It Was All a Trap

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  1. Zachary walked to school alongside his younger sister, Kelly.
    "I'm just one year closer to being an adult now!" He exclaimed, trying to make conversation with Kelly. He turned 17 yesterday and was obviously glad to be one year closer to being an adult.
    Kelly only rolled her eyes.
    Zach looked to be thinking of something else to say, he hated being in awkward silence.
    "Tomorrow is Saturday, lets do something," he suggested, hoping she'd say yes.
    Kelly looked to be thinking before answering, "sure, why not? What do you have in mind?"
    Zachary obviously didn't have a thought yet. He brushed a hand through his hair as he looked around.
    On their walk to school, they were just about to pass the forbidden house. "I got it! We should spend the weekend in there," Zachary said as he pointed to the house.
    "You've got to be crazy..."Kelly didn't seem ready to spend any time in the house, especially if it was for a whole weekend.
    The house was well known. It was known for an incident that could years ago. Nobody knows the true story except for the great great great grandson of the survivor. The story has been passed down, but this boy won't pass it down anymore, he just doesn't believe it.

    Speaking of this great great great grandson, Vladimir, sat right outside the school, waiting for the first bell to ring.
    He was a loner and almost always seen writing.
    Everyone always seemed to leave him alone, and he was perfectly fine with that.

    As the two siblings came to the school, Zach immediately started looking around, "I gotta find the others," he said, wanting to bring his friends along with them.
    Kelly only nodded, leaving him to do so. She walked up to the school building, heading to the art room as she waited for the first bell to ring.
  2. Andy was already at school sitting in her favourite spot in the library, it was where she could always be found and often from as soon as school opened to the last moments before it closed for the night, she liked being away from home as long as possible, but not because she hated her home, Andria just liked to be out in her favourite places.
    The library was also a good place to overhear things, something she had become rather good at in her time during school. Andria knew most the rumours or secrets, and not just in the library, she went out of her way to scour the school for people to eavesdrop on, not that she ever did anything with the information anyway as she often forgot it rather quickly.

    "I wonder what I will get to learn today" She spoke to herself as she concentrated on her game, waiting for the first bell to ring for class, however she often had her headphones in, so even if it did ring she will probably end up missing it and being late to class again.
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  3. Walking as quickly as his cane would allow him, Dan made his way to school, oblivious to the sights around him. He knew he was possibly going to be late, because he had gotten up much later than he normally did. "Dammit!" He yelled as he attempted to speed up a tad more. As he made his way along, he was trying to focus on the cane more than anything else and soon found that he was on the ground, having missed the dog that bolted between his legs. As he stood up, he realized that across the street was the apparently cursed house. Without another sound to be heard, he continued on his path.

    Entering the school grounds, he was relieved to hear plenty of people walking around so he knew he wouldn't be too late even if he was behind. Hearing a walk that was increasingly familiar, he called out. "Zach, is that you I hear?" He shuffled along in the direction of the footsteps.
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  4. Kelly went off to the art room, where she would continue working on something assigned by the art teacher.
    She wanted it to be perfect, she was a perfectionist after all.
    Zach was on his way to the library, where he knew he'd find Andy. He was then stopped by a familiar voice, now he didn't have to look too much for the both of them.
    "Dan! I'm right here," he said as he walked closer to his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Lets go find Andy before the bell rings. I have something planned for the weekend."
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  5. Feeling slightly relieved for having caught up with Zach, he relied a bit more on his friend's eyes and movement than his cane. "Plans? What kind of plans?" Not the least bit nervous about what they had planned he wanted to inquire, "Is Kelly there? Or is it just you?" He couldn't hear another set of footsteps, but then again he could barely distinguish Zach's in the horde of people around them.
  6. "You'll know soon enough when we find Andy. It'd be easier to tell the both of you at the same time," Zach said to Dan, his hand still on his shoulder, guiding him.
    "Kelly went off to the art room like always. But she'll be coming with us this weekend, even if I have to drag her!" Zach sounded excited.
    Once making it to the library, he quickly scanned over it and easily spotted Andy.
    Zach grabbed Dan's hand and speed walked across the library to Andy.
  7. Still sitting in the library with her nose in her screen and her fingers mashing on the worn buttons of her laptop, being adsorbed into her game she was hardly paying attention to anything else, it was wasn't unusual however for her to do this. Despite her best efforts however she still managed to lose the fight, letting out a frustrated sigh she fell back against the seat she was sitting at, and too her headphones off her head and hung them around her neck.
    "Well time to level grind then, guess there are still some other side quests I have to do as well, so it wont be boring at least" She muttered to herself as she sat forward again and clicked continue on her game. As she was about to pull her headphones back over her ears she noticed Zach walking with Dan across the library towards her, lifting her hand she gave them a bit of a wave.
    "Hey there, what brings the both of you here to my corner of the library?" She asked as they drew closer, turning her body in the chair to face the two and letting her headphones rest around her neck again "I was just in the middle of a gaming session like always, though after dying I can't be bothered playing it any more"
  8. "I will never be able to understand your fascination with that computer......... well naturally, that would be something unknown to me." Dan laughed a little as he felt around him and moved to a nearby bookshelf, which held books that were either really old, or in braille. "Zach here says he's got plans," He pulled down one of his favorite books about music and life coinciding, "But as I like to say, 'Let the path that would be, be you. Let the unknown blossom into existence and let the truth ring through it all.' What a wonderful quote to steel from a book that no one but me can read." He chuckled to himself because he didn't know anyone else at the school who was needing of braille. Putting the book back and turning around, he looked to where Zach was when he moved, or at least in the general direction. "So, lets here these's plans of yours."
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