It Was All a Trap...

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    • It's been abandoned for centuries...
      Nobody goes near it...
      Nobody knows what really happened, but everyone knows to stay away.
      After years of the incident, the true story got twisted too many times for anyone to know the truth. There had to be over a dozen different stories.
      There were about three that came up the most, and only one person could tell you if it was right or wrong.
      There was only one survivor. He had a family. His great great great grandson was told about the story....but he refuses to tell anyone the truth. He, himself, didn't even believe it.
      Something was in there, and eventually, it's going to be discovered.
      It was a nice house. Big, but not quite a mansion. Two stories high, including a basement. That much was expected, every scary story told either took place in a basement or an attic.

      All that is known, the family disappeared and the only one who got out wouldn't tell anyone except his family what really happened. He seemed scared, terrified even.
      Some say that maybe his wife went crazy and killed her family before committing suicide. Others say they simply died by an accident. The most outrageous of the stories; something was in there that took the family, the only question is "what?" and "why?"

    • RULES:
      -All Iwaku rules apply
      -No smut, sorry. Not even going to fit in with this plot lol
      - No one liners. At least three to five sentences.
      -I do not expect, nor do I want, fast paced replies.
      -Don't leave people behind, if you're impatient, don't just leave players who have yet to give a reply. Give a day or two.
      -No more than three characters
      -No mean talk....
      -Have're out if you don't have fun...
    • CS


      "My name is Zachary Cooper...but most people call me Zach"

      "I turned 17 just yesterday"

      "Take a close look, I'm sure I look like a guy...unless you wanna go into a deeper search"

      "I'm told my curiosity gets the best of me. Always looking for a story to tell the next day."
      Zachary has passed that same house everyday on his walk to school. Nobody has gone beyond the fence, but eventually he gets curious bad enough to suggest it to his friends.


      "My name is Kelly Cooper. That's right, Zach is my idiot brother.'

      "I'm fifteen"

      "I'm a girl"

      "I guess you can say I'm not very social."
      Kelly usually only hangs out with one person from her art class, but it's never outside that class.
      Her brother practically dragged her along to the creepy house.


      "My name is Vladimir Carter"

      "I know I don't look it, but I'm sixteen"


      "I'm that weird kid in the back of the class with the weird background"
      Vladimir is the one whose great great great grandfather survived that creepy house. He doesn't believe a word of what was passed down to him. Vladimir is always looked at weird, but he doesn't mind.
      He's almost never seen doing work, but yet has almost perfect grades.
      Vladimir heard Zachary's plans, he couldn't help but follow.​

      I want to keep this group small.

      1. KayLove
      2. TK (shlav)
      3. Lexzah

      First come first serve.

      Played By TK

      "I-i'm Dan, Dan Dyke."
      "I-i'm male....."
      "I-i try to be friendly, though some think I just follow the cool people."
      Dan was born with only partial blindness, and just after that, lost the ability of sight entirely. He has heard rumors and descriptions from everyone about the house, but he doesn't really believe things unless he hears it himself.

      Played BY Lexzah
      "My name is Andria BolÍvar,
      Andy for short if you like"
      "I am only 18 years old"

      "Female, should be easy to see"

      "I can be socially awkward, and may come off as clueless at times, not to say that I'm a ditz. I am quite friendly, and I can sometimes be a bit rash in my actions, but I always mean well.

      Being one of the nerdy girls in school, Andria happened to overhear these rumours abut a haunted house while playing computer games in the library, with nothing better to do and despite her fear of horror, she still decided to ask around so that she could go check it out. She is always looking for a good thrill, even if it is terrifying.
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  1. looks good, are those the only three pc's in this rp?
  2. What do you mean?

    You make your own characters...
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  3. ah, it was just saying that three went up to it..... figured those three were the charries
  4. No no, you're allowed to make up to three.
  5. I may join, depending on how active my current RPs are...
  6. Alight, would you still want me to reserve a spot in case you are?

    and I didn't know if you ( @TK (shlav) ) were joining or not....
  7. yeah i'll join
  8. Sure
  9. gosh darnit Kay I'm the one thats supposed to have the russian names (you said no mean talk so this will be a struggle)
  10. Haha I'll make an exception for you -3-
    And you should have claimed that before
  11. I shouldnt have to.... Does CCCP not mean anything to you?
  12. Yea, I guess so...
  13. Well that doesn't seem reassuring. I'm asking so I know whether or not to mark the thread as closed signups or not.
    If you don't want to be in then say so.
  14. I still have not been able to get a guess on the activity of my RP.

    Sorry Kay, but I guess I will sit this one out
  15. hmmmmmm, well I only really have a basic insight on the End Enders...... and that was only what you said, so if you could help me better understand what they do, I could still join.
  16. The end enders?
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