It was Always Her Emotions.

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    Name: Emery Vale
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Height: 175cm
    Personality: Emery appears nice and welcoming on the outside, but on the inside she's empty because she's tried to hold back her emotions for so long that she doesn't know about them anymore. Whenever someone gets close to her, her obvious blankness makes them scared of her.

    It had always just been about hiding. Conceal it, so that you won't hurt others. Emery had found herself repeating these things on the inside over and over, but it still made her feel bad about herself. She wasn't supposed to be emotionless. But she knew it was dangerous. Right from that day, she knew that it was dangerous. She had been so angry, so sad. Her parents had told her that her uncle, her beloved uncle, had died in a car accident. The anger had boiled through her veins, and all around her, the glass shattered, shattered into millions and trillions of pieces. Her parents were affected by this and they died from the injuries sustained by the outburst of her powers. After that, she had sworn to never show anyone what it was like to live as her. She had ran away and eventually, after living with a friend for a few years, gotten her own house. When she was little, she would always be seen wearing a hat to hide away her hair because of its strange color, but when she got older, she didn't care anymore. She couldn't afford to care, or her loved ones would get hurt.

    When she had accidentally broken a lot of windows in her school without even touching them, she knew how dangerous it was. She always used plastic cups instead of glass or porcelain, because it broke in contact with her hands. She was at a loss and didn't know what to do about herself. She just wanted to be normal... but she couldn't. So she attended a normal college that she had gotten scholarships for, and thus went her lifestyle. Now was just any other day, and she was hoping deep inside her heart that there was nothing bad waiting in front of her on this day. If that happened, she'd go crazy pretty soon. Now she was finally in a school, finally somewhere where no one knew of her strange ability to break things around her, and if she was figured out as a freak out of control, what wouldn't happen to her? She would never have any friends. She wore a graceful, black skirt and a shirt in light violet, letting her hair fall down her back. It was curly and wavy and despite the strange, white color, it suited her immensely well. She was a beautiful girl, no one would deny that, but she was scared out of her wits. She didn't want anyone to get hurt because of her, and she just wanted to shut herself in. But she needed a life. She needed to make herself a life so that she'd be left alone, more or less. Then no one would bother her about money or anything like that and she only had to work to get money. That way, her focus was on money and not her feelings, and she'd be safe.

    On this first day in high school, she was also excited. What if they actually liked her? Such thoughts bubbled inside her. When she met at the principal's office, she handed in her papers. "Emery... I'm Emery Vale. I am here to get my schedule?" She asked nervously as she looked up at the secretary. The woman handed her a sheet of paper and she took off to her first class. She battled her nervousness and it luckily worked without too much of a ruckus, only a few scratches on a window. When she got to the class, there was no one. Emery was the type to arrive early, and she sat down in the far back with a book on her lap, trying to focus on numbing away her feelings once again, leaving the danger at home where she could break all that she wanted.
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  6. Sachiko grinned happily as today was the first day she had lived close enough to walk to school instead of taking the train. She stared straight forward towards the soft sunrise and took in its mix of pinks, oranges, and red she even picked out the subtle shades of purple. The chances she had to properly enjoy these kind of moments were far to little with her fast paced life. She coughed a bit feeling her heart rate increase for a few steps she looked down hearing her heart in her ears booming like a bass. She focused on putting on step in front of the other she WOULD make it to school.
    Finally she reached the school her breath heavy and heaving as she stumbled across the tiles of the halls. She stuffed her hand in her pocket feeling around the humid compartment for a small section of paper. When she felt it she pulled out the note with a number scribbled down on it. Her eyes scanned the Labels on the sides of each class through her fogged up glasses. When she did come across her class she trudged into it tired with her legs feeling wobbly. Her eyes surveyed the room with its empty chairs and lighting from the windows. Her gaze stopped on the girl before her. There was someone else already here? She had left on the early side making this discovery rather surprising, she had to think fast. She had not seen her before so this might be awkward. "Um hi," she muttered waving with a soft smile approaching the other girl.

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  7. Emery glanced up, her eyes blank as usual, observing the newcomer. She seemed so calm. She always seemed calm. She closed her book slowly and put it on the table. "Hello." She offered in response. She would show no reaction, no emotion, only the coldness of her own glare so that this girl would not want to get any closer to her. Of course, she felt bitter about her situation, but there was no helping it. Unless she wanted to break any glass surface or object inside of the classroom, she'd have to act like an emotionless doll. It was a bit annoying, and very difficult, but in the end... she could not do anything against it. Because it was her nature.

    She smoothed out her skirt while looking at her hands that she afterwards folded in her lap. Her posture was like that of a princess, a queen, even. It was graceful and gentle, yet powerful. There was something in her that would make a good leader, but to truly accomplish that, she'd have to throw away all emotion. Not just be able to hide it, no, truly throw it away so that she'd never see anything break around her again.
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