It warms my heart to see that Bob Asshat was online today.

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  1. Bob nodded his solemn greetings as he entered the room. He was a polite gentleman, who always tipped his hat to the ladies. Both hats. The one he wore on his head. And the one one wore to cover his abnormally large ass. The was were he'd gotten his nickname and he took it in good humour. Bob had always had trouble finding trousers that fully covered his large ass, and knowing how very impolite it was to leave part of an ass uncovered, he had come up with the very brilliant idea of the ass hat. You may laugh, children, but it was a very wise invention on his part indeed. Once, the asshat had even saved someones life. Sit back, children, and let me tell you a story about Bob and his asshat.
  2. You posers think you know Bob, but you don't >:[

    Also, he told me to tell you "Your mother".
  3. How..
    How does one have an asshat?
    I can't even find those in Target. D:
  4. One does not simply find an asshat. One must create an asshat.
  5. Every one thousand years, the Asshat clan emerges to rain down pain and suffering upon unsuspecting dopes. Beware of the Asshat!
  6. He cuts the butt cheeks off of dead people. Simple as that.
  7. Sounds.... unsanitary. o wo
  8. It is a rather sly and clean process. He uses a chainsaw!!!
  9. And then he gets some kids to save Narnia for him.
  10. :D
    Narnia must be honored to have kids ordered by him save them. <3
  11. Actually they're a couple of Low income kids......they have guns.
  12. I blame the school systems.
  13. no, it's the hospital's fault, they totally shouldn't have allowed these bad eggs to have hatched.
  14. "Excuse me, but are you implying that I am of poor decent? Just because I have a large ass? I resent that. One cheek of my ass is more proper than your whole family. Particularly your mother."

    Oh hello, Bob. Since when did you get a voice in my head?
  15. :D
    Big Booty Pride!

    Now that is the topic of this thread. -nod.-
  16. since you're head is up your ass.
  17. "I could sit on you. Then what?"
  18. "Kinky..."