I really like the profile system on this site. It makes it easier to see what other people are into.
  4. Whichever is fine. [: And yeah, it really does make it a lot easier. It's something I love about this site.
  5. Welcome, Cicada, named after a bug that sings in the Summer! Welcome to this ever-changing land of organized chaos and dysfunctional organization! If you need anything, I always have good advice and fresh cookies!
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