It Was Just a Kiss...

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  1. One kiss changes a relationship between two friends.
  2. Selene sighs, pulling her long black hair up in a sloppy bun. Her dark blue eyes stare back at her from the mirror hanging on her wall, which was decorated with pictures of her friends, family, and posters of celebrities she liked. She had pretty, fair skin, and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She was quite pretty, though she didn't realize it. She had a black-and-blue bruise forming on her right cheekbone, and she knew she'd have to think up an excuse on how she got it to tell her friends later. She touches it gingerly, and winces. A tear traces down Selene's cheek, as she turns and walks out of her room.
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  3. Eli moved his jet black emo-like hair out of his eyes. He was bored, so he decided to visit his good friend Selena. They have been friends since they were 7. He got to her front door and knocked.
  4. Selene, hearing a knock at the door, quickly brushed the tear off her cheek and ran down the stairs. She opens the door, and grins to see Eli standing there. Around most people, she would have been self-conscious about her black sweatpants, plain grey t-shirt, and messy hair, but around Eli, she didn't care - they'd been friends for what seemed like forever.

    "Hey!" Selene says, still smiling. "C'mon in."
  5. He smiled then and walked in, "Hey Selena." he loooks at her eye and sighs, "Did he do that to you again?"
  6. Selene's smile falters, and she nods silently.
  7. He sighs and hugs her, "I dont see why you continue to stay in this house."
  8. "I don't have anywhere else to go" she mutters, resting her head on his shoulder. "Anyways, even if I tried to leave, he probably wouldn't let me go. You know how my father is."
  9. He continues hugging her. He knew her father was secretly afraid of him. "You could stay with me and my family."
  10. Selene sighs. "I wish I could," she whispers. "But he'd never allow it..."
  11. He pulls away to look at her with his steel colored eyes, "Look you cant stay here anymore. You dont deserve this. Its about time you get away from all this."
  12. Selene sighs. She opens her mouth to say something, but's interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming open and closed. Selene's father comes stumbling into the house, obviously drunk. Selene squeaks with fear, hiding behind Eli. Her father stood at 6'5, towering over Selene's height of 5'4. He sneers at her. "What's he doin' here?" He growls, jabbing a finger at Eli.
  13. Eli glares at him, grabs him by the wrist and squeezes it so hard its break, "What the hell do you think I am doing here?"
    Selene is the only one that knows that he isnt fully human.
  14. He yelps, yanking away his wrist, but quickly replacing his look of pain with a scowl. "I dunno, but I reckon you're up to no good." He glares at him, though he takes a slight step backwards. "Now, get your hands off my daughter," he growls, his words slurred and eyes glazed over from too much drink. Selene shrinks backwards, shaking slightly with fear.
  15. Eli's eyes glow red, the way they do when he is angry. "No. You keep your hands off of her." He punches him right through the wall knocking him out.
  16. Selene gasps, but also relaxes."He's going to try and kill you now, you know," Selene remarks to Eli.
  17. He smiles, "You know as well as I do its impossible for him to do that." He grabs her arm, "Come on." They run outside. He looks around to make sure no one is looking then makes his black angel-like wing pop out of his back.
  18. Selene runs along with Eli, a few strands of her hair falling out of her messy-bun and hanging in her face. She stumbles over the root stretching over the front walk, as she always does, even though she's been living in that house all of her life. She had bad memories of that house, and she couldn't wait to get away from it all.
  19. Eli swoops her up in his arms and flies starts flying.
  20. Selene peers down at the houses and yards rushing beneath her. She's never been scared of heights - she'd always loved how beautiful everything looked from up high.
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