It was only one night

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  1. Mickey.was.over it. She had just found out her boyfriend of two years was cheating in her, with her best friend. Knowing full well that she hated both of them she damned them both to hell as she walked in on them having sex. Finding herself walking out of his aparment her feet led her to a little bar down his street,since she still wasn't of age to drink she came to this bar knowing the bartender could give two fucks about how old you were. Drinking her problems away she then sees a sex god of a guy taking a seat next to her. Will their one night escaped be the start to a new relationship or will he just use her and then leave. (Looking for the male character to be in between the ages of 26-30)
    My CS
    Name: Mickey
    Personality: fun, outgoing, stubborn, flirty, romantic, artistic, and creative
    Occupation: Waitress and college student
    Bio:(learned in rp)

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