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  1. Jack Frost must have been working overtime that early fall day, because boy was it freezing! It was still fall yet, people were bundled up, like it was already winter. And even though it was literally twenty degrees out, that hell called school was still going on. It was nearly lunch time in South Ridge High, and all the students slowly staggered to the cafeteria, talking about who had sex with who, who was knocked up, and who was dumped. Same talk like every damn day. It was basically in the school's fucking schedule.

    A small girl, barely five foot slammed her locker as she turned to Oliver. This was Oli's close friend, August, but he called her A. Her gray eyes were ignited with anger, and they stood out even more against her chocolate colored skin. Her white died hair was braided into two long French braids. Her full lips were twisted into a grimace. Obviously something was up with her.

    "Oli. He gave me a freakin' C. A 'C'!" Yelled the girl. August was a smart girl, but she had a hard time in physics. However August never really got anything but A's. The closest she got to a C was an A-. But that changed today. Before he could ask who gave her he C, she went on to say, "Mr. freakin' Holmes! Ugh! That bald headed, fat, red faced, ugly, brushy brows, old man gave me a C!" August yelled hysterically, causing a few of the bystanders eyes to cast over to them. August had a habit to say, 'freaking' a lot when she was mad, and yell. "Ugh! I could just strangle him! And he's not letting me make it up! I have to do stupid extra credit! This is going to ruin me Oliver, ruin-"

    "Get the hell out of the way!" Yelled a rather attractive man as he skateboarded, yes skateboarded, through the halls. August quickly jumped it of the way, and pulled Oliver with her, before he man hit him. It was no other then Micah. The star of the football team. The king of South Ridge High. Glaring holes into the back of his head August scoffed, before looking at her friend.

    "Are you okay? I didn't grab you to hard right?"
  2. Oliver was already having a bad day before the douchebag decided to glide through the goddamn hallway. So, lets skim back a bit, to see what has been going on today. Because, hell, was it a lot for him to handle.

    It started as early as 7 a.m that morning. He had woken up on the wrong side of the bed, which he assumed had started the monumental cascade of utter bullshit that followed. First, he woke up to the realization that he forgot to do Miss Ross' english homework. This was not the worst thing to happen, but, however, it meant he was bound to get a zero, which would lower his grade.

    Then, the next instance of him having a horrible time, he forgot to bring his coat, which he had left down in the wash, leaving him with nothing to keep himself warm. Which was made worse by the fact that, due to LOOKING for the english homework he thought he did, he missed the bus. And now?

    This asshole thought it'd be a great idea to push his best friend into him. Oliver scoffed a bit, shifting to make sure his books didn't fall from his arms. Skating? Really? In the hall? What type of move was that? He could just walk, like the rest of them. To be quite honest, he really did not like Micah, at all. The guy was just too high on his goddamn horse. One day, Oliver was sure, he'd get kicked off of it.

    He turned to his friend, sighing a bit "Nah, you're fine. Thanks for the concern. What the hell's with that guy, anyway?"
  3. "He thinks he owns this damn school, and he won't get in trouble for shit, since the school wouldn't want to upset their precious star." She said sarcastically, moving to pull her bag more onto her shoulder. Looking up her friend, she grimaced a bit, pushing his onyx colored hair out of his dark blue eyes. "I guess we're both having a pretty shitty day huh? Where Tay? Usually he's-"

    "Good morning guys! Damn it's a great day today right?" Asked the boy, who had a grin on his freckled face that reached ear to ear. Tay towered over both of his rather short friends, and he had dusty blonde hair that was never tamed, and was in a heep of curls. His coffee brown eyes finally took a look at both of his friends, arching a brow at the two of them. "Who pissed in your cereal this morning?"

    "Shut up Tay." Hissed August as she punched his shoulder playfully.

    "Ouch! Damn, what's with you guys? Anytime I'm having a good day, you two are having a shitty one." He teased.

    "Let's just get to lunch." A mumbled, leading her two closest friends to the cafeteria
  4. Oliver walked along side them, scowling to himself. Yea, he'd love to get back at the guy some how, but that would require him standing out of the crowd. That? That wasn't something he was particularly willing to do. He wanted to stay low and clean for the rest of his highschool career, in terms of his social life. He could stand out academically, but other than that? He liked to blend into the crowd, so to speak.

    His two friends, here at the moment, along with one other out of school were the only people he was friends with at all. He supposed he could maybe call his siblings his friends, but he wasn't really sure if that actually counted or not. After all, they were family; he was practically required to like, spend time with, and talk to them. Granted, he probably would like the twins, family or not, but still.

    He glanced over at his friends, raising an eyebrow at them "So, uh....yea. How's your day so far, Tay? Hopefully better than ours; I'm ready to murder someone, to be honest." He said, hefting his books up once more as to not drop them on the ground "Though, I think it ought to be better, as it's impossible to be worse than mine."
  5. "Fucking fantastic! I got a C- on that physics test Mr. Holmes gave out. I was sure that I flunked it." Grinned the boy, as he walked into the crowed lunch room as students made there ways to tables, or lunch lines.

    Rolling her bright gray eyes, August looked up at him, arching her perfect brow. "Really? A C-? How could you be okay with that? Are you not fuming?" She asked with a pout.

    "No, not at all. Did you not hear the part where I said I was sure I flunked it?" Cackled the boy. Tay was...well an average student. He didn't excel much, so he was cool with a C-. Unlike August who was determined to excel at everything she put her mind to.

    August looked over at Micah's table, seeing him and his group of friends talk loudly. A rather beautiful girl, who looked like a model was attached to Micah's hip. she was gorgeous, model worthy, but her attitude? Let's say a cactus was more huggable than that bitch. The girl, named Georgia, cooed up at Micah, puckering her full lips for a kiss.

    August gagged as she got in line, rolling her eyes. "Those two make me sick." She rumbled under her breath. alena_by_avvart-d9b85fj.jpg
  6. "Don't bring attention to them. I might puke if I look." Oliver replied dryly "Or keel over and die. That might be better; then I won't have senses to view them with."

    He sighed, moving to a table and setting down his stuff. He rolled his shoulders a bit, trying to get rid of the ache that came with basically carrying his whole locker with him on a daily basis in the bag. He really shouldn't do it, because it could quite possibly cause issues with his back, but he was so used to rushing around without his locker that it had just become something he did. After a bit of relaxing, he leaned down, fishing out his lunch money and waving it at his friends

    "I'm gonna go get food. Make sure my stuff doesn't get stolen and all that." He said casually, before beginning to go get his lunch.

    He walked in, grabbing a tray, and surveying the horrifying options for the day. All of them looked like they could possibly give him several hundred diseases, but it wasn't like he brought anything for himself from home. With a sigh, he took what he wanted, and made his way out of the area.
  7. Just as Oliver was making his way back to his table, two guys who was playfully shoving each other, bumped into Oliver, a bit roughly, sending his food out of his hands and into the shirt of none other than Micah Johanson.

    Micah stood there, his friends got quiet, knowing Micah had a well...Short temper. A rather animalistic growl came from the boy. And when I say animalistic, the boy sound like a damn dog, or rather wolf. Looking at his know ruined shirt, his bright blue eyes, nearly silver, looked over to the culprit, who ruined his perfect shirt.

    "Watch. Where. The. Hell. Your. Going!" Yelled the teen, as he gripped the boy's collar looking him in the eyes. And he was met with the most stunning deep blue eyes he has ever seen. Though....Those eyes belong to a guy? We, how were they stunning?

    'MINE' Growled his inner wolf, nearly trying to force his way to the surface. Micah had to inwardly battle his wolf to stay put. Wait huh? Mine? What the hell did he mean by mine?!

    'Mate! Mine, my mate!' His wolf basically screamed in his head. Micah's grip on his collar loosened, his own blue eyes were widen as he stared down at the most beautiful not he had ever seen. Beautiful? Wait no, no, no! His can't be right! This wasn't his mate.

    "Babe? Let em go, he's not worth it, we can go change your shirt~" Georgia cooed up to her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his waist, placing a kiss on his shoulder.

    The feeling of her made Micah's stomach churn. She disgusted him. Yet just a moment before he met his boy, he was in love with her. No...This can't be right! His mate could not be a guy.

    Micah backed away from him, before easily storming out the cafeteria.

    Tay and August were tunning up to there friend worried. "Oli! You good man?" Asked Tay, worried.
  8. "Well, I just lost my lunch, in a literal sense, to three assholes, and got touched by the 'God of the School'." He replied, annoyed at what was going on "So I would say no, I'm not alright. Thanks for inquiring."

    He bent down, picking up what he could to throw the stuff out. This was just great! He didn't actually have any more money, so that meant no lunch. He wasn't about to pester anyone else for money, either, because that was just plain rude. Besides, he probably would've thrown it all up anyway, after seeing those two being lovey-dovey with one another. It was disgusting.

    He made a face at the rest of the mess, before going to get paper towels. He wouldn't be able to get it all up with his hands. So, he grabbed a bunch, and set back to work. Hopefully, after this, he could find money lying on the ground or something. That would really help out his starving stomach and foul attitude. Well, at least, he hoped it would. When he got home, he was totally just curling up into a ball on his bed and just sleeping the day away. Until dinner, at least, because as a growing boy who could quite possibly be going without lunch, he needed something else to eat.

    He finished cleaning up, and threw away everything. Then, he took a seat, running a hand through his hair and bouncing his knee. Maybe he could get homework done during this period or something. It would be a good use of his time, considering the circumstances.
  9. August wasn't about to let her friend starve. She had packed her lunch, so she pulled out her lunch box, taking out half of her lunch, and giving it to him. "Here you go. I know you must be starving. And its better than anything this school has to offer. I promise." Said the chocolate skinned girl, giving him a small smile.

    Tay offered him a pack of cookies long with a juice box, so now the boy had half a ham and cheese sandwich, chips, cookies, juice, and a pudding up. A reasonable lunch. "Let's just hope today gets better alright?" Grumbled August as she moved to eat as well as do some work.

    After lunch, Micah's head was going out of control. He found his mate. His mate wasn't Georgia. It wasn't even a damn girl. It was guy. A freaking guy. His wolf was growling st him to go find his mate. His wolf couldn't stand the fact that he didn't mark his mate.

    'MINE' growled the wolf again.

    "Yeah, yeah. I know,I know." Grumbled Micah under his breath. Who the hell was that guy anyway? 'The most gorgeous creature alive...Wait stop it! I'm not gay! I'm straighter than a damn ruler! Micah Johanson is not gay!' He thought to himself, visibly shaking. Though as much as he forced himself to try and hate his mate, he couldn't get those damn eyes out his head. Or how his raven black hair softly fell into him. Or those small pink lips, that looked so soft. What would it feel like if he pressed his own lips against them? STOP! GAY! THAT'S GAY! He yelled to himself in his head, groaning. He walked out the bathroom, his head low.

    This can't be happening. He was going to be alpha. He can't have a male as a mate.

    'Mark him' His wolf snapped at him.
  10. "I swear, you're both saints." Oliver said, pulling the food closer with a slight grin "A goddamn pair of saints, that's what you are. You're gonna be canonized when you die. Do you want my love confession to you now, or later? To both of you. Because god, you're both great."

    So, he ate. And it was great. So much that he happened to forget his troubles, and walk out of the lunch room with a grin still on his face and a pep in his step, which was a bit unusual, but he was happy to have friends that actually cared about him. He supposed anyone would be happy about, but he was especially so.

    This period, he had study hall, so he began to make a b-line to the library, trying to avoid any unnecessary attention, as he usually did, by going a different way than other students would go. He planned to spend the time drawing, once he got there, and possibly write a bit. But art was a main priority. After all, if he was going to major in it, he needed to practice at least once everyday. It wasn't as if he didn't enjoy it, either. He enjoyed it a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn't want to do it for his job. And yet, here he was, wanting just that.
  11. For Micah, this was his study hall. Instead of going, he decided he would wander the halls, trying to think about what had just happened. His mate? A boy? No...Maybe he could avoid him? But Micah knew win the back of his head that that was impossible.

    When a werewolf found his mate, it was impossible to really avoid them. Unless...They rejected you. It wasn't common for a human to reject a werewolf mate. But it sometimes happened. His inner wolf whimpered at the thought of their mate rejecting them. It made his wolf pace in worry. 'Quiet' Micah growled at the wolf as he found himself walking to the library. Why?

    Well something just told him to go. The usually cocky jock walked around the library, confused on why he was here, until his eyes landed on the boy. The boy who was his mate.

    He could feel his wolf perk up, 'Mark him, mine' He growled.

    Micah really wished his damn wolf would shut up, but Micah found himself walking over to the boy, his eyes on him. "....Hey. You're the guy from earlier right...Did you get to eat anything?" He asked politely. Micah stared at his beautiful beige skin, and how it contrasted to his dark locks. Why was he so stunning?
  12. Oliver paused a moment, staring up at the other male like a dear caught in the headlights. This? This was not normal. He was supposed to blend into the crowd, or, if anything, get beat up by the popular kids. They were not, decidedly, supposed to ask him questions which could be filed under a concerned tone. That was not allowed to happen, and especially with this jerk. So, Oli decided to just do what he usually did: be a sarcastic and generally cynical person to get out of the current conversation he was trapped in.

    He regained his composure, stance still stiff, but expression regressing to an uninterested look. That might send the other a hint that Oliver didn't want him nearby. At the very least, it showed he was sucking up to anyone, even this guy, the high and mighty jock Lord.

    "Sure. But food is so hard to come by, and I was starving because a child in a first world country and rich town gets like that often, so I had to eat a poor orphan child." He responded boredly, tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table and rolling his eyes. Then, he added "Yea. I got food. Bye now, go make out with your girlfriend in a dark room or something."
  13. His wolf was whimpering loudly in him. He was upset. They upset their mate. His full lips twisted into a grimace, as he awkwardly shifted on his feet. He could feel himself grow feelings for the boy he barely knew.

    He knew in the back of his head it was wrong, was right. "...I'm sorry about your food, but I wasn't the one who pushed you into me..." He mumbled, before sighing heavily. "Anyway, I'm sorry, okay?...What's your name?" He asked. Damn he was dying to know his name. He was dying to brush his fingers in his midnight black hair. He was dying to smell more of his delicious scent. Taking a deep breath, he could smell how sweet the other was. Damn it was delicious! It was making his blood burn.
  14. He's sorry? Sorry? Seriously? Oliver frowned, going back to the pencil sketch he had been previously working on. He had no idea what was up with this guy's sudden personality switch, but he still didn't like him. Polite or not at the moment, it could all turn out to be a prank or something. He wasn't falling for the nice guy act. He wasn't stupid. So, he wasn't about to give the guy whatever he wanted.

    "Look, you're wasting your time here, buddy. I'm not doing homework for you, and I don't have any more money, so lay off, alright? Go bug some other guy for the answers to last night's math homework, because, contrary to popular belief, I don't help with stuff like that." Oli grumbled, drawing another tree as he spoke. He hoped that this would get the other student to bug off, or that maybe the disgusting girlfriend would come and take him away.
  15. "That's not what I'm here for, I'm just...I'm just sorry, is that so hard to believe?" He asked. His inner wolf whimpered loudly within him.

    'Mine, he's mine'. The wolf cried out. Micah looked at the boy his wolf mated him with, before slowly taking a seat. "I'm sorry....Let's just start over. I'm Micah....And you are?"
  16. It was clear, at this point, that the guy wasn't leaving him alone. For what reason? Well, Oliver really had no clue whatsoever. But he was still here, and, while that was annoying, the best thing he could do at the moment is probably talk to the guy. Maybe, after answering the question, he'd find out what he wanted, because yes, it was hard to believe the high and mighty Micah was sorry.

    He looked up, staring for a brief moment, before sighing to himself "Oliver. Oliver Tate." He replied, placing down his pencil, as he probably wasn't about to get any work done at the moment "And I know who you are. It's pretty damn obvious. So, mind telling me what prompted the popular kid to talk to the almost loner that ISN'T because he wanted to get his homework done by someone else? Because I'll be honest, I'm confused why you came over here in the first place."
  17. He could feel his wolf pushing through the surface. That wasn't a good sign. His blue eyes flickered from bright blue to silver, before he stood up. He had to get away from this guy, or his wolf would claim him.

    "I just wanted to say sorry." He quickly grumbled, before easily taking his leave.
  18. Oliver watched for a moment, eyebrow raised, before rolling his eyes. He was partially glad the guy was gone, but did feel a bit bad at the same time. That didn't matter now, though. He couldn't exactly go and chase after the guy, could he? That would be a bit odd. So, he didn't. He simply went back to work on his art, and pretend as if the encounter never happened, because in his mind, it was unimportant.

    The period flew by, and as did the rest of the school day, til it was finally over. Oliver was at his locker, stuffing the unneeded books in, which he would just place in again the next morning, and closing it with a clang. It felt nice to have a bit of weight off his back. Then, he took out his phone, leaning against the closed locker, and beginning to text his mother that he was going to walk home now. She didn't like it when he didn't text; she mentioned it freaking her out a little, for some reason. He wasn't particularly sure why; the only reason he'd possibly get jumped or something of the like is if the kids here found out he was gay as hell. But, to his knowledge, no one knew, and therefore, he was fine. As long as it stayed that way, highschool would be a breeze.

    He began to walk out of the school, eyes still on his phone. He figured if people were walking his direction, they would just step out of the way. That's how it usually worked, so he just continued to operate on that notion.
  19. "Oli!" A called to him, running up before finally catching up to him. Giving him a small smile, she stopped him. "Wanna ride with me and Tay? It's too damn cold out here to nor wanna ride." She smiled sweetly. It seemed her mood lightened a bit, though only because they were finally free from prison, if only for a few hour before they returned in the morning.

    Just then Tay pulled up with his car. It was his mom's old Honda. The car was a bright red, with tan polyester seats. Tay gave him a wave, gesturing him to come into the car.

    "Shot gun!" Called August as she hurried and hopped into the car.
  20. Oliver smiled a bit, before climbing into the back seat. Seriously, his friends were the best. He couldn't imagine school life without them. He'd probably be dragging in rubbish grades, and over all be a awful person. Which may seem a bit extreme, but they really did cheer him up a lot.

    He buckled himself in, and stretched a little. Then, he said "Thanks for the ride, Tay. Really, I apprieciate it. I would've been a oli-cicle in seconds if I walked home!" He leaned back into his seat, grinning at the warmth, shutting his eyes, before remembering what he needed to tell the two. Soon, he was sitting up once more, leaning forwards to talk to them more easily.

    "So, I'll give you a few guesses as to what happened to me during study hall, and I can almost guarantee you'll get it wrong. C'mon, try." He announced, interested to see how his friends would react to what he had to say. After all, it had surprised him when it had happened, so he was sure they would be also. They'd also possibly get a kick out of it.
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